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UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

[cars whooshing in traffic] [clanking of footsteps]>>Weili:>>Weili: [grunting]>>Weili: [grunting and pads thumping] [airport chatter]>>Man: What up, J. Good morning, good morning. Final session. Final one at American Top Team. Work hard, get the
hell out of here. Off to New York and to Vegas. [grunting with pads thumping]>>Man: Nice.>>It’s just the intensity
and the violence she brings, is like no other. Her pace it’s like, people think
they can keep up with it, until you are standing across
from her and you feel it. It’s not easy to keep up with. [ring bell goes off] [audience clapping] [yelling]>>And the new. Two time.>>Man: And…new! And new!>>Joanna: I was the
champ for 966 days. It has been already more than
800–20, 30, 40 days, without having the belt.>>Go have some fun.
[Bleep] right?>>It doesn’t matter how
many times you lose, it’s important how many times
you bring it back. I’ll see you in Vegas, guys. [bag unzips]>>Man: Did you sleep?>>Yes, I sleep two
hours, very good. Yesterday, no. Afternoon and training, I
feel so tired, I want sleep. But today, sleep
okay, very good. Now I’m going to P.I. training, BJJ and cut weight. And cut little weight. [music playing in background]>>Weili: [timer alarm buzzes]>>Weili: [indistinguishable
crowd chatter]>>We are at the arena. I’m going to the game,
Miami Heat and Brooklyn.>>Hi! Olivia, nice to meet you! So on behalf of the Miami Heat,
we wanted to present you with our new Vice Jersey.>>I love it. I already wear it. Let me wear it. JJ, that’s so cool.>>Yep, all yours.>>I saw people wearing it and
I love the colors, you know? You see, pink is my favorite.>>Olivia: Perfect.>>Guys, I’m ready. [Makes whooshing sound] Thank you so much.
>>Olivia: No, of course.>>Look at this. I moved to Florida three
and a half years ago, but it’s my first time here. I call myself, “Ms. Sporty.” I used to play basketball, so
it’s good to be here to watch these pro athletes, you know? It’s amazing. My first NBA game was 2015. It was before I fought for
the belt for the first time. So NBA games
always bring me luck. So it’s going to be the
same this time you know? [woman over airport P.A.]: Ladies and gentlemen, baggage
from United Airlines Flight 2138>>[indistinguishable chatter]>>There’s a scene in Troy,
where that kid is like, “That barbarian is the
biggest one I’ve ever seen, the one you just fought.” Then Troy goes, “That’s why no
one will remember your name.” And it’s that, no one will
remember people who don’t go after it, people who
try to duck fights. People who their
manager tells them, “Oh, don’t fight that guy.” Then he’s coming off losses,
but I don’t want to sit around and wait on the shelf for juice
monkey to get better after nine months, or miraculously
after three months, or whatevs. You know I just wanted to fight
and he’s a guy that [burps] everyone is scared to call out,
especially Darren Till. [Bleep]. So yeah, I call him out. [door opens]>>Adesanya: Ah! [yelling] Ah! Ah! This is it right here,
this is it. Post-fight shower. The infamous. Ooh! Oh, it’s about to be lit. Oh! Oh! Woo! Yes, yes, this is good. Very good, very good. That’s good! Oh, that’s [bleep]. My post-fight showers, I need
space, I need like space to think, revise, shadowbox,
go through what happened in the fight and calm down. That is perfect. That is perfect.>>Sean: We just got
into Vegas just now. Literally in two days,
it will be two years since my last fight. I don’t even– that doesn’t
make sense it went by so fast. So much has happened
and it went by so fast. Like it’s Sugar Show 2.0. I was fun to watch two years ago
and my skill level has just increased so much, so I’m
excited that they’re excited. Viral KO, like something in
me that just knows there’s something about to happen. It’s going to be
[bleep] beautiful. [pad thumped and Sean screaming]>>This is two years running and we weren’t two years
hanging out, just having fun. We were two years grinding hard,
trying to improve the grappling, improve his size,
improve his nutrition, and cover all the bases,
everywhere. So his confidence is
super high right now and he has skills to back it up. Sugar has probably put on
ten solid pounds of muscle in all the right areas. So you can expect Sean
to be much more durable. And in those positions in older
fights that he gave up, those bad positions, takedowns,
we’ve been working on those really hard. So he’s going to show up
much more durable, faster, more explosive, and super
[bleep] dangerous. [music]

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100 thoughts on “UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

  1. I'm so happy to see Sean O'Malley is back. Only watched one or two of his fights and looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Yang Lee she is so small Joana piece by piece gonna end her like Brasilian champ forgat name she is small like her Joana finish so many and the best Brasilian pit bul a forgat the name now is the champ

  3. Izzy grew on me faster than any other fighter. I went from rooting for Whittaker to Izzy being my favorite fighter along with Ferguson and Stipe

  4. I hope zhang whoops her ass for all those coronavirus jokes…. just rememeber who invented martial arts!

  5. Hmm, I think Zhang Weili is going to destroy Joanna~ She's younger, super talented, super gifted and unfortunately, Joanna has been KO'ed and beaten and she's never been the same since then~

  6. Moron called Brad Pitt's character Troy, and not Achilles. He really thought the guy's name was Troy! Troy, leader of the Myrmidons, son of Peleus and Thetis

  7. It's hard not to like Zhang Wilie very well spoken. she represent her people very well. You have a new fan here Wilie!!💪💪💪

  8. Weili; I called my mom and said I was exhausted n stuff and she said to stop being a bitch and grow a pair. . . That's the secret to growing a ufc champ

  9. Fcuk do I love the ufc. I thought after the golden age w all the legends had passed I thought ufc would die off…BOY WAS I WRONG, ITS A REVOLUTION w all the talent and happening rn

  10. hope yoel wins this so bad but at the same time izzy would be a great long standing champ to have because he genuinely wants to stay active and defend the belt, and with other champs not doing that as much its so refreshing

  11. Israel The last style bender is my favorite muthafuckin nigga in the UFC bra is hard fun fact he said the movie Troy (Thats why no one will remember your name) in the movie his name is Achilles an the word achilles’ heel meaning that’s your weakness that’s where we get that saying from because he couldn’t be touched his mom dipped him up to his heel so only weakness he had was his heel just wanted to let the homie no but this fight gonna be dope asf on me

  12. One of joanne's coaches is a goddess…. i hope no one is punching that girl in the face! see 2:58.. gorgeous. Maybe it's time for me to get me some ju jitsu lessons!

  13. 1:58 my fiancee said they sound like they're saying "shit, shit, shit!" Lmao, apart from it sounding like the tourettes guy, maybe the dude holding pads gets scared with every kick she throws and screams SHIT!

  14. Isreal Adesanya shadow boxes while shoering after the fight.

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to shadow box whille sleeping after his fights.

  15. I love Joanna and watched her live in Dallas when she beat Andrade 2 years ago but after what Zhang did to Andrade… I hope she don't suffer the same fate.

  16. This might end up being a new curse: female fighters going to basketball games on Embedded before their fights.

  17. will someone please explain to me why Sean O'Malley has such hype? And then explain why he thought "sugar" was a good/unique enough nickname..?

  18. I think in all honesty this woman is totally amazing seeing her learning english because shes a champ I've a lot of respect for that

  19. Power vs technique I'm pretty sure power is gonna win….unless Israel can get to olympic level grappling in just a couple of months

  20. #5:37 fake fan. getting a jersey and acting like she loves basketball & this was her first game she went to in 3 yrs

  21. Anything can happen in MMA which is why I’ve loved the sport and watched every card between many organizations for almost 20 years, but I don’t imagine hearing “and new” in the co main or main on this card. Especially the co main. It was easy when the division was new against bum TUF fighters like Esparza.

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