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UFC Athlet Aleksandar Rakic in the Lab – 3D Motion Capture Analysis – Next Level Striking for MMA

UFC Athlet Aleksandar Rakic in the Lab – 3D Motion Capture Analysis – Next Level Striking for MMA

I haven’t done anything. I swear! It wasn’t me. It was that other guy. Help! Super, Aleks! Thank you, Philip. You’re welcome. Huah! Folks, we are today at the Sports University Schmelz. Dominik Hölbling, who is responsible for the area of ​​biomechanics in our team and the developer of a boxing glove, which can be used in the area of performance diagnostics, but specifically for striking, is here with us in the laboratory, in the biomechanics lab. And today we have a really great opportunity: We can use the motion capture system here. He will explain to us in more detail what this means later on. But in principle, it is about using several cameras and many- What? – Eight. – Eight cameras and some electrodes on Aleks’ body – – so that’s how an electrode looks like – for filming his movements and to, then, generate a 3D image , a 3D video. And then afterwards we can analyze everything. This is the same system that they used to animate Gollum from Lord of the Rings, for example, or many others. What is that, what you’re doing now? Sticking on these small balls. Yes, exactly. These are the markers that we spread over Aleks’ body. Basically, these are nothing else but reflective spheres. And these cameras use infrared light to illuminate that stroboscopically with 120 Hertz. And thus we know laster on, where his body moves in three-dimensional space, and thereby we can subsequently superimpose these models, which give us various information and that you could also program yourself, like they did for Lord of the Rings, for example. But that would be a lot of work, so we’re using ready-made models. Aleks is measured anthropometrically, that is also leg length, knee diameter, etc. So very specific data. His ankle is measured just now. And this data is stored in the software. 15.7 21 15.7. 21 in the length … that are 3 cubic. Aleks now gets his markers. How many pieces are there, Dominik? 41 41 markers on his whole body and that’s how this looks like. Is that for head butts? Haha, yeah. I have just spoken to Dominik and he has said that he can fulfill my request for a specific software. I would like to program something that’s called “Hooligan Headbutt”. It’s like this: There is now a marker on the forehead and thus we analyze the right
technique for headbutts. The next step is now, that we connect all the markers in the static part. When this is done, I just superimpose models on it, once everything is complete and then we can have a look at all velocities, accelerations, positions, forces and torques of joints, segments, etc. And thus we can find potential for optimization or see, what’s great already, that is, figure out your strengths. And then, maybe in a few months, when you have probably trained what we suggested, we can record it again – Mhm. – And we’ll have a look what you’ve improved. Yes. Great. Waxing, baby, waxing! This is one of these smoking patches. No, it’s this … what’s this called … Contraceptive patch. Yes, exactly! Woohoooo! Well, guys. We’re done for today. We’ve got all recordings and all data is stored, you could say.
And Dominik will now start data analysis and then there will be another meeting, in about two weeks, when the whole thing is then presented to us, and we as a team, with the striking coaches and with the
technique coaches, will then go through these exercises in order to find out, what can be optimized and whether there is still more potential in Aleks, regarding striking technique. Well. Bye, folks, and see you next time! And please like the video or subscribe to
this channel. And thanks for tuning in! Bye for now!

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