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UFC Battle Lines: Silva vs Bisping

UFC Battle Lines: Silva vs Bisping

[heavy breathing] [grunting] C’mon. Time. Beautiful. Let’s go. Trainer: Most powerful mind
I know. Let’s go. [Silva speaks Portuguese] Sportscaster:The greatest
champion in UFC history,
defends his title for a UFC
record tenth time.
He is the greatest of all time.Good. 25 seconds, champ. [Silva speaks Portuguese] Man:Okay, relax, the doctor’s
got you. The doctor’s got you.
[Silva speaks Portuguese] Sportscaster:One of the best
in the division,
ladies and gentlemen,
Michael Bisping.
Michael Bisping:Now, he can
say whatever he wants.
They can make excuses for him.It is what it is.I can look at myself
in the mirror at night.
I have worked hard.
I train hard.
I’m a good dad
and that’s all that matters.
[grunting]The fact of the matter is I had
number one contender matchups
and I lost it. Period.But I’m still here; I’m still
grinding; I’m still pushing. [grunting] Parillo: There’s a man that
wants a title fight right there. [Silva speaks Portuguese] Michael Bisping:This is the
greatest fighter in the world
that we’re talking about.The stuff he did in the Octagon
is legendary.
I’m still here,
ten years later.
Any of them… line them up.If I was to compete alongside
Anderson Silva side-by-side
for so many years but never
get to actually fight him,
that would be a travesty
and I would be very upset.I want to be world champion,
I know I have the tools.
This is the start
of backing it up.
I want to be able to say that I
fought him and that I beat him. [Silva speaks Portuguese] February 27th. I will put his
career to bed. Make no mistake. [knocking] [knocking] Ed Soares:
Did you need to talk to me?
Okay, we’re all set? All right. Cool.Mixed martial arts
started in Brazil
but the South Bay is the roots
of mixed martial arts. I mean, Rorion Gracie lives here
in Torrance and now lives in Palos Verdes. I mean,
the UFC was started by him. Thanks, you guys.
See you guys later. All right. I got to experience a
lot of the first times in this business with Anderson.Anderson was the first
guy that we managed
that fought for a world title
in the UFC.
Announcer: Anderson! Ed:I can remember that.
I mean…
October 14, 2006. Sportscaster:Damaged ribs.-Blows to the face.
-Caught him again!
Franklin’s in trouble!Down goes Franklin!-It’s been an incredible ride,
an incredible journey and I am just blessed to have
been able to experience this. Announcer:The new UFC….Soares:I know Anderson is
40 years old right now.
You know, how much longer
is Anderson gonna fight?
Who knows?We are gonna take it day by day
but for me to think that
if you could go back in time
and watch the last four or five
fights of Muhammad Ali live,
wouldn’t you watch it? [cheering] Sportscaster:You know what,
you can never count out
a guy like Anderson Silva.There is a reason why
he is a champion.
Let’s see how much
he has got left.
This is do or die.Silva’s son:You seen that
picture right here?
This one is classic. [speaks Portuguese] Yeah, yeah. [Silva’s son
speaks Portuguese] -Oh, longer.
-[speaks Portuguese] Look at this one. I remember that day too. That was your first
time in the US. Yeah. Silva’s son: That’s crazy, man. Soares:I have known these kids
for at least ten or 11 years.
They are like my nephews.I am always playing with them,
always having fun with them, you know,
always talking trash to them. [speaks Portuguese] [laughing] Ed:Their father is so many
different people’s heroes
and, of course,
Anderson is their hero,
so that has got to be veryrefreshing for all of them to be
living in one house and eating with their dad
every night and being able to spend
time with him. [punch bag hitting] [Silva speaks Portuguese] Just me and my friends. It is good. Good energy. [Silva speaks Portuguese] Trainer: You look happy. Yeah. Travis Baker:
I’m excited for your fight.
Me too. I am very excited for that. Not for proving nothing. Just for me. For my heart, you know. I think this is
a challenge for my mind. -You now.
-Yeah. To the next level. For my future
and my personal life. [car engine starts] [cheering] Announcer:Can Mr. Bisping
get a little love,
ladies and gentlemen?I couldn’t give a fuck
about getting fuckin’ love.All I care about is smashing
this dickhead’s head in,
tomorrow night
that’s gonna happen.
Fuck you all.Bisping:Listen, over the years
I have said lots of things.
Good things and bad things.More bad things than good things
I would say.If you look at Vitor
when I fought him
he looked like a cross
between a powerlifting champion and the Incredible Hulk.I have no respect for that guy
I think he is a piece of shit,
is what I think.
I make no apologies for that.Ultimately I am looking to
knock this guy out.
I am looking to
choke him unconscious. My words aren’t gonna
do anything. [phone rings]Hi, Lucas.Can you put mummy on the phone
please? Lucas:Okay.I am in the car
with the film crew so try and refrain from telling
me how much you love me. Bisping’s wife:Ok, I’ll try
not to swear as well.
Bisping: Yeah, yeah, yeah.Tito?Good boy. Hi.Yeah, so I have got Callum,
he is my eldest.
He is 14, almost 15.Ellie, she is 12 going on 25.You made this
with your bare hands? I am impressed.
Can I eat that? Is that candy? Then we have got Lucas,
the little guy, he is five.Fighting stance.Jab.I am being punished
for all my sins
because Lucas has my temperament
and he is a little shit. Who is gonna win.
Me or Anderson? Anderson. -Anderson?
-Yeah! No! -Me or Anderson?
-You. -Who’s gonna win?
-You. That’s right. Bisping’s wife:
This is a huge one.
It’s always been a dream for him
to fight Anderson, so this is pretty much
a dream come true and it is in London,
it is the perfect scenario but the pressure is always
pretty intense. [punch bag hitting] Time. He’s got range. [grunting] Trainer:Mike knows fighting as
much as anybody, as any coach.
Really, Mike probably
will see himself
as a coach one day himself.How you feeling? Good?-I feel good.
-Yeah. Get the warm-up out of the way,
get the blood flowing. -Yeah.
-Always feel good.If you’re full of shit–if you’re a coach and
you pretend like you know
what you’re talking about, he’s gonna call you
on your bull-shit, I will tell you that much. [grunting]He has been relevant
for ten years.
…Michael “The Count” Bisping!
You throw your right hand
like that it lands all the
mother-fuckin’ time.He is a guy that has been
top ten for a long time
and he is a guy that fights
nothing but top ten–
top 15 opponentsHe has fought the best
in the world.Sportscaster: That’s
the Michael Bisping
we have known since 2006.Look at that great cardio
Oh, it is all over!Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping.The desire to be….Trainer:The goal to be
the greatest of all-time,
the desire to do that
is making him
the most disciplined
I’ve ever seen him.
Good round. Showtime. Punch, punch, punch. Push, push. Fuckin’ ripping, dude. You’ve got that type of talent.
You’ve got that type of talent. And that speed. To control that
speed is a motherfucker. Bisping:Anderson is calm,
he’s loose.
That has always been
his best weapon.
Hands hurting? I just caught…. Fuckin’ popping hard, man. Bisping:That is what
he is good at,
that’s what makes him
That and the fact that
he is a skinny bastard.
[yells out]
Bloody hell. Skinny legs. Skinny neck. Skinny jaw. Trainer: Yeah. I might live to eat those words
but I don’t think so. Man:Okay, relax.
The doctor has got you.
[Silva speaks Portuguese]Sportscaster:
This might be the end
of a great
mixed martial arts career.
I mean, it is gonna be
difficult for him to walk again.
[Silva speaks Portuguese] [Silva’s’ wife
speaks Portuguese] For me, I was like, “Dad, I am
with you if you want to stop, or if you don’t for me
it is fine. As long as I see you happy
it is good.” [speaks Portuguese] Gabriel:Hey, man, it is in him.He can’t just throw it away
like it never happened.
He has to keep doing it
until his mind tells himhe cannot do it no more.So he is going to keep
doing it man
and I’ll keep supporting him.I love to see him fight.It is just beautiful, man.[Silva speaks Portuguese] Thank you. Guys. More people to kick my ass. Man: What you got planned
for today? Trainer:Sparring.
Sparring today.
The most important
day of the week. -Good morning.
-What’s up, Mike? On Friday night the kids have
pizza, every Friday and I have a masseuse that comes
to the house. She gives me a massage, I come downstairs and
there’s always leftover pizza just there staring me
in the face, so, I mean… there are starving
kids in the world, you can’t let good food
go to waste. You leave at two, right? Yeah.
Two, in a perfect world 198. If I leave at two I’m good. This kid is the next
Anderson Silva right here. Rhythmatic, loose, relaxed,
he’s got unbelievable timing and a lot like all these guys
here, so…. Got to get it on today, baby. All right.
The next bell is work. Nice upstairs. Beautiful right hand. Shorten that left hook up
when you get close. Nice. We’re just getting warmed up
here, man. Nice.
Stay with him, Mike. Follow right through him. Good.
Big lugs. Oh, hey.
All right? USADA. Do you want to sit and wait,
watch and enjoy the show. Watch me get my ass kicked. Back to putting it all together. Stay relaxed. Breathing. Seeing everything, Mikey. That body too, Mikey. Nice body, right back in. Beautiful. Nice, way to keep it tight,
Mikey. Keep it tight. Don’t cock the right hand,
don’t cock it, right to the target,
right to the target. Time. [clapping] Basically, everybody gives you
their full-time schedule so you can just pop up whenever. He had no idea you were coming
right now. Give me an example of somebody
that’s cheated. Hey, guys, who do we know
that failed a drugs test? Man: Anderson Silva? Oh, Anderson Silva. And he didn’t test positive. He blew the lab up. The lab exploded
when his blood went in there. What the fuck?
Red-lining everywhere. Okay. Okay, Sorry, Anderson,
nothing but respect.I am happy.USADA are gonna turn up
out of the blue like this.
Very stupid and reckless,
There’s many negative adjectives
I can use for somebody that wants
to take performance enhancing drugs
in this day and age. You’re going to get caught. Man: Please keep up
the good work. Woman: Thank you so much,
you have a good day. I feel like we go way back. Take it easy.
Thank you. [Silva speaks Portuguese] He had a tainted supplement. A tainted product
that he was takingand people can say what they
want but that was a true story.
[Silva speaks Portuguese] You know, he has never tested
positive before. Ready, coach? Ready. Okay, thank you. Soares:His body looked the sameas it always has
throughout his career.
185 for the former champion.
[Silva speaks Portuguese] Soares:I really don’t talk much
about it
and I’m almost gonna
put it past us
because I am not worried about
what happened during last year.Right now what is on our mind
and what is on his mind
is Michael Bisping,
February 27th at the O2 Arena. [Silva speaks Portuguese] Sportscaster:Oh, my goodness!It is gonna be difficult for him
to walk again.
Soares:What’s been tough for meis seeing him
go through the struggles
that he’s had to go through.If anybody in the world
can come back…
…it’s Anderson. Sportscaster:The best
pound for pound fighter
in the world today.Bisping:I always have my eyes
on Anderson.
I always saw him
as a future opponent. Sportscaster:It’s all over!Bisping:I’m a nightmare
for Anderson.
I am gonna inflict
a lot of damage on this guy,
believe you me.I have the potential.
I want this more than anyone.
Martial arts helped me to
achieve everything in my life.Good energy is the more
important in the world.
That is next level shit],
right? Soares:Anderson always says
I don’t think I am the best,
I just like to do things that
people think are impossible.
He looked at me and he goes, ‘I
am going to get that belt back.’ Bisping:This is
the biggest fight
outside of a world title fight.The goddam guy in Starbucks
knows who Anderson Silva is.
Everybody knows who Anderson
Silva is so it is a huge fight
and hopefully a big win
for England.
There he is. No Viagra. No, no. Just my punch
in your face. Relax, don’t worry, man. My chin to your chin. -Bisping:I see him under.
-Man:Bye, sweetheart.-Bisping:I’m gonna [bleep] you.
-Man:I love you, man.

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100 thoughts on “UFC Battle Lines: Silva vs Bisping

  1. Matt Hamill, what an injustice that fight was, Bisping loss that fight totally and was gifted a decision, as a warrior that he is he should have refused that decision.

  2. this is a terrible fight for bisbing what a horrible matchup bisbing really isn't good he does not hit hard at all

  3. I actually loved seeing Anderson sparring with his kids. Very cool. HOWEVER, His trainer saying that it was a true story that Anderson didnt know he was taking PEDs is nonsense.He knew. He absolutely knew.

    Then his trainer says, "You know he has never tested positive before."

    Yep that is true of every single athlete that gets popped. They test clean until they dont.
    Anderson never lost in the UFC before Weidman 1. So why not PED away from Weidman 2?

    He was clearly bigger in the 2nd fight and I think he realized he needed strength if he wanted to have a chance.
    Since he got away with it for Weidman 2 why not continue using? I think it is just that simple.

    Anyone who believes that people who are making weight to fight and know every single thing that goes into their body knows that Anderson was caught taking something he knew he was taking.

    To let him continue to fight without admitting that he knew does a disservice to the effectual rationalization to continue using USADA.

    It is the same thing cheaters did in video games in servers. When they get caught they swore they must have had something on their PC that was causing them to get flagged. It is bull shit and everyone knows it.

    That is the typical excuse used…."It was not my fault since I didn't know it was there."

    Thing is, every fighter was told it will be their responsibility to know what they are putting in their bodies plenty of times long before he got caught so think not for a second that his usage was not purposeful.

  4. Bisping is such a sloppy fighter with bad timing, average boxing technique, lacking everything else. If Anderson will show up in atleast decent form, he should win with ease.

  5. I usually dont root for Micahel Bisping because of his unlikable personality. However, I am rooting for him this time because Anderson Silva is a steroid using freak.

  6. Dope to see The Spider coming back from that setback. And it's dope that the UFC gave him a punchinbbag like Bisping. He will still lose, even to a man with a repaired tibia. This will be sick!! Bisping is so garbage lmao

  7. yes i belivie him, he will get that belt back,

    either way if he doesnt still one of the p4p goat, and if you disagree you just started watching mma and go kill urself

  8. If Silva was taking steroids for his broken leg, it's easy to forgive. However, Silva has ruled out that his leg was the excuse for his steroid use. So the Silva is a cheater. And these steroid users think the public is dumb; that they can say they ate a tainted cookie or vitamin and that's how they got steroids in their system. Silva is a verified cheater.

  9. HAHHAHAHA " I couldn't give a fuck about getting love, all I care about is smashing this dick heads head in, Fuck you all" – Bisping

  10. Who wins? I'm thinking Silva, just because. But Bisping is tenacious and I know he wants this badly. But I think I can see Bisping toughing i out and winning decision. Opinions?

  11. Used to dislike Bisping, but I def grew to like him, his honesty and his work ethic. He has come a long way and IMO he beat Rashad Evans back when they fought, bad decision IMO. Hope he takes out Anderson,but I don't see it happening.

  12. Anderson you may have lost alot of friends and fans after your losses. But the TRUE mma fans like you or not know and will always know you a GOD of mma. good luck to Anderson in whatever he does.

  13. Before I type, this is my opinion, not an insult. If you take it that way, boo fucking hoo.

    Anderson Silva in this video is prime and in the Matrix. Nobody could touch this dude. A legend forever in MMA and 2nd greatest* of all time behind Jon Jones. (The * for the positive test for PEDs) There are two major factors going into his fight with Bisping.
    2.)Head Trauma
    Now, Bisping got his eye knocked into the next dimension by roided Vitor and merc'd by roided Dan Henderson. But, other than those two times, for all of his career he is one of the most evasive and technical strikers to ever grace the octagon. Quantitatively speaking, he doesn't get hit much. Anderson Silva, watching his previous few fights, looks old and slow, as 40 year old fighters should. He is a wizard stand-up fighter and uses SPEED and head movement to counter with assassin-like shots. He isn't as fast and has lost his chin. Without the speed he once had to get out of tricky situations and evade punches, he is in for a long night. Bisping will put the pressure and use touching blows to the head and body to finish Silva with a takedown and ground and pound in the 4th or 5th Round. This fight will be very similar to CUNG LE. You will find no bigger fan of Anderson Silva and continue to support him if he fights after Bisping.

  14. skinny bastards going to beat you don't look at the size of the dog look at the size of the dogs heart that you can't see

  15. after reading the comments… so disappointed when I finally saw Bispings wife…. smdh

    thirsty ass youtube commenters

  16. If Silva wants to make his way back to the top, he needs to stop with the clowning. It's costing him valuable rounds or even entire fights.

  17. Bisping=alot talking,alot disrespect,nice actor becuz someonw film him !

    Anderson=real warrior, he respect his fight,he know what to do, he talk enought beucz he know what he will do not like Bisping he talko alot becuz he scary so he thing his words will make him stronger…. Fear is something big pussy

  18. Sorry, the trainer it's wrong… Mix Martial arts doesn't start in Brazil. You want to took about histories… This is the true. The first two Japanese to made challenge to boxers and everybody was Mitsuyo Maeda sensei in Cuba and Tomita Sensei in USA. Out of this two guys was Gene Le Bell in USA.

    Brazil was the last of the period. MMA BORN IN CUBA AND USA.

  19. So UNCALLED FOR!!! I ranted on WHY UFC is just being biased and how FAVORITISM play so much role right now in the UFC on the video with the most views for SILVA vs BISPING which had just happened this weekend – GOT DELETED!?!? not just my comment, but took the whole video DOWN!?! Yes I am back again!? And i do not care fRRuckers! Shutting down VIDEOS like that.
    ANYWAY!! I CAN NOT believe that they did not give the win to ANDERSON SILVA!?!!? Is it because they were fighting in LONDON?! I am very DISAPPOINTED! How can they even let the fight go just right after that KNEE KICK?! It's either they do not like the BRAZILIAN winning in LONDON or they just do not want BISPING losing in Europe (gambling, bet is off course on the white guy, etc. stupid fLLucking reasons). Either way they TRULY represent how UFC is becoming UNFRIENDLY TO DIVERSITY.
    – Remember that CONOR MCGREGOR face to face with NATE? There was a little conference prior to the face off. It was just so weird how watching that makes MCGREGOR look like a pussy! Yes! He said stupid stuff like what he usually says but compare him to the other conference, COULDN'T EVEN LOOK NATE STRAIGHT TO HIS FACE! unlike the other competitors. Best comeback ever!! "EFF YOU! IF YOU REALLY DO NOT CARE THEN WHY YOU CARING THAT BELT AROUND?!?" Anyway, for some reason NATE DIAZ's microphones WERE (yes! he had to used 1-3 microphones because they would just not work when HE TALKS) for some reason stop working because HE BACK TALKS CONNOR like he is a clown (which he is btw, I don't care what you think BLAH BLAH BLAH). Picking MCGREGOR over NATE (who has been in UFC for a long time BTW!!)
    – UFC not caring much when DOM CRUZ won over DUMB TJ DILL. DANA! I know you have been paying for all Dominic Cruz's healthcare and such since your company NEEDS to because he has been working his ass off and dealing with UFC bull crap (taking out sponsors and putting REEBOK?!?, having fighters deal with all its stupid stipulations! and not having to get money from other sponsors anymore since they can't advertise other?! STUPID RULE EVER) but having to not give DOM a simple congratulations and grateful that he won was kinda WEIRD and AWKWARD, especially coming from the head of the company. Shame on you!
    – And what's up with the flags? I think it is very stupid to even put that on their trunks especially this is not a damn OLYMPICS?! It's UFC, be playful. I think it creates separation and not just for the fun of sports. With the being said PLAIN STUPID! Give the fighters the option to do that while walking out and such, other than that you should not allow flags on their trunks while they are fighting. It's a damn sport and not an OLYMPIC! You don't even pay your fighters Olympic kind of money
    – I am just gradually not giving an EFF whenever there are fights for these reason. UFC is just losing its credibility. BIAS calls and playing FAVORITISMS?! I do not mind listening to Ariel, Joe Rogan (not as much), and the fighter and the kid ( a lot) just to keep me updated. UFC need a new head I think and reassess all their REFEREES. That commission I do not trust also! UGH so much instances of BAD CALLS!!! ANNOYING TO WATCH

  20. UFC ta foda primeiro Belfort e Chris depois chad m e MC g cigano coitado agora o Anderson sendo roubado na cara dura putz que issu Dana

  21. Douche bag Bisping, walked away with the W …..but truly loss that fight UFC is a fucked up game of dice often swayed.

  22. His training showed during that fight.  That's a tough motherfucker.  I still think he lost that fight but whatever, I don't think you could beat Bisping hard enough to quit.

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