30 thoughts on “UFC fighter Polyana Viana beats up would-be mugger

  1. She don't have one single mark on her and that guy looks like that and he didn't so much as scratch or Pinch on her? right sure sure payperview hype

  2. I wouldn't mind a girlfriend like her! and a couple of .45 guns on her! I would be hard on 24/7 just looking at her! good job Polyana! beat the shit out of everyone!

  3. Imagine dating her you can never say anything sideways or disrespectiful to her. Cops would arrest her for domestic violence

  4. In Finland she would be put on trial and she would have to pay couple of thousand euros compensation to her victim in addition to several hundred euros fines. And she would be registered as a criminal. The victim would not be prosecuted even though it is obvious that he was trying to rob Polyana.

  5. Polyana seems like the kind of girl who walks with her head held high. Most girls…..they are so timid that they walk down streets staring at their cell phones too afraid to make eye contact. That's a horrific way to live.

  6. Repercussão internacional. Viva o Brasil, viva o Pará, viva São Geraldo do Araguaia, viva Polyana Viana. 👏👏👏

  7. Either gender should not mess with the other… remember what War-machine did to his girlfriend! MMA fighters are dangerous.

  8. I wonder if it was the other way around, would the reaction still be the same…
    Ex: mma male vs a female(would be mugger)

  9. This'll be my only reply!

    For those you want to argue that this didn't happen or it's not possible that the guy is weak if he got beaten up her.

    If you guys really think that you can beat her then go challenge her to a fight and put your money where your mouth is instead of talking behind a keyboard.

    If you think that it's not possible because then here's a few links for you











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