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UFC Fighter Rose Namajunas Explains How She Juices Marijuana | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

UFC Fighter Rose Namajunas Explains How She Juices Marijuana  | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

They’re supposed to help your brain and things
like that, and especially in the sport that we’re in, I need everything that can
help this brain. You guys hear about the fridge?
It’s this way, come on. So, welcome to my beautiful fridge! We’re here in Colorado, Mile High City and
weed is legal here. I’m all about growing my own stuff and so we have some plants
and the leaves have a lot of medicinal properties in it. So, what we like to do
is – I saved the leaves; we put it in a blender and with some juice.
So I’ll mix it with some – like maybe some lime juice or some lemon juice, I’ll
squeeze that in there with some water. It tastes really good too, so – it’s
pretty fun and it’s pretty rewarding, you know, especially when you grow it
yourself and you get to see the results. I’m kind of on vacation right
now, so I’m enjoying life a little bit, so that’s why – that’s why we got the Pepsi
in there still. You know, it’s time to decompress and – and enjoy the champ life a
little bit. It’s kind of extreme in this house, you
know – sometimes if we’re trying to be healthy, we’re gonna be like
90 percent all the way. But then there’s times where you got to live a little
and you might get takeout every once in a while. And uh, so we like to have a little
balance – we’ve got some Bagel Bites up here – He really came for this.
Snickers is kind of like a special little thing that we used to get –
– That was like one of our first dates or something like that. – Yeah. We used to always go to like Walgreens like late at night and I would get like a shirt
full of ice cream Snickers I really am into fermentation, so right here is
some napa cabbage kimchi that I made. I don’t know, I like a lot of spicy food
too, so this kind of gives me that healthy spice where it’s not like
upsetting my stomach or anything. So yeah we got some eggs, but that’s another
thing I like to do is scramble up some eggs with some kimchi. That’s kind of a
good way to get your probiotics in with maybe like something a little more
filling in your stomach. We have some other stuff fermenting – sauerkraut.
So this is more traditional to my background – my parents were Lithuanian
refugees and so I was first generation American. We got this nice wild salmon
filet and so we like to smoke fish – that’s another Lithuanian kind of
tradition. Speaking of Lithuanian traditions, herring is a huge thing that
Lithuanians eat. I had to introduce this to Pat because he’s like super American.
But he’s like “what the hell, fish in a – fish in a jar?” But it tastes so good. So
if anybody has never had this before, if you like fish, this is like where it’s at.
Put it on a cracker; it’s delicious. I like liquid aminos, which, you know, is
pretty much like soy sauce. Course you got hot sauce – you gotta have that Louisiana’s
Best. I do like a lot of apple cider vinegar; I incorporate that into a lot
of my recipes. Lately I’ve been really into Worcestershire sauce, like, seasoning that
with stuff, like I forgot about it, how delicious it is… rice vinegar, I like to
use that for like more of my Asian kind of seasonings. This sauce is delicious,
that – I got into Thai cooking a little bit, and so, like lately I haven’t done
much Thai, but it’s – as you can see I used it a lot. The real introduction to Thai
food? I mean I kind of tried it before, but then when
I went to the Ultimate Fighter, and I had this Thai coach that cooked for us
personally rather than going – like we didn’t go to like a restaurant – and like
real homemade Thai cooking, it’s just… it’s hard to match, and so ever since then
I’ve been really into it. Cooking is such an art. Baking I feel like is a science,
so I’m not that good at baking. I like to try different cheeses, like maybe that’s
something that I can get into later, is like fermenting cheese as well – this is
some aged cheese, and what I really like to do is, I like to get some fancy jelly
and, you know, put the jelly on top of the piece of cheese; it’s really like a fun
snack for me. This is, I would say, one of my most important treats in the fridge,
is this sweetened condensed milk. And this is a trick that I learned from my
grandma – that’s how she flavors her coffee. And so I’m like super addicted to
that; that’s like my worst addiction. So I don’t use mayonnaise a lot, but every
once in a while I do, so I really like to make – one of my favorite things is tuna
salad; that was like one of a staple, growing up was tuna salad, and so I used
the mayonnaise for that. I like a lot of frozen meats and stuff. I try and get my meat
from like the best quality source I could possibly find. I really like – this
is my favorite smoothie to make; it’s the acai. They’re like, they almost look like
little popsicle things. And so I just stick it into my Vitamix, and then I make
some green tea, I put that in there as well, and then… just like a blend of
frozen fruit. So yeah, that’s my fridge guys! You know, I like to stay as healthy as possible; I might have a few addictions here and there. As of right
now, even though I’m in the offseason, I’m still working on just being a better
athlete, being a better martial artist, and you know, just a better person in
general, and try to work better everyday. So… yeah. That’s pretty much it;
I’ll just get some kombucha and I’ll see you guys later!

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100 thoughts on “UFC Fighter Rose Namajunas Explains How She Juices Marijuana | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

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    She is also an amazing role model not just for women but men also, to face ones fears in front of millions of people and overcome and be victorious, she’s got my vote.
    What an absolutely disgusting world we live in where people hiding at home behind their key boards feel it’s acceptable to insult another person.
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