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UFC Mexico: Teco Quiñonez To Perform ‘Bloody’ Ritual On Huachin: ‘I’m Going To Rip His Heart Out’

UFC Mexico: Teco Quiñonez To Perform ‘Bloody’ Ritual On Huachin: ‘I’m Going To Rip His Heart Out’

Reporter: Danny Segura for, here in Mexico City with ‘Teco’ Quiñones, who will be fighting Carlos Huachin at UFC Mexico City. Teco, first of all, how are you feeling? I know the elevation is high here in Mexico City, but Zacatecas where you trained it’s also high. Do you feel ready for the fight on Saturday Teco: Yeah the truth is that I’ve had the best camp of my life and you guys are going to see that I worked extremely hard for this moment and it was like all the planets aligned. From getting the fight in Mexico City, losing in London, feeling that defeat, feeling that dagger and like being re-born, and come back with more energy and bring this fire that I want to take out Saturday, September 21st. Reporter: Yeah, you had that loss against Nathaniel Wood who’s really good but before that you were on a really good streak. How much did that hurt you and affect you? Like I said you were on a good streak and you were looking good. Teco: That put me on halt, it stopped the momentum I had to get to the bigger names. And all I did was fix my mistake, work on it and I know that this time it won’t happen to me again. I come to chop heads off and rip his heart out like a good Mexican Reporter: A ritual Teco: A ritual, exactly. A bloody one. Reporter: And you were in the first card that the UFC held in Mexico and there was only one Mexican born fighter on the main card. Just now we saw a very beautiful moment with all the Mexicans on stage. The sport has grown a lot. Being on this card has it put things into perspective in this journey not only personal but also the country’s. Teco: Yeah, the truth is that it’s been tough work. I’ve cried, I’ve bled, I’ve sweat, and it’s been 5 years since that moment of UFC 180. Seeing my colleagues in the main event, and the rest fighting everyday to get to this moment it’s that, the planets aligning. That hard work is paying off with this card. And not only with the Mexicans. I know the UFC already went to Uruguay, Argentina and there are plans for more. I know there are plans for a PI Latino that they want to do, so all that speaks that they know that there are warriors here. Not only Mexican warriors, I’m betting for all Latin America. Right now I’m fighting a Latino who’s Peruvian. the truth is that I feel even more proud to be fighting a Latino so people see that we have warrior blood and we want to do war. Reporter: I was talking to Jeremy Stephens yesterday and he told me something very interesting that you have helped him a lot and that you guys did a mega camp in Zacatecas and if I’m not mistaken the government helped you guys a lot to make that happen. Teco: Yeah, the truth is that we had the good fortune of making the right friendships in Zacatecas and made some right moves and they gave up the support. They put up a gym only for us, a cage, mats. Jeremy and his team got a house just for them and they gave us another house for the Mexicans. It was Brandon (Moreno), Martin (Bravo), Polo (Reyes). And the truth is that we were very happy because that’s what we wanted a camp where all we would have to do is dedicate to training. And we were able to make it happen in Zacatecas where we would get our clothes washed, cook for us, we had a nutritionist, we had cooks, we would have our house cleaned. All I told my friends was, ‘You guys just dedicate to training and the fight and everything else will be taken care of by the government and a few friends that were helping me out.’ Reporter: So a good chunk of it was sponsored by the government, right? That’s crazy. You don’t hear that often. New York doesn’t pay… I don’t know… Frankie Edgar or someone else to train. Teco: Yeah, and that’s the reflection of the sport. It’s growing globally and it’s no longer just a hobby from a small fighter that wants to fight. We’re a reality in a country, in a world that wants youth to stay away from bad vices and what better way than to focus on this. A sport that is giving a lot to the world and Latin America and Zacatecas supported us and the team and the camp was very happy Like I told you, Jeremy was also very happy and all that is contagious for me too. Reporter: And how did you make that happen, does the governor like MMA or he’s scared of you or what? Teco: No, no, no. He did kung fu or taekwondo. He used to train those two and that’s what we used to get in there with the contacts and to show what this truly is. We’re a reality. This is in Mexico. There are a lot of gyms, and also in the rest of Latin America there are a lot of gyms and we’re starting to occupy like soccer. Reporter: Last question, prediction for your fight September 21st. How do you see it going? Teco: The truth is that I come with a dagger and with that dagger I’m going to stab, so it’s not going to go all three rounds. I’m going to finish it before and I bring the fury to do it.

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  1. Wow Danny is a natural interviewer in Spanish. I've seen a lot of Spanish mma reporters not know how to translate mma terms but he did a superb job.

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