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UFC President Claims Brock Lesnar LEAVING WWE! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

UFC President Claims Brock Lesnar LEAVING WWE! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, and at the end of this episode, Luke and I will finally be ringing
the number on this ransom note to find out what’s happened to his stolen hat. Can this hair-raising scandal actually be
happening?! What hot head has hijacked Luke’s hat? How far back does this mystery – and Luke
and Oli’s hairlines – really go?! What will our WrestleTalk heroes find at the
end of this episode of the WrestleTalk News? And… who really is Byron Saxton? Speaking of stuff on top of people’s heads… Shawn Michaels Loses His Ponytail
…Shawn Michaels has cut his hair. …Segue. In a true End of an Era, a Florida-based barber
posted the following on Facebook: “Today i had the honor of meeting a childhood
hero of mine Shawn Michaels, and getting him ready for Wrestlemania this weekend. Shawn has had the pony tail for over 20 years,
and today he had me cut it off and give him a new look. Such a genuine and down to earth guy it was
such a privilege being trusted with the famous locks.” With a before and after photo of the Heartbreak
Kid’s hair. But that might not be the only WrestleMania
legacy broken this weekend… double segue. Undertaker WrestleMania 34 Status
…as The Undertaker is almost guaranteed to come out of retirement this Sunday. PWInsider have reported they’ve heard Taker
is scheduled to appear at WrestleMania, but it’s not a lock he’ll actually wrestle,
where he could just do an angle to set up a match with John Cena for the following year. Dave Scherer has since furthered this on the
site, writing it’s “very possible that the two men will simply ‘face off’ in
a non-official capacity.” As frustrating for fans as that might be,
there is an argument to be made for its business sense. While heavily teased, Undertaker vs John Cena
is not an advertised match for WrestleMania 34. In fact, the show is already very stacked
with other draws – the mainstream appeal of Ronda Rousey’s debut wrestling match, Daniel
Bryan returning from retirement and the ‘dream match’ of AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. By having Taker return to WWE just to set
up a match with Cena at WrestleMania 35, the company would be replicating one of their
most successful business plays ever – advertising Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson vs Cena at Mania
with a year-long build, which still holds the record for WWE’s biggest ever number
of pay-per-view buys. And that might be a necessary draw in 2019
if they no longer have one of their top stars… TRIPLE GOD DAMN SEGUE. Dana White Claims Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE
After posting an image with Brock Lesnar just hours before WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view,
UFC President Dana White has now flat out said the Beast Incarnate will be returning
to MMA on yesterday’s UFC Tonight: “Yeah, Brock Lesnar’s coming back. I don’t know when, but yes he is.” Lesnar’s WWE contract reportedly ends at
WrestleMania 34, where he’s widely expected to lose his Universal Championship to Roman
Reigns. If he does leave WWE following the event,
Brock may still need to serve suspension time for his USADA drug test failure from his last
UFC fight in 2016 against Mark Hunt – not a swearword, that’s his name; which is possibly
why Dana doesn’t give an exact timeframe on Lesnar’s return. This follows Paul Heyman’s comments to The
New York Post earlier this week, who said it’s “most likely” Brock is returning
to the Brocktagon, and that Heyman’s contract is also due. The Hat Scandal?! Ok, it’s time. Luke – get in here. We’ve got to call this number to find out
what’s happened to your hat. Hello?
PERSONAL! Mate, it’s fine. I’ll just buy another hat. YOU’VE UNLEASHED THE BEAST IN WRESTLETALK,
THE KING OF WRESTLING YOUTUBE! But in the meantime, what are the 5 best David
and Goliath tag teams in WWE history? Click the image on the left to find out at! And click the video beneath for more great
wrestling stuff. I’ve been Oli Davis, we’re coming for
you Brian Zane, and that was wrestling.

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100 thoughts on “UFC President Claims Brock Lesnar LEAVING WWE! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. Can I just say FUCK DANA WHITE! This fuckwad is letting lesnar back in the rankings when the roided out prick made a mockery of UFC 200. Dana cares only for drawing casual fans rather by putting fuckers like jones and lesnar right off suspension into title fights and main events over fighters who have been working to EARN their spot in the rankings. Dana White is bad for the health of MMA as a legitimate sport.

  2. fuck the stupid over the hill cunt! only complete retards care about undertaker! i also dont see how a match that already happened can be a dream match.

  3. Nah, Undertaker needs to wrestle this sunday. Get a win in the city where he suffered his first wm loss. Will undertaker even be able to wrestle next year?

  4. Ren & Stimpy..the shiny red button, and your gonna guard two are wrestling channel ever

  5. so he say again y2j say other ways  like 22j hi slef  this year in video brock get go abck to ufc after wm 34 cos he   fhas 7 motnh testing pool ah s to eaht then  anthrr 6 motnh on ot that  so  year  and month y2j do snot lie about tha tkidn thgin so  ufc piesint is ful lo shti y2j kwno rmeo rules thena  of say brock cant go back to fuc for year then he cant

  6. Oh man i just got super excited! It's what I've always dreamed of a babyface Oli Davis, who has charisma that can be seen from space vs. A heel Brian Zane. The world but be coming to an end this Mania is super exciting!

  7. Grado to leak Oli & Luke's predictions to Brian, giving him the win. After crossing Oli and Luke, Grado sets up the 'Board of Directors', a faction that includes Brian Zane, Kenny McIntosh and Joe Hendry. This then leads to a year long build to next years mania week, where WrestleTalk og face the Board of Directors at an episode I like to call 'Employment Tribunal' (we're still working on the title) where the losers must leave WrestleTalk. Forever.

  8. Reigns is a hypocrite as he says that lesnar steals opportunities from the full time wrestlers, which is true but roman is going to main event his 4th maina in a row surely that’s stealing opportunities from the likes of Balor, miz and Strowman

  9. Brock doesn't want to play second fiddle to Ronda as they are two former UFC stars. I don't think he can deal with it. He wants to be the only UFC star in WWE with that legitimacy. Fool.

  10. Could have only been better if Ollie should have slapped Luke saying, "You're distraught, you don't know what you're saying! Get it together man!" Etc etc 😂

  11. All taker needs to do really is come out after the main event. We all know how people are leaving if the last thing on the show is Roman going over again. Roman holds the title above his head to a chorus of boos but then the gong hits, taker walks out, choke slams an exhausted Regins and tombstones a down Brock. Standing over the bodies of the only two people to ever beat him at Mania, he points at Cena in the crowd then runs his finger across his throat to close the show

  12. This extra crap you guys are putting in your videos is kind of ruining what I loved. It’s bareable but just not a fan of it.

  13. Good mornin everyone. Would you help me get to 100 subscribers. Obviously The long term goal is much higher..however short term…100 subscribers by monday..or more.
    AND SUBSCRIBE.. Forever Grateful

  14. if ric flair had that jacket he would throw it on the ground and give it an elbow drop!
    bring back the faded ass flash shirt

  15. I would've been shocked if Dana White didn't say that. Lesnar has seemingly checked out of WWE. Let's see what Paul Heyman's future holds.

  16. Wrestlemania will suck! All this good matches doesn't matter when this Douchbag Roman Reigns wins the Universal Title again and killing the entire Show.

  17. 3:34 It's Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt (GOD DAMN! I wish Samoa Joe and Mark Hunt would be in a tag team match and knock the blocks off everybody!)

  18. If they do that shitty tease Idea, that will be the one match that I skip from 35. The match between those two is not interesting enough at this point to warrant a year’s build up

  19. Well lets see they are either going to put him up against a no one again and he will get busted for drugs again or he will get put up against something descent and get destroyed. bitch lesner is done either way.

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