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UFC sets ESPN 2 viewing record with UFC 244prelims

UFC sets ESPN 2 viewing record with UFC 244prelims

UFC sets espn2 viewing record with UFC
244 prelims interests in Saturday’s UFC 244 show and the Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate
Diaz fight led the problems to do UFC’s biggest number ever on espn2 the two
hours from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. average nine hundred ten thousand viewers and
peaked at 1 million one hundred twenty one thousand viewers for the Corey
Anderson first round knockout win over Johnny Walker the entire second hour of
the show which also included the shane Burgas win over laQuan amakuni tapped 1
million viewers on google UFC 244 did more than 2 point 1 million searches
second to only daylight savings time it beats searches for the Canelo Alvarez
versus serve Jake Avila fight which topped 1 million as one of the biggest
boxing events the year it also beat all three college football games that aired
Saturday on ESPN 2 as well as topped the 635,000 viewers for duck Brock boxing on
the stronger ESPN it had head-to-head competition from college football on Fox
ABC ESPN and fs1 with the biggest Saturday game being
Oregon / USC drawing three million four hundred thirty three thousand viewers
and facts while Southern Methodist vs. Memphis on ABC with two million nine
hundred forty-seven thousand viewers UFC led espn2 to finish second on cable ins
x lag behind on the ESPN solely miss versus you Auburn game in both males 18
to 34 and 18 to 49 the UFC audience was heavily male 18 to 49 with 35 to 49 age
group being the strongest and seventy six point six percent of the viewers in
18 to 49 remain

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