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Ullipaya Pachadi in Telugu – Onion Chutney for Idly, Dosa and Rice by Tasty Vantalu

Ullipaya Pachadi in Telugu – Onion Chutney for Idly, Dosa and Rice by Tasty Vantalu

Namaste! Welcome to Tasty Vantalu In today’s session, We’ll learn how to prepare Onion chutney This chutney will go well with rice and it is very Tasty as well You can preserve this upto 1 Week without storing in refrigirator Let us see what are the ingredients we require to prepare this recipe 2 Medium size onion diced 20 – 25 Dried Red chillies Tamarind – Approx 50 gms, soak it in water for sometime Coriander Seeds – 2 to 3 Spoons Fenugreek Seeds – 1/2 Spoon Garlic Cloves – 10 Mustard Seeds – 1/2 Spoon Urad Dal – 1 Spoon Turmeric Powder – 1/4 Spoon Hing – 1 Pinch Salt as per requirement Curry Leaves Fresh Coriander Leaves and 5 to 6 Spoon cooking oil Let us see the cooking process Preheat the pan and add 1 spoon oil into it. Once oil become heat, add dried red chillies fry them until they turn little brown in color while frying Red chillies, keep stove in low flame do not fry them till they turn dark brown Look here, our red chillies are fried enough Now add fenugreek seeds and Corinader seeds and fry them till they release nice aroma Look here, our spices are fried enough now turn off the flame and keep them aside In the same pan, add 2 more spoons of oil Once oil become hot enough, add diced onions also add pinch of salt, so that onions will faster now fry them till onion become soft & transperant If you add salt while frying onions, it will release moisture content and cook faster Our onions are transparent and soft now Now I am adding tamarind along with pulp and juice now fry them continuously, until they thicken while our onions are boiling, add our fried spices into the blender put the lid on and blend spices into the course powder and keep it aside now our onion tamarind pulp is thicken enough Now add Turmeric powder, salt as per your requirement and also add our spices powder, which we prepared earlier Now add some water into the blender and mix it well and pour them into the pan Now mix this properly and fry it continuously till oil oozes out Look here, oil is oozing out mix it well and turn off the flame and let it cool for some time Once this becomes cool, put it in blender Now blend this chutney into fine paste without adding water Let us see the tempering process Pre heat the pan and add oil into it once oil is heated add mustard seeds and allow the to splatter Now add urad dal, fenugreek seeds and fry them till they are golden brown in color we have to add more oil for this chutney it gives you good taste and oil will act like a preservative to store this recipe for one week If you would like to consume it in same day, you can reduce the oil qunatity they are fired, now add red chilli, garlic cloves, curry leaves and hing fry them for some time all are fried enough, now add chutney mixture into the pan now mix it properly and stir fry this mixture for about 2 to 3 minutes in oil stir fry this chutney without adding any water if you add water, chutney cannot be stored for one week and should be consumed same day Look here, our chutney is cooked properly Now add fresh coriander leaves and mix it well and turn off the flame Thats it! our Tasty Onion chutney is all ready to serve with rice Please try this recipe and share your valuable feed back under comments section Thank you !

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  1. Hello mam..I tried this at home and came out very well. Mix of sour and hot taste with very good flavour..Awesome receipe

  2. Hi… mea videos chala baguntaye… nenu kothaga channel pettanu pls watch and subscrie my channel..[village Recipes/naidu]

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