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Undertaker Training For WRESTLING Match?! CM Punk UFC Fight! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Undertaker Training For WRESTLING Match?! CM Punk UFC Fight! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Elias Performs On Bourbon Street! WrestleMania weekend is in full-swing – and
everyone seems to be having a great time in New Orleans. Which… is probably better than this studio
in Essex… yeah. Happy for you Kenny. But still Oli and I have our WrestleMania
34 predictions later on today where we’ll be taking on Brian Zane from Wrestling With
Wregret – so enable notifications to make sure you get the video in your feed. We’ve got 14 matches to cover so… it’s
going to be a long one. The weekend has already seen some amazing
things, like Matt Riddle becoming the new EVOLVE Champion, Keith Lee defending the WWN
Championship at a WWE event, Jerry Lawler throwing a fireball at Joey Ryan’s crotch
and Elias doing an impromptu performance on New Orleans’ infamous Bourbon Street. Several Twitter users shared the videos and
images online, which saw The Drifter perform in front of a very respectable crowd. But that’s not the only crazy thing that
has happened over Mania weekend. Headline: Conor McGregor In Police Custody After the media event for UFC 223, Conor McGregor
and his entourage arrived just as the other fighters were leaving in an attempt to have
words with Khabib Nurmagomedov following a confrontation he had with McGregor teammate
Artem Lobav. However those words escalated quickly. Ariel Helwani reported via Twitter that as
a van with the fighters inside was driving away, McGregor and his crew started banging
on the windows and throwing chairs. According to Helwani, “I’ve seen video
shot by fighters in the van. Very clear Conor is telling someone to get
out of the van before being pulled away by security. Khabib and his team were in that particular
van.” [9] Helwani adds that this is a long-standing
rivalry posting on Twitter, “I was told multiple times that there was fear if Lobov
and Nurmagomedov saw each other that something might happen, but no one predicted anything
like this happening.” The attack saw both Michael Chiesa and Ray
Borg get cut with broken glass and as a result have both been removed from UFC 223. Chiesa had a laceration on the side of his
face, and Borg got glass shards in his eye. Lobav has also been removed from the card. An arrest warrant was put out against McGregor,
and as of the time of recording he is now in police custody at the NYPD’s 78th precinct
after he turned himself in. According to Helwani, McGregor is facing multiple
charges against him – but that is all we know at the time of this recording. Which means McGregor may not be around to
see CM Punk’s next fight. Headline: Dana White “Confirms” CM Punk’s
Next Fight Before the incident took place with McGregor,
Dana White was asked by TMZ Sports about the next fight for former WWE Champion CM Punk
– who was last seen in the Octagon in September 2016 in a quick loss to Mickey Gall. When TMZ asked if Punk would face the rumoured
Mike Jackson, White relied “That’s the fight”. While not a direct confirmation, the Wrestling
Observer feel this is about as official as it’s going to get. Like Punk, Jackson only has one profesional
fight under his belt – which was also a loss to Mickey Gall in 2016. And while Punk seems to have his next match
sorted, there are still questions hanging over the head of The Undertaker and WrestleMania. Headline: The Undertaker Training For Match Dave Meltzer first reported back in December
that WWE were planning on having John Cena vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 – a
match they have been building on Monday Night Raw with Cena calling out the Deadman to no
reply. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has since reported
that Taker would just be showing up in New Orleans to confront Cena and set up a match
for WrestleMania 35. Giving them a year-long build similar to The
Rock and John Cena. Dave Meltzer has conversely reported in the
latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Taker has been training for a match. “Cena vs. Undertaker has been planned for
WrestleMania for months, and Undertaker has been training for the match. Undertaker will obviously be in New Orleans
to confront Cena.” According to Meltzer’s sources, this is
all the brainchild of Vince McMahon who is very happy about how the story has gone. According to Meltzer’s sources, “They
are also of the belief announcing Taker in advance won’t compel anyone to purchase the
network, as anyone inclined is getting the network for the show anyway…I think part
of it is that Vince McMahon can say, ‘people are invested in the mere chance Undertaker
will show up!’” Meltzer concludes that he is unsure if the
match is now taking place or if it will happen at next year’s WrestleMania, but states
that for months it was planned for this Sunday. Oli and I will be posting our WrestleMania
34 predictions later on today where we’re taking on Brian Zane from Wrestling With Wregret. But before that make sure to check out our
predictions for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans! Which sees the long-awaited match between
Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa, and Aliester Black challenging for the NXT Championship.

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100 thoughts on “Undertaker Training For WRESTLING Match?! CM Punk UFC Fight! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. If undertaker only shows up and does not wrestle i will be so pissed and will not be watching westleMania 35

  2. I was gonna buy tickets to wm but fucking vince making it seem like the match isn’t happening, I can’t got there for just a chance

  3. why are yall even covering the McGregor situation he doesnt even have anything to do with wwe nor does does he care about it yall are a wrestling channel not an mma channel

  4. i would love to see Undertaker coming back at WrestleMania as the American Bad Ass vs John Cena But a year build up for next year is cool to but sux 2 wait a whole year for a match

  5. What Would Be Pefect would be Undertaker doesnt answer and Cena complains and wines and then we hear Goldbergs music hit and he comes out and Challenges Cena too a Match Right now and Near the end of the Match Cena does an attitude adjustment to Goldberg after giving him a low blow turning heel and Undertakers music hits and on the Titan Tron we see the Undertaker. And he challenges Cena at Wrestlemania 35 and the light come back on and Goldberg Spears Cena and pins Cena and Goldberg leaves and then the light go out and then come back on and Undertaker appears behind Cena and Chokeslams Cena and it ends with Takers eyes rolled back.

  6. Mcgregor in police custody? who gives a shit? hes rich he can do what he likes. 2 years ago he went to the Grand National in Liverpool and beat the shit out of a random guy in the toilets and got away with it. how do i know? i worked for the company who runs the National.

  7. Luke’s eye brows are hilarious 😂 Also what does Conor McGregor have to do with wrestling? Why don’t you give us more Njpw news to?

  8. Wrestletalk please stick to wwe. Don't give mcgregor and his retarded thuggery the time of day. He's not a professional athlete so ignore his acts.

  9. That whole UFC crap was a promo! There was not warrant out for McGregor's arrest! The police did want to speak with him about it but no warrant was ever issued. It is literally all scripted WWE style shit to promote their upcoming fight that will happen.

  10. what IF Vince or the Undertaker has a special plan this Year. Instead of WM he will have a match with Cena at SummerSlam. As the BadAssBiker

  11. Conor should go to wwe if he wants to break car windows I hope he doesn't because he is a massive prick and that piece of shit is representing is Ireland he can't go fuck himself

  12. What if the main event isnt lesnar vs reigns or nakamura vs styles, but cena vs taker, they go the whole show with cena in the crowd than he finally jump the barricade and calls the undertaker out one more time, insults taker and than BAM KEEP ROLIIN ROLLING ROLLING KEEP ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING taker comes down the wrestlemania ramp on his montorcycle

  13. Anyone else noticing meltzer always says "well this WAS the plan, but it may or may not happen." Thanks for your keen inside info. The plan was undertaker vs enzo btw, but that may or may not happen now guys 🙄

  14. This Undertaker vs Cena build is the worst wrestlemania feud build in history…. Vince needs to get his shit sorted or just retire.

  15. That’s not how you pronounce khabibs second name but I don’t blame you for getting it wrong it looks hard to say

  16. Waiting to do Undertaker vs Cena at Wrestlemania 35 would be stupid. Neither one of these guys are getting any younger. What if you plan it for 35 and one of them gets hurt before then? If they are both healthy and ready to go now then just do the match now.

  17. You guys should learn about gematria. It would help explain the news a lot more. "Conor" = 223, so does "Brooklyn, New York", the city where UFC 223 is being held.

  18. So you will plan out Taker vs Cena for a year but can't deliver on Taker vs Sting? This fucking company. Jesus…

  19. I think he's been training on being able to walk on a WM-sized ramp to the ring. He couldn't even do that last time.

  20. Y'all bitching about Conor calling him a thug and shit but he stood up for his friend something most y'all lil bitches wouldn't have the balls to do fake ass mf stop hating Conor is dope af for that

  21. Wrestle mania 34: Undertaker doesn’t show up.

    John Cena: Well… I tried. I CHALLENGE MCGREGOR TO A MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. When the match happens, it will be a sad time…..Lesnar, Reigns and Cena will all get to beat Taker but the one person who needed it most, Bray Wyatt had to job….

  23. Conor acting like a high school bitch!!! Tell Artem to stop running his mouth!!! Khabib only slabbed his bitch ass! You costed 2 fighters money (almost 3) let alone the money you about to be sued for! I hope to god they lock you in a cage with khabib, no rules and he ends you!!! #FuckThatBitch

  24. UT doesn't have to prove shit. Although…He could just make an appearance and request a match with Cena for WM35.

  25. Hey guys its cool that your reporting on events related to the UFC but not this one dudes, McGregor and his actions are a terrible representation of the sport… and it would be great to see you guys start reporting on more UFC and mma related stories and results, after all wrestling is a large part of modern MMA and the way fighters are selling themselves is becoming more and more like wwe style promos but not PG

  26. Undertaker is going to interfere in the main event and drop both lesnar and Roman on there heads..can see it coming a mile….

  27. I suggest wrestle talk sticks to what they know best and that's wrestling! no one cares about mcnuggets or cmpunk, casual fans I swear, i love watching u guys for the wrestling if i wanted insight n better info on this "news" id have gone to mmaworld or insidetheoctagin etc. but my question is, is nakamura vs Aj styles the real main event?

  28. and i hope if that match is going to happen next year i hope they will main event wrestlemania
    and also this should be the end of an era
    I hope i can see undertaker and john cena shake hands

  29. I doubt it'll happen at WrestleMania. I mean: postponing the whole thing will also ensure several people still being interested in the story after WM.

  30. Cena vs Mysterio at WrestleMania. American Badass Undertaker comes down, and cost Cena his match. So now they kick the 1 year build for WrestleMania 35.

  31. YO I Heard a Rumor ASUKA's is LOsing &CARMELLA is gonna be cashing in $in the Bank… maybe CHAMP WWE posted a match CHARLOTTE vs. CARMELLA 4the STRAP???

  32. Cm punk needs to quit ufc do you even realize how many people never knew until the match that you can break a fucking ear?

  33. Conor’s “attack” really isn’t a big deal lmao.. fuckers over react .. out here where I’m from niggas get shot up daily to be honest … throwing one dolly and everybody makes a big ass deal ….

  34. such an unnecessary return and waste of an match john vs taker so fked up really Total bs
    so it seems that john is going to retire soon

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