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URUMI – A Bizarre Ancient Weapon from India

URUMI – A Bizarre Ancient Weapon from India

Hey guys, today we are going to look at an
ancient Indian weapon known as ‘Urumi’. This is how it looks, now, is it a sword? Or is it a whip? It is a combination of both, it is a flexible
metal weapon with several blades. Urumi is quite popular in the Indian state
of Kerala, where many people still practice and even carry it in their belt for self-defense. Yes, it can be neatly curled up and tied around
your body, just like a belt. Unlike most other weapons like knives or shields,
the Urumi cannot be used effectively by a beginner. This is why it is known as a very bizarre
and complicated weapon. It is not only dangerous for the enemy, it
is equally dangerous for the user as well, because if you make one mistake while using
it, you can get seriously hurt. So, this is not a user-friendly weapon. It takes many years of practice before you
can master this weapon and use it effectively. Here you are looking at an antique Urumi,
at least a hundred years old. My friend Jayesh collects antique weapons
and has been documenting these things for many years. While weapons like swords will make deep cuts
in the skin and can cause instant death, the Urumi is different. It will make your skin and some flesh peel
out with every blow, but a single blow is usually not lethal. In this antique piece, the blades have become
blunt, so you can see that it is not cutting this banana stem, but imagine a brand new
Urumi attacking a person, it can cause some serious damage. In English we can call it as a flexible sword
or even a metal whip and it usually has a simple wooden handle. Historians believe that the Urumi was invented
around 300 BC, about 2300 years ago in India. Remember, I have showed you some very interesting
weapons like the man-catcher on my channel, but Urumi is a very effective defense weapon,
especially if you are fighting against multiple enemies.. If you are surrounded my many opponents, Urumi
can be used to create a defensive sphere around you, and no one will be able to even come
close to you. This can be very useful and is considered
as a part of ancient martial arts used for self-defense. In the ancient Indian martial arts system
known as KalariPayattu, this weapon is considered very important. In this martial arts system, the Urumi is
the last weapon to be taught, because it is so difficult to master this weapon. A well-trained fighter is capable of handling
2 Urumis at the same time. Imagine fighting against a person wielding
2 Urumis at the same time, it can be twice as deadly. The only way you can fight him, is by using
2 Urumis yourself. Watching 2 guys use 4 Urumis is a very interesting
sight. In the state of Punjab, the Urumi is used
with some variations. Here you can see how the Urumi is used with
ease, it has almost become a demonstration weapon. Some Urumis only have one blade and sometimes
there are up to 32 blades in a single weapon. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button
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100 thoughts on “URUMI – A Bizarre Ancient Weapon from India

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  2. In the state of Maharashtra Urumi was known by the name Dand-patta and was a popular weapon in Maratha empire. It was so effective that it was used to save Shivaji Maharaj's life on one occasion.

  3. I do ardently watch your videos which are par excellent especially ancient temples. Once again a big thank you Pravin sir.

  4. Brother visit Lord Arthanareeswarar temple.Located in Tiruchengodu,Namakkal district, Tamilnadu.
    The temple is on the top of the mountain.
    Mostly Lord Shiva is in the form of lingha but here entirely different Partially male & partially female.

  5. Our ancient people how to make it, this waphan blade thickness same from handle to blade end. Please explain about this.

  6. If its design to fight cruel beings who want to kill humanity, its good. If its used to fight other humans, its an horrible creation

  7. Aahh that looks so dangerous… imagining the time where people used to fight with these deadliest weapons makes my mind blow. Nice collection.thanks for making this video.👍🏻

  8. Great content, you shine light upon the advanced culture and history of India, we must revive India to its past glory. 🙏🇮🇳

  9. Were they originally used for self defence against people or animals? They would be useful against animals and very easy for men or women to carry as convenient self defence tools against predators, food for thought!

  10. And also in a Real Combat these Urumis will coated by poison, so 1 slice is enough to finish the job ! BATTLE OF COLACHEL is an example !

  11. Greeting's , How unfortunate that humans needed to invent weapons at all., even worst is that we use these against each other. be well and be safe.

  12. Praveenmohan sir. May I add some details about this? Im from Sri Lanka. In my country this weapon calls welayudhaya*. This weapon is one of the legandry weapons of our traditional martial art call *Anganpora (legandry weapons means hard to master that weapon) . This martial art is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It has above 6000 years history. Some stories say this weapon used in "The Great Battle of Rama-Rawana" was held before 5000 years. From today our country have so many anganpora professionals which are overcome this weapon. Only our martial artist can handle two of this weapon which has 8 scary sharp blades of each. I can garret that🙏🙏🙏. If you visit our country again, pleace meet a anganpora master and collect more detais from the.. Also check the youtube in this topic -Welayudha in angampra-. I hope you read this. Thank you very much.

  13. It is sad that all the expertise and skills developed over the years with theses weapons all became obsolete with the arrival of the gun

  14. Vanakkam, Praveenji. 🙏
    Wow, this is great presentation. I always thought the fellows who practice this weapon are crazy. Urumi reminds me of Chinese whip chain. It is so exciting to watch these masters demonstrating this weapon technique. Very captivating!

  15. Praveen I request you to say ancient malayalam or ancient tamil when you are pointing to something. You are just telling ancient indian weapon.

  16. The famous Thacholi Othenan of Vadakkan Paattu stories of Kerala was so well versed in Urumi that he could swing his urumi dipped in Kumkum amoung a troop of warriors and apply it on their forehead with hurting them . As per the story he was so well versed.

  17. Urumi is part of the most ancient martial art called kalaripayatu, as a matter of fact kung fu and ju jitsu evolved from kalaripayatu. Urumi is a very dangerous weapon and should not be used unlike other weapons as you can imagine a slightest mistake on flexing wrist or swinging the sword around could turn out to be fatal to the person handling urumi. Quite scary!

  18. 🤔In Maharashtra,we call it 'Patta'.This was used all over the then India.Syed Banda was almost to kill great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with this 'Urumi' or 'Patta'.He was expert in using it.Then all of a sudden Jiva Mahale came with agility and chopped off the hand of Syed Banda,the bodyguard of Afhjal Khan.
    Jiva was the bodyguard of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

  19. Can you visit kannaluru village, jammalamadugu mandal, kadapa, district and tell the importance of lingamaiah (siva) temple.

  20. My great grandfather was a Urumi Expert. Equipped with this, he actually travelled to Malaya from Kerala by foot. Took him 3 years. His only protection was urumi..

  21. Urimi means sound made when it thunder.
    Urumu means thunder
    Urimi means sound from thunder.
    For ex.. akasam urimindi.
    In Telugu ..

  22. Urumi is also an assamese word – meaning noise it is almost always used with the word ' hai ' . ' Hai – urumi ' means much noise .

  23. Man your people were geniuses !but why ,why all the weapons in the first place? I thought all my life India was a safe and peaceful land ?until I grew up and realized your country is not immune to chaos and greed and disrespectful of your own people.

  24. Praveen Mohan you are awesome,your research is going to add glory to our Indian ancient history.Thanks a lot for your precious contribution to our history.Nice information.

  25. I once happened see a demonstration fight and it scared s**t out of me. Those guys appeared to be well versed with it and so confident about the space it moves. But I happened to sit in the front row with no separation with their court, and they were doing it so fast and fierce, so it was dashing so close to me many times and creating small sparks of fire when hitting the ground right next to my feet. Won't try one more time.

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