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USA Martial Arts K3 Kickboxing – Reviews – Best Martial Arts School in Paradise Valley

USA Martial Arts K3 Kickboxing – Reviews – Best Martial Arts School in Paradise Valley

I’m ex military have lived all over the world. I’m a lot older than a lot of students and
I’m in the kickboxing training, which is quite intensive training. I don’t look at it as a workout. I Iook at it as a a life skill, a training. I plan
to be a student from life. the quality ofthe training and quality of the classmates and the students is beyond reproach. it’s the spirit of this place that touches you,
that makes you keep coming back. You come here and you take it with you when you leave,
and you bring yourself back.. and each time you come back you take more of it with you.
this is a philosophy of life and if you can embrace that you do anything. I need to go because I need to… I need to to refill that bucket with that touch of the group, of the
spirit of the essence of the school. You leave everything outside and you come in and give
everything you’ve got and when you leave you feel better than when you came in. They are
building people here. They care about me. They’re they’re building a champion. Master
Nottingham says we are all champion and he’s building champions and what we do it is up
to us… So I tried to come in each time and meet him have half way. The kicks and punches
or kicks and punches. They are motions, they’re movements, they are tools. It’s not so much the kicks and punches, it’s the discipline it takes for me to go… eighty kicks in a minute you
don’t have to be a super athlete to be successful at this, you just have to have
the heart of one. they really care. they really care that I’m succeeding. we begin our training
with a warm up. we do different types of combos kicks and punches and work out of the bag
and mix it up we have fun… and at the end of the evening we cool down with some incredible
stretching. The instructors here care that we leave here with an idea of what we can
do for ourselves it helps you more than just coming in and kicking and punching bags, it
improves your posture and improves your digestion and improves the way your, you feel about
yourself your self-confidence your head up a little high. They are building me they’re
not building their egos on my sweat, they building me and that’s what’s different about
this training and this school, than places I’ve trained in other disciplines all over
the world that’s that’s what I have to say about USA Martial Arts. It’s an incredible,
incredible experience.

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