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Using Kickboxing Pads : Holding Kickboxing Pads for Hook Punches

Using Kickboxing Pads : Holding Kickboxing Pads for Hook Punches

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Mellisa and this is kick boxing. So we are working
on how to hold the pads. This holding is for our hold for our hook punch. Now the hook
punch is different from the straight. The straight punch, your hands are turned forward
on this angle. With the hook punch your hands are going to be turned in this fashion here.
With a high hook punch or low hook punch. Now as I’m doing the skill I want to keep
my legs bent and I want to feel my center ok right in between my knees. I’m going to
have a nice pivot point on my spine here so I can turn my body from left to right. And
I want to keep my elbows close into my body as I’m letting the hands hit my pads. So I
don’t want to allow the arms to go out this way. If the arms hook out to far and I get
hit, ok my shoulder is going to take all the impact, I don’t want to do that. So I want
to keep my hands close into my body and I want to take the impact as one unit. So if
I have Melissa come forward ok. Now she is going to be throwing, let’s say she is going
to be throwing a lead hook and we will talk about this first. So for a lead hook I’m just
going to place the hand right out about here. If I’m looking at the center of the person
who is throwing the punches, their center line is here. I’m going to bring the hand
just a little bit outside of that center line. Ok she is going to twist this way and she
is going to fire the punch. Now in the beginning right, I’m just learning how to do the pads,
I just keep my target there for them. Ok. That’s it. Now again as they hit, I want to
firm my arm up ok and tense up a little bit and keep my elbow close to my body. Ok. Now
if I let my arm go this way you’ll see what happens is that my hands shoots out and my
elbow or my shoulder takes the brunt of it. So I want to keep it in nice and close. Ok
now same thing with the opposite arm, I’m looking at her center, so I’m bringing this
in just a little past it. Ok and these are for the low hooks. You’ll see that I’m really
keeping my hand in tight, elbow in. Ok this is important so that you don’t take abuse
in your shoulders. This is kick boxing pad holding for our hook punch.

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