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Using Kickboxing Pads : Holding Kickboxing Pads for Knee strikes

Using Kickboxing Pads : Holding Kickboxing Pads for Knee strikes

Hello, I’m Sifu O’Mallon of the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa, and this is kickboxing. We’re working on pad
basics. This pad basic is for holding, for knee strikes. Now again, knee strikes come
up very fast, and they have a lot of power to them, so we’re not going to use just a
single glove, to go ahead and do this. We’re going to be double gloving up. We want to
remember a few basic things, as we do this. We want to keep our body relaxed. We want
to be able to see the whole opponent that’s coming at us, so we want to visually be able
to see everything that’s coming at you. You’re going to take one hand down. Place the other
hand on top. If my left foot is back, my left hand is going to be low. If my right foot
is back, my right hand is going to be low. Elbows are in to the body, and I’m bracing
outward with my hands, so I’m just not putting my hands out there loose, and forgetting about
them. I’m keeping my attention on them, so if we’re starting in this position here. Melissa,
step forward, and put your left foot out. Now, she has her left foot out, and my right
foot is going to be forward, so we’re matching each other. This is called Back to Back. Now,
my hands, my left foot is back, so my left hand is low. My right hand is covering. She’s
going to lift up, and just go nice and easy first, making to target. She can step down
or bring her foot back. Again, same thing. That’s it. Now again, I don’t want to keep
my hands like this, nice and flat, because if she lifts, and she comes to the tip, the
tip is going to force my fingers up, and I can jam my fingers in my gloves. So I want
to bend the hands a little bit upward, so it’s hitting to the target. Now, you’ll see
as she comes in. Elbows in to the body, and I brace up. I’m not just going, my hands out
here, forget about them, myself. This is also very important for their training. As far
as someone trying to give a workout from the gloves, is the more resistance you’re providing,
the more that they’re working those muscles. The more realistic it makes for them on their
training basis. This is called Holding Pads For Knee Strikes, Kickboxing.

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