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Uwe Rennt (Run Uwe Run)

Uwe Rennt (Run Uwe Run)

You’ve seen Run Lola Run … … but it didn’t have enough action Hello? Uwe! I need a lot of money! Okay. I will. Quickly! Believe me. I will find a way. From the directors that brought you the “Time Outs” commercial is the best action film this Summer. Look out! Run Uwe Run! His friend needs money, or else he will die. but time is running out. Uwe, why are you here?! Who is that? Shut up! Father, my friend is in trouble Father, I need a lot of money I am sorry. Noooooooo!!! MORE ACTION! Give me the money. MORE MANIA! Ebert and Roeper say “It’s wonderful!” The bag. the bag The bag! THE BAG! MORE BAGS!! Run Uwe Run Coming this summer

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