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Hi, I’m the Mixed Martial Arts
legend Enson Inoue. I fought everywhere –
UFC, Pride, Shooto. But this time,
it won’t be me in the ring. Two Punks and two B-Boys
will duke it out. When I first met my opponent,
he promised to knock me out. I’ll give you two minutes, no longer. For the sake of their music scene,
I want them to go out and crush their opponent. As long as my heart keeps beating,
I’ll always support Rap music. Since I’m representing the Punk scene, I just don’t want to embarass anyone. I’ll go in there like Mike Tyson,
no grappling. I’ll feed him a few uppercuts
and that’s it. There’s no way I’ll lose,
I’m ready to kill. Stepping into the ring is
like a picnic for me. The funny thing about these amateur
fights, are that they always end up in a brawl. People think we hate
each other’s cultures, but we wouldn’t have signed up
if that was true. Which one will prevail,
Punk or Hip Hop? The first fight will be
Tertra vs. Fuckin’ Roller Oikawa. Tetra was born in the U.S.
and raised in Brazil. Hip Hop is the best,
I’m gonna fuck his shit up. I’m gonna fuck him up good. Fuckin’ Roller Oikawa is an
18 year old Punk musician. There aren’t a lot of
18 year olds with mohawks, who listen to Punk. To be honest,
I don’t really like to fight. What’s up? I’m MC Tetra,
representing Shibuya, Tokyo. Let’s see if we can recruit
some ring girls. Are you interested? – No.
– Alright then. I was raised in Brazil and
stabbed twice in my life. Punks usually have money,
but we got nothing. Everyone in Hip Hop knows that. All we need is a pen and some paper. Drums, guitars
– that all costs a lot of money. Guys from the streets like me,
we don’t have that kind of money. That’s the reality. My name is Fuckin’ Roller Oikawa.
I’m 18 years old. I like 80’s hardcore punk,
like The Exploited or GBH. My room is a mess,
like you’d expect for a punk. I’ve been into pro-wrestling
and MMA since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to step into the
ring and test myself one day. There’s supposed to be a
cover for this. This is my band’s first album. I’m looking for a ring girl. Why are you talking like that? Umm.. Are you drunk? You probably can’t even drink. Watch me kill this bottle. I don’t do graffiti. That shit is lame. I’d rather crack your skull, with this bottle. For real. My room is upstairs
next to my brother, and my parents. My grandpa lives down here
with my grandma. What’s this room for?
It’s my office. What do you do in there? I’m a tax accountant. I see. Do you know what Punk music is? He knows what punk is. That’s amazing. I can’t believe it. Do you like punk music? I’m not a huge fan. But I guess it’s what’s popular
these days. I wanted to do something different
than everybody else. You gotta have the punk spirit
in your soul to truly be ‘punk’. The second fight will be
Raw-T vs Yoshito. Raw-T is a rapper from the
Ice Dynasty Crew. I’m not gonna lose to a Punk.
I represent Hip Hop from Tokyo. Yoshito is a Punk who makes
a living doing “everything.” I love Punk. I’m gonna kill Hip Hop.
I love girls. I love fighting. (It’s the guerilla from the Tokyo area
Raw-T from Tokyo (We’re up in the studio downtown
with my boy DJ Ryo) (This is Yosuke,
the tattoo artist) (I’m gonna record a song
today in one verse) (Edo festivals and fights,
gonna drop some raps tonight) I’m part of the
Ice Dynasty Crew. But I’ve been making
my own moves. The reason why I chose to
do this was to challenge myself. This will be good for my rap career. Good evening,
I’m Akimoto from Akimoto Services. Look at this mess. I literally do whatever comes up,
tidying things is just one aspect. I also change light bulbs or
clean air conditioners, for example. Sometimes I house clean.
Like I said, I do everything. and I’m proud of it. I’ve always enjoyed a good
scrap, anyway. Plus, if I’m getting paid to fight,
I’d be glad to do it. I played in a Punk band for about ten years
but these days I’ve been too busy. But I still love it.
When I listen to it, it’s like, bam! It just fits me. We’re here at Castle Records in Ueno. My bro G.O. runs the shop. Everyone who makes Hip Hop music
sends their CDs here. This place has everything,
not just the mainstream stuff. This is G.O., who manages the store.
He’s part of my crew. Welcome. He represents the
old downtown district. This is the painting that was
used for my album cover. I released this album
about two years ago. I’m thinking about releasing
another one this year. The truth is I wish I could
focus more on music, because I’ve been so busy
training for this fight. It is what it is. I kind of applied to fight on a whim. But to be honest, I probably could have used
this time to make an album. My so-called ‘training’ is to work and to crack a few balls
at this batting cage. Training is lame to me. Right? It’s cooler to be tough
without making an effort. I’ll probably knock him out, in one punch. Good morning. Time for practice,
let’s go kill each other. Yes, today I’m going to die. Do you guys have any experience
in martial arts? I have a tiny bit. How about you, Yoshito? Not really.
As a teenager I did a bit of boxing. I started training a bit recently. I did a bit of wrestling. That’s a great base for MMA. Kill the Punk. His punch got stronger
after I said that. When you throw the right, turn
your sholuder, then throw the hook. Okay, throw the right now.
There you go. Don’t aim for the pad,
aim behind the pad. I think he’s the only novice here. Not bad. He’s a liar.
He’s definitely been training. It’s like what they say, once you hit a Brazilian
Jiujitsu black belt in the face, they drop to a white belt. Alright, that’s it for him today. I’m here in Shinjuku’s
Golden Gai district. I’m about to meet the two Punks
at their hangout spot. The place is called Hair of the Dogs. I’ve never really listened to
Punk music, so I can’t wait. Let’s go. Welcome! Yeah, this is how
I imagined Punk music. Enson, what do you think of this song,
“Fuck the USA”? This song?
Doesn’t concern me, I’m from Hawaii. You won’t get an experience like this
anywhere else. So seize the chance. Can you relax knowing you’ll
be fighting one-on-one? How are you going to smash your
opponent? Do you have the stamina? You never know. My opponent has a long reach,
so I can’t distance myself too much. You guys are the total opposite.
Yoshito, you have to be aggressive, and turn it into a brawl.
That’s the best way for you. Oikawa, you should save your energy.
Fight on the outside and use your jab. My opponent’s striking
isn’t that good anyway, right? For me it’s best to
stay relaxed, right? Exactly. I’m gonna charge him like a bull. It’s hard to stay relaxed though,
since you’ll get excited. I’m gonna be like Nogueira. Nogueria, he’s a real badass, huh? When grappling, the most
important thing is your position. Your punches will be more effective
if you’re in a good position. Keep that in mind while sparring. – Let’s have you spar with Sebastian.
– What? Okay. All of them seem to have
some experience in grappling. A tiny bit. There’s no martial art form
that feels like street fighting. I got into MMA because it’s
the closest thing to street fighting. It has all the different parts,
like grappling, submissions, and ground strikes. It’s the most realistic
fighting sport. If he tries to defend,
submit him. Be prepared to die
everytime you step into the ring. Just because you won’t submit,
that doesn’t mean your a tough guy. If you’re ready to die,
a broken arm is nothing. Don’t approach it as a fight,
get in there to kill. This is the best way to approach
martial arts, even when you lose. Go in there and do your best. Hang in there, you’re fighting
the day after tomorrow. And you, try not to drink too much. I’m here in Shibuya to meet
the two Rappers at this Hip Hop club. I haven’t gone clubbing for a while,
so I’m looking forward to it. Let’s go listen to some Hip Hop. I’m too old for this shit!
I’m an old man now. I’ve seen you at a club before though. – Here?
-No, over at Harlem. I used to go nuts in the club.
I should stay home more often. Cheers! Is it the first time fighting for the
both of you? This will be fun. You have a good punch,
so don’t haste things. Pick him apart from the outside.
Relax and wait for the right timing. You on the other hand, should
rush him. Take him down, right away. That’s the best way for you. We’re here at Social Club Tokyo. The bitches here are amazing. Turn up. Hip Hop will win. I’m not nervous at all. I just want a cigarette, and a beer. I need a beer. He’s gonna break is heart,
his nose, his body, his arms. Everything. I’m in combat mode. like Kenshiro (manga)
and his hundred-punches. I’ll give you 2 minutes. I’m gonna kick your ass. My family loves martial arts,
so no one was against me fighting tonight. Fighting in the ring was always a dream of mine. This is a good fight. That was a good punch. Keep hitting him. They’re getting tired. Their exhaustion is kicking in. He’s ignoring his corner man. Make a move. Somone make a move. Jab him. Make a move. He got one in. He got him. He’s tough, isn’t he? Nice They’re both tired. Put your chin down. I wonder who’s gonna win. He needs to look up. That was awesome. The fight between Tetra
and Oikawa was stopped at the right time. It could have been stopped
even earlier, when Tetra was getting pummeled. Even as a professional fighter, I thought it was getting
a bit dangerous. That’s why I think the ref’s timing
for the stoppage was perfect. It’s gonna be a piece of cake. I’ll finish him in 1 second. There’s a hit. That was close. Oh shit That knee They’re fighting at a crazy pace. That must’ve hurt. There we go. The fight between Raw-T and Yoshito, was different compared to
the first fight. There wasn’t a lot of
back and forth. For the most part,
it was like this the whole time. Going head to head,
constantly like this. Until one of them finally fell. It was a good fight. Dude hit me in the jaw. I don’t remember getting knocked out. All I remember is
how much fun I was having. All the fighters came
to destroy their opponent. None of them clinched, ran away,
or lost heart. Both fights were amazing. Then I fell again. My dad? Hey dad! He’s a big fan of yours. Your son is tough. You raised one hell of a tough kid. What I learned was that
both sides were able to become friends with each other
even after the fight. And be nice to each other. And be open to both
their music cultures. (If you wanna be a turtle
I’ll hit you then and there ) (I don’t give a fuck
about the money) (I bring the heat) (I’ll hop on a beat anytime) I’m gonna kill you! Punk vs Hip Hop Draw They did a good job. I love both sides. We did Punk vs Hip Hop this time,
but what do you want to see next? Lawyer vs Gangster? How about CEO vs Part-timer? Write a comment below
and give us some ideas. And send us a video of yourself. Hey Punk, don’t be such a shy guy. This is Tokyo. I’ll knock you out in 2 seconds. Be ready.

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