Vish – 6th September 2019 – विष – Full Episode

High priestess said the sacred
water is here only… …in this mansion. But the mansion is so big… …how do I look for it
in such a less time. High priestess,
I was just thinking about you. Oh. Divine weapon?
You have got it. Yes.
Now we have to give this weapon… …the power of the sacred lake. I hope you have found the lake,
Aditya. No, High priestess. I am sorry.
I couldn’t find it yet. Alia has lost her memory. That King of Demons erased
Alia’s memory… …to marry her. Now she doesn’t even
recognize me. Just listen to me. Help!
This stranger tried to touch me. Because of that I was so
disturbed, that I couldn’t find it. What are you saying, Aditya?
Alia doesn’t remember anything? So how will the third meditation
be completed? You have completed the
first two meditations. But only a married woman can
complete the third meditation. Or else everything
will be in vain. You mean,
in spite of all our efforts… …we will lose and
Sabrina will win. Sabrina can’t win. I can help you to defeat Sabrina. Who are you? And why do you want to help us? I am Sabrina’s uncle. Because of her… …my and I have spent half of
our lives in the dungeon. And I am willing to do anything
to take revenge from Sabrina. So I thought,
an enemy’s enemy is a friend. So why don’t we join hands? So how can we defeat Sabrina? This is the kingdom of demons. In front of the powers of
the King of Demons… …Sabrina’s power
are negligible. She is acting haughty only because
of that King of Demons. Once that eccentric King
of Demons is killed… …then Sabrina will be doomed. But to kill the King of Demons… You need water from
the sacred lake. And that lake is in the dungeon. And King of Demons keeps the key
to the dungeon with himself. But at night, he keeps the
key in the golden trunk. So where will I find
this golden trunk? In his room. But entering his room is like
entering a lion’s den. Never mind. For Alia I can fight not just the
lion, but also the angel of death. So you have to do this
work before tonight. Tonight is his Union Night. High priestess,
bless me so that I get success. Go, Aditya.
You will surely succeed. O Lord Shiva… …till today no human would have
gone so close to the demon. Aditya is going to face
a very big danger. May Aditya win in this
battle of love… …and may Sabrina lose. Where has the King of Demons
gone so late in the night? That’s the golden trunk. If he opens his eyes even by
mistake, my death is certain. Who is it? Oh God. There is nobody. Maybe it was an illusion. Hey.
Why have you made it so dark? Did you sleep so soon? Aditya,
in a short time the celebration… …of Union Night will start. Then we won’t get time
for each other. Now, we have the time. And it’s such an occasion also. So why don’t we make this
night memorable? Aditya. Aditya. Aditya! Aditya! You have betrayed me. I saved your life. I gave you a chance to stay
in this kingdom of demons. But so late in the night,
you betrayed me and went out. It means,
you have some secret mission. But don’t worry. As long as I am there… …I won’t let you succeed
in your mission. Where is that underground
dungeon? I thought Alia would have
gone in Alia’s room… …to meet Alia. But he wasn’t there also. After all, what’s his planning? Aditya. Where is he going? This seems to be the
door of the dungeon. I just hope I find
the sacred lake. Sacred lake is here?
In the museum? I saw him coming here. Where did Aditya go? The door of the underground
dungeon is open. But only the King of
Demons has its key. Why is it open so late
in the night? Did Aditya go inside? Oh. It feels someone has locked
a lake in one bottle. I am pretty sure this
is the sacred lake. Who is coming here? Where did he go? Undoubtedly,
this is the sacred lake. Now with the sacred water
of this lake… …I will energize this weapon
with divine power. SANSKRIT MANTRA. SANSKRIT MANTRA. SANSKRIT MANTRA. Go. Go, Aditya. And kill that cruel
and tyrant King… …of Demons with this weapon. This is the only way to
get your Alia back. Remember one thing, Aditya.
Don’t be scared at all. Because no matter how powerful
the King of Demons is… …in the end, truth always wins. Your blessings are with me. Nothing will happen to me. Alia. You really don’t remember
anything? Alia, I am Aditya. Your Aditya. Just once try to remember.
You may remember something. Who are you? I said, stay away from me. On this auspicious day… …I don’t want anything
bad to happen to you. What are you saying, Alia? Look, I said stay away
from me, please. – No. Look,
I will scream and call everyone. Then you have no idea what
will happen with you. Fine. Scream! Let’s see what happens. But I won’t let you go like this. Alia, I have loved you
more than my life. And I know you too loved
me like crazy. You gave so many sacrifices
for me. I am absolutely sure,
your memory may be erased… …but the feeling of our love
can’t be erased from your heart. Look… look into your heart. Ask your heartbeat.
Doesn’t it remember Aditya? How dare you touch me! Alia, please. Listen to me. – I
said leave me. – Try to understand. I said leave me.
– Try to understand. I am your Aditya.
– Leave me. Oh no.
This divine band has come out. Before anyone sees it,
I should hide it. So my doubt was not baseless. Aditya has come here for Alia. He didn’t just betray me,
but he also used me. Now you see what I do. She is going in the room
of King of Demons. I have to stop Alia. You betrayed me.
You betrayed Sabrina. How dare you! You will have to pay
a price for it. On one hand, there will be union
of Alia and King of Demons… …and on the other hand, ours. What do you mean? – I mean,
tonight I will marry you. We will get married under
the same roof. On one hand, Alia will belong
to the King of Demons… …on the other hand,
you will be mine… …forever. Don’t be mistaken, Sabrina. Because nothing like that
is going to happen. I won’t let your evil intentions
to succeed. Will you fight me? Try to fight me. As long as you had the divine
band, you were safe. After removing it,
you have harmed your own interest. Sabrina. Sabrina. You… Let me out. Relax. You will get freedom… …when you will be completely… …mine, after our marriage. Then, you will stay with
me as my Vishayla. Happily. You and my handsome venomous-man. Happy ever after. Sabrina!

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