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[VKook/Mmt34] Moment AAA hay MMA? Chuyện giận hờn của Thỏ (2018)

[VKook/Mmt34] Moment AAA hay MMA? Chuyện giận hờn của Thỏ (2018)

First, Let’s look at the VKook photos with handsome X1000, and discrimination top & bottom handsom top – handsome bot Kookie looks at Tae again Tae’s mouth ??? the VKook’s photos at AAA make you heart attack I heard, in the middle of the ceremony, they left the chair (there were only 5 people left on the stage) After that, everyone saw “pink marks” on JK’s neck and abdomen I do not have faith in hickey as people say, so I do not put pictures in this video (sorry if you make me uncomfortable or angry). But if you want to see photo evidence from other people, please see the link in the comment. This is moment for you at MMA receive prizes must go together when TH said, JK looked at him very passionately JK wants to touch TH, but not TH holds JK’s hand to the microphone to JK get the cup, TH again touch JK’s hand and a story of VKook’s super cute little drama (j4f) Do you remember TH having a fanboy, he is Park Jihoon ?? This is the fancam meeting between TH and Jihoon TH and Jihoon greeted each other and waved At that time, JK was sitting next to him and saw all Do you know JK’s reaction? sit far away baby Kook angry ^^ then, maybe TH knew … sit near sit far away sit near the 2nd time sit far away the 2nd time TH pulled hand JK Finally laughing happily together Small family was warm again and VKs continues to sit down to discuss the wedding

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10 thoughts on “[VKook/Mmt34] Moment AAA hay MMA? Chuyện giận hờn của Thỏ (2018)

  1. Mỗi lần Kookie của tuiii ghenn, là cả một bầu trời cute của ông Tae khi dỗ dành bé ngiu 😁❤️

  2. Không tin taekook không được,càng ngày niềm tin càng mãnh liệt hơn bạn ạ. Vkook là chân ái

  3. Đúng là khi êu nhau rùi thì dù có một chút chút xíu cg giận hà…… như kookie nhà ta z đoá😅😅😂😘

  4. Giận j mà lúc xuống Jk ko ngồi chỗ khác mà vẫn muốn ngồi bên ah 😂cái n gọi là giận yêu

  5. Tae ak ? Cứ thả thính lung tung để Thỏ ghen nhiều , mụn nỗi lên là Army bắt cóc về lại nhà ngoại đấy nhé .

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