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I. MANIA Dear ladies and gentlemen,… I am honoured to introduce this evening
with some humble thoughts on the art of Bernd Ziegler. You all know of his remarkable “yellow phase”… in which this unique artist started
an uncomprimising intercourse with light and space. His works were astoundingly calm… and cautious but their subversive power caught me
at first sight and still do so until today today. His motives, shapes – like carved
from dew – his echoing… and glowing colours are
touching the world sustainably. Today I still search for contemporary,
western artist that are as committed to… the ethical obligations of the
reflecting arts as Bernd Ziegler. Therefore it is just all too reasonable that
we are awaiting his new works… with an unmatched excitement and elation. Well one could even say
he is sorely missed. Which questions,
conflicts and introspections… was Bernd Ziegler dealing
with in the past time? Which paths did choose? I am always fascinated when artists have
the bravery to venture new steps… and when they are succeeding in changing and
rearranging our perception of art in a new manner. When they dare us to perceive art with
different eyes and to find new perspectives. II. PERCEPTION This is astounding. It’s alive. Yes,… It is quite wild. It’s straight and direct. It’s vibrating. – It’s vibrating?
– Yes, exactly. Well… That’s it. It’s good. Real good. What exactly is good? – Well, the whole thing.
– Seriously? What… seriously? You really think it’s good? Of course, I think it is really good! It is exactly what I was
looking for the whole time! But don’t you want to… I mean…
its not even complete, is it? Of course its complete! What does that mean?
Look, there – that does something to you! Yes – but that is just
a bit of fucking… – It’s not a bit of fucking!
– True, over there… …is even a bit more of fucking.
Pardon me, you cannot… …well, I think its weak. – You can’t just say it’s weak.
– I think its weak. We both created it. Hell no, this doesn’t have
anything to do with me or my art. And actually… actually you just used me. I mean you… you are always preaching
of loneliness and painting… …and to find a relation to
one’s own existence. You know exactly that
I have to evolve and this… …we both created it. Okay, what do we have here? Tell me. You really think its good. I do not understand you.
One just has to observe it. Perceive it. Don’t think.
It is intuitive. Ecstatic… Now you sound like one
of those performance-artists. That is not you. III. SCIENCE The symbolic meaning of the colours
in his piece of art is captivating. Black: dark, immersive contraction, death. White: light, expansion, innosence. Blue: desire and infinity. The blue between black and white. Dynamics between life and death,… …nature and culture,… …instinct and reason,… …feeling and thinking. A striking choice of colours,
if you consider that the artist… …created this image with
his own copulating body. The sexual intercourse as an
universal trial of human reason,… …where mind and civilisation are
dissolving into uncompromising instincts. The ambivalent relation of sex and
culture is echoing from this picture. It is an interaction of control
and the loss of control… …which accompanies the life
of every human beeing. Recorded and grasped by
the colours as a medium. Likewise is the acceptance
of random processes,… …the unpredictability of the body,… …and approriate method to deconstruct the
hierachical systems of painter, brush and canvas. Bernd Ziegler accepted the loss of
control and devoted himself to it. He dismissed his rhythmic structures
for the sake of the intuitive language of… …the materials and their
pure sensual qualities. Hereby he is entering a completetly new field
that is uniquely breathtaking and immediate.

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