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Wanderlei Silva Training for Bellator 206 Fight With ‘Rampage’ Jackson – MMA Fighting

Wanderlei Silva Training for Bellator 206 Fight With ‘Rampage’ Jackson – MMA Fighting

I expect this fight to be similar to the Yoshida fight because he’s kind of the same size now. He’s big. And the bigger the head is, the easier it is to hit, right? Exactly. That’s the math. I’m weighing 105kg (231 pounds) now. Pure health. Let’s do it. Let’s work. If someone kicks someone else on the ground, is he disqualified? It depends, right? – It depends on where
– In the face. – No, it depends on where you are. Everyone who sees the fight, when I fought him (in the UFC), he was lucky to connect, and he went there and landed another one when I already was knocked out. Don’t deny me the possibility of returning the kindness, right? He could have killed me. Let’s see, let’s see. Do you miss using soccer kick and stomps? That was our main weapon. We developed this technique.

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74 thoughts on “Wanderlei Silva Training for Bellator 206 Fight With ‘Rampage’ Jackson – MMA Fighting

  1. I figure he's gonna get wrecked if Rampage can summon up the energy. Rampage is just too big now, and Wandy has been slipping for a looong time.

  2. His last outing he was in the worst shape of his entire career, he wasn't physically ready and still almost won. If he can return to physical form he can beat Rampage but has to be smart and I just don't see either of those things happening any longer.

    He'll come in not in the best condition, swing praying something lands and likely get KTFO by a slow (but powerful) overweight Rampage.

  3. I hope he losses. He's been on rounds all his life. More than vitor. At LEAST vigor takes the puss tests. This guy flavour refused. GO RAMPAGE!!! USA USA USA USA!!

  4. Slow as the day is long! I would be embarassed to release that video…Rampage is about to get knee deep in that ass again….another knockout is coming Make book on it!

  5. So where is the sparring video yall click baited me with? This aint no muthafuckin sparring. And u cant judge anyone by hitting pads or bags. I have seen people be shitty on bags and and mitt work but they was really good during sparring. There was nothing bad about this video. U arent obligated to hit the mitts hard and go super fast. Work is work. Carry on.

  6. I wonder if he was on steroids when you decided to get a tattoo on his head I would say he was filled with testosterone when he did it

  7. Man Back in the Day Wanderlei was the Man in Japan,is style chin down and hands up that storm of punches is Wanderlei Style ,Vintage Wanderlei is comming???!!! one more fight and Wanderlei is wining vs Rampage 2-1

  8. Wanderlei is not the same fighter rampage will stand with him np rampage wins it doesnt matter because silva is only a shadow of his former self so bragging rights go out the window Sorry rampage but its true

  9. There's no way he's been consistently training… Maybe it's the guy holding the pads… I dunno looks slow and uncoordinated 🙁

  10. Man this is going to be a bad one. Both Rampage and Silva should have retired back a couple of years. Rampage, hasn't looked good in any of his last couple of fights outside of the UFC and even he's last couple in the UFC looked bad.

  11. Long past his pride days, but still a legend. Hopefully the fight doesnt go past one round for bother fighters sake.

  12. Vandi retire already… U r one of the greatest.. I hate to see you do that at your age..
    U are maybe 40% fighter of what u used to be..

  13. It's funny, he's literally never learned how to throw punches properly. Some of the worst technique seen by a veteran former champ. Lol

  14. He's so slow now, I think I'd be ready to fight him in a bar fight. Plus he has no endurance. Rampage is just going to wreck him. He's not good at takedowns or wrestling so it's not like that can save him.

  15. 0:00 I got here by an accident so I didn’t see the thumbnail and I thought it was some comedy channel and supposed to be funny.

  16. Wanderlei já teve o seu tempo. "Foi" um grande lutador e contribuiu muito para o MMA. Agora passou da hora de lutar. Ele precisa se APOSENTAR e atuar nos bastidores para garantir a evolução do esporte. Abs

  17. How many years you think shogun and wand took off each others fight career and lives training at chutebox berzerker style…

  18. wow hes so slow at punching …..I guess hes faster on fight day cause he looks like he hits hard in his fights but right here is very slow

  19. I really have a bad feeling about this as a Wanderlei Silva fan if hes out there and happens to read this please cancel the fight u got nothing to prove man ur a mma legend forever. This could be dangerous for you think about ur children and family. Im a real fan I fear for ur safety I just got a bad feeling about this fight I hope im wrong

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