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Wayne Brady Back on Broadway

Wayne Brady Back on Broadway

(upbeat pop music) Please welcome back Wayne Brady. (upbeat circus music) Hey! Hello, my dear. Always fun to see you. Hi, Wayney!
Hey. Hi, Wayney Brady. Alright, I would say some shoe-cam, it’s Halloween, I don’t know whether those are joke shoes or real shoes. (dreamy harp music) Just uncross and put them down. These are not my shoes, these are shoes given to me by your wardrobe department. But did you come here barefoot? No, I came dressed in my clothes, but I had to get a costume, so I said I wanted to be, like, a fortune teller. Yeah! So the costume department, your wonderful scenic designer, put this together, but either I look like– Madam Marie is on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, and I used to love to go to Madam Marie, and she wore something like that. One of those things, yeah.
Yeah! Like Zoltar.
Yes! So we either look like Zoltar or look like the wise man that found Jesus, so, take your pick, it’s either the wise man or it’s Zoltar. I like the turban, though, are you going to keep it, or give it to me or send it to Nick Cannon? Nick Cannon. Yeah, Nick gave this to me. Of course he did, so, I understand you, like me, aren’t a big fan of Halloween. Let’s talk about it, I mean, we’re dressed festive, but let’s talk about it, it’s creepy. No, two things about Halloween, one is as a kid, my mom didn’t let me trick or treat much. Growing up where?
In Orlando. Okay, go ahead. So, she didn’t let me go out in the neighborhood. Why? Because, this was during the new jack swing period of time so she thought that I was gonna get shot. Because kids were getting shot, now, so, love to my mom. Right. So, thank you for being super protective, but also, damn, why were you so so protective? Did you open the door for trick or treaters? Yeah, but how humiliating is it to be the one kid in school, and they all know it’s you, ’cause you’re the one kid, and all I wore was the Thing mask from the Fantastic Four and not the costume, so, it was my clothes and the Thing mask. That’s even creepier. So I was a broke-ass Thing. (audience laughing) And then they’d be like, you’re not the Thing, you’re Wayne, I’m the Thing, shut up, Wayne. (audience laughing)
Aww. So I hate Halloween for that, and every single day on my show is Halloween. Right? Yeah. By the way, I saw that particular episode, and I was gagging, ’cause I watch you. She is hilarious. Oh my gosh. Her husband, her husband, I’m sure. They might be divorced by now. I know that Let’s Make a Deal is responsible for a lot of marriages and even more break-ups. Me too, we’ve got that in common! Yes, ma’am. Yes!
(audience applauding) Daytime TV! Bringing the family together or rendering it asunder. Ripping ’em apart. Alright, so The Masked Singer, which I love, I watch that show, and it’s being said that you’re one of those two characters that we’re showing right now. It’s been said, you know, what’s funny to me is, so, I’m either the whatever that green thing is or I’m the fox. Last season, I was, folks just knew that I was the monster. Turned out to be T-Pain, so, last season online, I was like, no, you know it’s not me, like, the thing I’ve learned is you can’t yell into the internet. That is just a losing prospect, so instead, to them last year and what I say to you and anyone else now is, if you wanna know if that’s me, go to iTunes and buy my last record, then you can listen. Then you can listen because I’m not gonna go a bit, because I am a pretty damn good singer. You are, you have a beautiful singing voice! So go and listen, grammy-nominated Broadway star. You know all that, so you can go ahead and listen online, and then you decide. I’m not gonna fight anymore, because the more I fight, the more the internet conspiracy is, I told you, his left leg was moving, it’s him, he’s the fox. (audience laughing) So, I’m not gonna fight, so go listen to my music. (audience applauding) Okay. Fair enough, right? Now, we talked about you here on Hot Topics, ’cause I couldn’t believe that you were on The Bold and The Beautiful, only because you were so, like, you keep a job, and it seems like soap opera work is lot of work, going to the set, and so on and so forth. Yes. You really had a job, are you working at The Bold and the Beautiful, why? No, well, see. No disrespect, I’m just saying. That isn’t what you, no, like, when you were, you said something to the effect of, Wayne’s too old to be running around, doing all those jobs or something. Oh, excuse me, the older you get, you work smart, not hard. See, but you worked smart, not hard, but if you’re an artist, you do what makes your heart happy. Okay!
You have to do. That’s a lot of work, though! (audience applauding) That’s the difference between somebody that grabs a mic and just does whatever they do, and somebody that grabs a mic and does it because it’s instilled in them. Now, I’m an actor, so beyond hosting or doing whatever that stuff is, I saw an opportunity not just to do a character, but how many people can say that they’ve gotten a chance to be on a soap, and I did it because of my grandma. So, I love my grandma. And your daughter! She made me watch soaps, and my daughter got a role on the soap. So I said, huh, wouldn’t this be cool for a little chunk, a little chunk of time to jump on the show. Is that your daughter, you’re in the same scene? That’s my daughter, that’s why I did it. (audience applauding) That’s why I did it, that’s why I did it. And she’s all 16 and everything. She’s 16. I’ve known you for a long time. That’s my chick. I remember when she was a little girl. That’s my girl, and now she’s 16. And giving you a headache. Multiple headaches but any headache that she– Boyfriends? No boyfriend yet, that I’ve been told about, but I’m cool dad now, so I’m not, like, the freak out, don’t tell me nothing, because I’ve learned that dad doesn’t get any information, and so when you scream at your daughter, then at some point, your daughter ends up with a baby, like, how’d that happen? Well, if you would’ve listened, I would’ve told you. So, I am not the screaming dad, I want her to talk to me. And her mom is an amazing mom, so she talks to her. (audience applauding) And I guess, you know what, I forgot about this part. You know, when you host a game show, you’re working hard for like, only three months out of the year. And then you’ve got the rest of the year off to work. Like, game show, it’s hard while you’re doing it, like a lot of work, but you’re not working every single day. Well, we work–
Your schedule is– Like five days a week, and I shoot it for about five months, and I do it that way because while I’m doing Deal, it takes a lot, because that show, unlike, not to diss anyone else’s game shows, ’cause I love their shows.
Right. But my show has no script. So what you guys see at home, when the folks come down to do the deals, and I’m doing songs, I’m doing sketches, I’m doing improv, we’re doing the thing, that’s all off the top of my head, so that show is hard. Do they ever reject people because they come in– Yes!
(audience applauding) Not dressed correctly? Absolutely! We reject people because some people, especially ladies, will show up going, I’ll catch Wayne’s attention, I’ll be the sexy nurse. Well, the nurse at least has a top on in a hospital, not just red cross pasties. So, no, you’re not gonna make it on TV. You end up by the ice machine, camera left. (audience laughing and applauding) So just come dressed with something on. Why, Wayne, how’s your love life? My love life, I don’t have a love life. Oh no, not aww. I know myself enough to know that I like to sleep alone. I like to be in my house by my own. I have a beautiful house that I love to enjoy. Okay. But, I do want some companionship, but I’ve screwed it up so much that my daughter has decided that she’s gonna find me someone. You’re foul in relationships? I don’t think I’m great in relationships. Why, ’cause you work too much? Well, I work too much, and this is something that I’ll probably talk about in the show that I’m producing and this book I’m writing called Young, Gifted, and Whack, about growing up.
Okay. I was not, my grandmother did an amazing job of raising me, but my father, he took care of me and provided, but he wasn’t around, so I truly believe that it’s important to have some modeling of a healthy relationship. And you didn’t have one. I didn’t have a healthy modeling, so I’m not saying woe is me, but then I grew up and was like, oh, this is I have a relationship, bam bam bam, oh, thank you, bye, no! That’s not how you have a relationship. You have a relationship with understanding, trust, you build that and you give that to somebody. But you sound like you have all the tools! (audience applauding)
I have a lot of tools, but I just never use them correctly. Do you ever wanna get married? I wanna keep the other half of my stuff. I’ve been married twice.
(audience laughing) Okay.
Yeah, yeah. So, I’mma keep it, yeah, I’mma keep it. You don’t wanna live together or anything like that? I would love to find someone who’d love to come and cuddle and we can watch Netflix.
Do you want more children? I would love to have another child, but then they go home to their place, and then so we have… It sounds delightful. Then we would not, I love having my own space. I sleep like this.
Like a starfish! I sleep, boo, I starfish immediately. Yes. So I don’t wanna poke you in the eye, you know. Right, well, he might be selfish, but at least he’s being honest. No, but you’re supposed to be, I’ve worked, so let me tell you ’bout selfish, I’ve worked 25 years in this business. Right.
On TV. I’ve worked a long, hard time to be selfish in a good way. Selfish doesn’t denote a negative, selfish means, Correct.
You are taking care of self, and I’m a business like you are, so I take care of self so I can take care of others. Okay. I didn’t take care of myself, so I can take care of Tom, Dick, Harry, and Janice. Okay, okay.
(audience applauding) Really quick, ’cause they’re wrapping me up, Broadway, you’re back! Freestyle Love Supreme, baby, Freestyle Love Supreme! (audience applauding) I wanna play with you.
Let’s do it! Tell us quickly about it, oh, we can’t do the, we don’t have time, oh, I was gonna play a game with you. No rush, oh, well, that was the game, I guess I– (audience cheering) Wayne, really quick, what’s it about? Freestyle Love Supreme is Lin-Manuel, you know him from Hamilton, and Tommy Kail. And it’s some of the most amazing musical freestyle improvisational hip-hop comedy that you’ve ever seen. And Wayne does know how to freestyle. Killin’ it.
He’s been here before, he really does do it. So we’re gonna say goodbye to Wayne, you know what, can you beatbox us into, or no, just freestyle us into, read that right there. Well, I’ll do it, hey, where’s my man Shockwave, really quick.
Shockwave, run! Hit it, ready, here we go.
(beatboxing) ♪ Fast, fast, fast, now hold on ♪ ♪ For him is a her, we can see out the Booth theater ♪ ♪ Every single night of the week ♪ ♪ Pay anomaly for a brother to speak ♪ ♪ Because you knew when I do this I do this well ♪ ♪ A show produced by Lin-Manuel, you gotta do that ♪ ♪ This beat will never hurt us, coming up next ♪ ♪ It’s an amazing circus, Freestyle Love Supreme. ♪ (upbeat pop music)

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100 thoughts on “Wayne Brady Back on Broadway

  1. That episode of Dave Chappelle when he played Gangster Crazy…🤣🤣🤣 loved it.. also when he was on in the heat of the night…remember that episode!!! Love

  2. I like what he said about being single I agree. Life is more stress free when you do it alone. I like him I wish him the best!

  3. People with money become so self centered after a while….. how can you want the benefits of marriage without living the married life. Smh

  4. Wayne is such a talented guy, and I loved him on Whose Line. He's a brilliant improv comic. That said, he is also deeply insecure because of his past (his family situation, he was bullied as a kid, told he wasn't black enough and mocked when he got famous, etc). He is often defensive, arrogant (overcompensating), and can come across as bitter and angry. It's a real shame, because it only gives power to those who hurt him in the past. Sadly, it's also very common. I'd invest some money into therapy if I were him. I hope he finds true happiness.

  5. Wayne Brady if you marry me I will make you the happiest man in the world no matter what even though you got your wife and child I'll be your second wife

  6. He seems mad? The audience seems bothered. Wendy seemed like she wanted to be shady,but is scared. Wayne has depression and compensates through his work. I have been a super fan of his for years.

  7. I can definitely relate to Wayne concerning modeling healthy relationships. I did not see healthy marital relationships in my home growing up. As humans we are definitely creatures of habit. Also, this is a similar place for me now. It's funny how I steered away from relationships early in life as if I knew there was a defect on my part.

  8. taking care of self is one thing and it is a great thing….and that's why being single for a bit before you commit is somewhat necessary…BUT i dont understand how you wanna have kids, yet they can't live with you???!!! Hmmm i love Brady but I don't agree with that…now that's straight up selfish to me*

  9. Whew! That interview was really hard to watch! The freestyle was fun but MAN Wayne seemed more uptight and defensive than normal and was throwing major shade at Wendy’s questions. Awkward much? They normally don’t have that chemistry…kinda weird and the part about the masked singer seemed to touch a nerve…oh well we all have bad days.

  10. Tired of schooling folks about all the things he did, so I’m grateful for the break.
    It is draining, it’s not always embraced, but it is essential.
    Keep pushing, growing, and knowing, Wayne.☯️⚖️☮️🌟🦋

  11. Wayne Brady, I can totally relate to overprotective parents. I believe it was their own trauma of not knowing that we are more conquerors through Jesus Christ, oh so serious. It made us good people though. I may never deny someone a meal or housing 🙂 Be Blessed. "Ending 2019 Strong" in the words of Kurt Carr. Amen!

  12. I think he seems agitated in this interview… I know he battles depression… Not saying THAT is the reason he's coming across as defensive, because Wendy could just be annoying him… Nevertheless, I hope he's ok.

  13. The passive aggressive of this interview!
    He knows he has talent and that he is not as famous as her. She knows she is talented at just grabbing a microphone and being more famous than him. That’s why she doesn’t have to work so hard.

  14. Being invited to the Wendy Williams SHOW…..Check$$$ Being Wayne Brady…..Check$$$…..Shade thrown……CHECK MATE $ 😉 #gettingoffyourhighhorse

  15. Wayne seemed like he was agitated. He was a little snappy with Wendy and was defensive about everything that she asked him.

  16. Wayne seem kind of mean or something on here but on his game show he is so nice Lord he must have an issue with Wendy or something lmao

  17. I missed the so-called shade? Idk, Wayne seems like a guy who’s gotta have his own way. Long as he’s a good dad, it’s whatever. You could tell he’s a weirdo, so if you date him, you know what you signed up for

  18. I didn't like this interview. It was uncomfortable to watch and the tension between Wendy and Wayne was extremely palpable. Wayne actually seemed immediately on the defensive and angry. I know throwing shade is Wendy's trademark but sometimes it really detracts from the show.

  19. Stay away from him women. He wants a kid to send back with his mom? So, intentionally emotionally hurts kid?

  20. It's funny how you never hear about these people for a long time until there's rumors that they're on the Masked Singer and SUDDENLY they pop up everywhere and swearing up and down it''s not them.

  21. Wendy that's why people don't like you! and stop talking for him because you don't no what you are talking bout let the man talk.

  22. First, Wendy says in a weird tone, "Hi Wayney, hi Wayney Brady!!" You see him look at her like 'what's this about?' Wendy: "I don't know if those are joke shoes or real shoes." If they're his shoes she just insulted him. Wayne explains/defends the shoes: "They're from your wardrobe department." Wendy: "Did you come here barefoot?' She knows he didn't. Now he explains/defends again. Wayne repeats a Wendy quote: "Wayne's too old to be running around doing all those jobs." She called him "old", she calls him "selfish", she calls him "not working smart". She insults his work on a soap. It just goes on and on. She controls him by cutting him off, not letting him finish a sentence. People are commenting that he seems defensive "for some reason". Open your eyes. She was putting him down over and over. He should've not defended himself at all, just stare at her and say nothing when she baits him.

  23. He's not selfish if he knows what he wants and sticks to it. It's selfish to pretend you want, what someone else wants, just so you won't be lonely….He's a grown man, living his life the way he see's fit and being honest about it.

  24. Bad interview. She asked the questions and then don't let the guest finish. Keeps interrupting mid flow when they talking ffs. U can't get a complete answer from the guests

  25. This interview was awkward to watch…Wayne seemed very full of himself and defensive. I feel like he does not know how to be a guest on someone's show. He only knows how to have power and be in charge.

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