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Week 6 Post-op: Isometric hip strengthening exercises

Week 6 Post-op: Isometric hip strengthening exercises

hey guys i’m chuck with 3d PT i’m here
with john he’s five weeks out of hip surgery right now he’s doing some
isometrics so what an isometric contraction is is a he’s tightening the
muscles but not actually moving the joint he’s squeezing a volleyball right
here I’m gonna take that volleyball away use this belt around his legs now what
he’s gonna do is push out against the belt pushing out his working his
external rotators and abductors and when he was pushing the ball he works as a
deductive you can’t do any other strength training until the six week
mark so the first six weeks we’re just doing isometrics he’s partial weight
bearing and next week is when we start to do the fun stuff thanks for watching

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