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(Weekly Idol EP.281) SECHSKIES flirt man!!!

(Weekly Idol EP.281) SECHSKIES  flirt man!!!

Your personal skill is mimicking Pikachu? Making cable car, plane, and star
with a rubber band. You have a variety of personal skills. What’s a rubber band cable car? I need a real yellow rubber band
to make it. (That’s why we brought it) On the word, they came. It’s kind of nothing. It’s harder than you think. It’s a cable car. (Old enough to like this) It’s a cable car. (1. Cable car) Ah… – This is cross.
– Rubber band. It’s a plane. It’s a star. It’s a tower. Star and tower… (Immersed into this tiny thing) Star and tower… Doing it makes you so 90s. – That’s a crown.
– Yes, it is. It’s not 90s, it’s actually 60s. That’s a very old one. Star, star, star! – It’s really amazing.
– I know. – Double stars.
– Good. – What’s this?
– I screwed it up. A ship! Ship! – Tank!
– Ship. This is a gun, a butterfly,
and a sausage. Sausage after butterfly. – Goodness!
– Sausage… – Sausage!
– Wow, that sausage is awesome. You might not be able to do it. – You’d not know how to do with hands.
– Sure. – It’s harder than you think.
– If you do it to your girlfriend in 90s, – She’d really like it.
– This is only I can make. – What’s this?
– A man! What? Gosh! A man! What? Gosh! Cutting it off is what you only can do. It’s amazing you can still make
those stuffs. And your specialty is
to flirt around? – What’s this?
– How? To your fans? He’s not really flirting around. It’s just he’s very smiley. – You’re right.
– That’s the best. How do you greet fans, Jiwon? You do that.
What about Sunghun? Jiwon is doing it naturally.
But, in my case, – You smile a lot.
– I’d rather smile a lot. – Hello, YellowKies. Something like this.
– That’s right. When your fans see that,
their heart might thump. – Right.
– Smiling is the best. I guess Jaejin isn’t that affectionate
to your fans. – I just wave like this.
– Like that? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Yeah!
– Yeah! (Feeling rapidly exhausted) If you don’t like to talk
how about just dancing? (Can’t agree more) He wanted to sit down when he danced. Jaejin is rather good at
taking pictures of our fans. What do you mean? – Fans usually takes pictures of us.
– Right. But, he takes pictures of fans as well. – Why?
– To know who took pictures. On the way to the schedule,
fans bring their DSLR. They take pictures of us
to upload them on the fan sites. I’m going to film all of the fans
with the action cam on my body. With your action cam? To film fans,
you’re wearing Go Pro on the chest? That’s really awesome. – Go Pro is expensive, so I’ll get Xiaomi.
There’s a necklace for it, too. I see. – It’s 113,000 KRW.
– Right. Oh my god.
I think I’ll be his fan.

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22 thoughts on “(Weekly Idol EP.281) SECHSKIES flirt man!!!

  1. I know all of those things that sunghoon did omg, c ant believe he knew how to play it too, omg we're really meant to be, kidding huhu atleast let me be your daughter ! adopt me joke

  2. Sunghoon's always showing his rubber band skills, on King of Masked Singer, Instagram and now here 😂 He's so cute 😂

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