Weight Cutting For Fight | 6.6lb/3kg In 1 Hour

Hello everyone! I’m Mario Gabud and today I’m going to demonstrate the method I use for cutting weight before wrestling matches. In about 3 more hours I am supposed to weigh in at 74 kg (163 lbs). Let’s see what am I at… 76,9 kg (169 lbs). I’ve already prepared a hot bath , as hot as I can handle. As you can see down here, I will be using this heater to warm up the air as well. The bath is just about ready. I will add 2 kg (5 lbs) of salt as well. The salt is used to better dehydrate the body and combined with hot water it will be even better. Ouch, too hot… I should be able to handle the heat now… It’s burning the skin of my back… No change… Let’s go back for the second round… I have to slowly get up, otherwise my blood pressure could get messed up… Let’s get some more hot water in… Ok, 0,8 kg (1,8 lbs) less than the last time… It’s quite hot again… Let’s go again.. That’s fine. 74,2 kg (163,5 lbs) with these shorts here. Also, I suppose I will need to take a leak once more before the weigh in… All in all, this hour and a half felt much longer than you can imagine. Don’t try this at home, it’s not a method for long-term weight loss and keeping fit. It’s designed for dehydration for weigh in purposes. Well, if all I had to do today didn’t deserve your like button or subscription, I don’t know what will. Bye!

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