Western Cyclone – Buster Crabbe, Marjorie Manners, Al St. John

Western Cyclone Subscribe To SannaBlue YouTube – Thank You! It’s an outrage. seven bandits on the open
highway this will give you an idea what I’m talking about
I’ve been begging for troops to clean the outlaws out of the state after
Garrison all you have to do is report conditions to Congress with troops I can
do the rest come on down get your hands in the air
oh yeah hurry up tell the pastor do the same I guess you better come out
reaching folks it looks like you line up with the other lady can stay inside all
right start shelling out deal with a moth-eaten whiskers that means you two
hurry up hurry up now you collude start on fastening your
suspenders you learnt me unfasten them but there’s a lady present
that’s the general idea your gentleman will be so busy holding up your pants
you won’t be able to stop my getaway hey now this is going far enough I gotta
get this state to Rock Springs or we’ll be all scheduled stop that forever you
can take off your suspenders too blow me you all right mr. banks
Paul Revere looks like you’re the one that had the wild ride rescuing ladies a
little bit out of your line mr. bender not at all
pleasure before business my madam it appears with your business doesn’t it
well it changes a little then I got a bigger deal in mind
you better not trust your luck any further and get on your horse my Luck’s
holding out alright then that might not be a bad idea what about this stagecoach
think you can drive it back alright car come along then and it was Billy the Kid who rescued me
Uncle Jim well then the holdup must have been a joke joke nothing that bandit met
business there Billy ain’t no bandit he stayed just holed up to show you what
the governor is up against everybody around here knows you’ve been blamed for
these crimes that’s like Billy Warren the senator
here to see how easy it is for these outlaws to pull a holdup just like Billy
ridiculous this man’s alibi they’re both probably in it there’s nothing
ridiculous about it if you knew Billy the Kid is I do you’d know he’d never
robbed a stage aren’t you placing a lot of faith in him governor I’d trust him
with my life and so what I we better shove off now the stage had been delayed
too long so I pull that fake hold up trying to
show the senator just what you’re up against but the senator wasn’t convinced
and I’m afraid it’s gonna act as a boomerang yes I did put my foot in it
now you’re in worse trouble than you were before oh then you heard about the
movement afoot to impeach me yeah this place is a hotbed of rumours
I didn’t realize it’s so serious though governor serious why it’s almost reached
the crisis the people about ready to call for a special election special
election that’s right and you know Billy this campaign to get me out of office
seems to be too well organized for just the people themselves somebody who knows
how to pull the political strings must be behind it any idea who it is no I
haven’t but the center of the trouble seems to be right here that’s why I came
to dry Springs what reason would they have for impeaching you why you’ve been
the best governor the state has ever had well thanks Billy but evidently a lot of
people don’t think like you do they blade this whole campaign of crime
at my door not only have they accused me of being negligent running my office but
being in cahoots with the outlaws as well I guess your friendship for me
hasn’t done you any good people just don’t seem to understand
well Billy I’ve never doubted your honesty and integrity besides I owe you
a debt I’ll never be able to repay remember that time at Dodgeville let’s
forget that I’m trying to figure out a way I can help you now tell me you
better stop him in the beginning and tell me all you know about it
well it began with this outbreak of crime that spread over the state like
wildfire and as leading citizen and banker of dry Springs you can be a great
deal of help to me mr. Randall well thanks senator but I don’t think you
need with your investigation you’re smart
enough to figure things out for yourself I’m sure you didn’t fall for that gag
about the hold of being a joke did you why certainly not but joka not Billy the
kids should be behind bars you’re right senator and I don’t like
the way you put on the wool over the governor’s eyes well someone has to open
the governor’s eyes and I intend doing it well I won’t take up any more of your
time mr. doe oh it might not be a bad idea if you left your valuables in the
bank as long as Billy the kids around town a good suggestion I’ve got to see
you right away Randall I’m busy Harmon this won’t wait would you excuse us
senator why certainly I’ll I’ll see you later at the hotel
right I thought I told you not to let anyone know that we’re on friendly terms
why didn’t you use a back door came around there twice you weren’t here all
right what’s up Ruth nick has been shooting off his mouth again bragging
about the jobs he’s pulled with the game well you’re gonna have to shove niggers
mouth to him he fee spills anything right now upset the applecart for us you
saw the managers left yeah well he is the key man in our whole
Senate Congress sent him out here to investigate the charges that the
governor is in cahoots with the outlaws you know we’re gonna be longer I’ll be
running the state to suit myself what’s the governor’s out of the way and
the Senators gonna help me do it how do you figure that well I’ll have
him eating out of my hand in no time and it won’t take much to convince him that
the governor’s as thick as thieves with the outlaws that’s gonna be a hard thing
to do you know the governor stands pretty high with a lot of folks the
Senators reports gonna carry plenty of weight and he’s got a personal grudge
against Billy the Kid you know we might get it the governor threw his friendship
for Billy if we could get the kid convicted for murder
that’ll be a reflection on the governor I know but he’s got to kill somebody
first maybe we could arrange a murder get roof nigger out of the way at the
same time it’ll be what $500 to be careful is
echidna gunfight Billy the Kid $500 would be worth more a lot even try don’t
worry you won’t be running in the frame yeah you know but I have a hand shifting
gentle who wants to get the governor out of offices before to the outlaws let’s
go get him the governor isn’t Peter maybe is where the co ambitions to know
the only way we can help the governor is to find the man who’s giving orders to
the gang here we go again hey let’s start by having a drink with
you that’s always a good stick yeah come on now remember do just like this and I
want to be in my office on start get you there everything sentimental all right beat it what are you trying to do
start a fight I’m not trying to start anything I’m willing to finish it what’s going on out here
why don’t you two side of your argument outside
I don’t allow fighting in my saloon I got no fight with this judge that even
saw him before well you certainly have a peaceable way of getting acquainted now
you’ve got out of here and stay out come on fuzz man my tonsils are plump
dehydrated I think I’ll stay here to soak them up a bit what’s your hurry kid I’m ready to
finish that argument right now so your blush wax group after all did you boys
ready I was a fair fight he drew his gun first since when was it fair to shoot a
man in the back listen if he was shot in the back the
bullet never came from my gun you fired didn’t you why sure I fired but I ain’t
priest gun hand let me see your gun all right reach village now we let the
law handle this somebody get the sheriff and just a minute huh leave your gun
here hi hi but history repeats itself seems like I do most of my entertaining
in jail hey I’m gonna say no Tea Party now say what we did it happen I don’t
know exactly from the way maker was spacing that bullet must have come from
the early long side of the bank it could been some poor cat trying to
drag oh shit me mister either way I’m the go unless we find out
who did killing hey Prez you ought to go over that alley with a fine-tooth comb
see what you can find that’s an idea I’ll go prado I’ll stake
it until you get back shellye been fired so long ago dirty drag bill Turk have been standing
right here now that show is fired about the time roof maker and Billy were
having that gunfight it’s been fired recently fuzzy but that isn’t enough
evidence to do Billy any good yeah but for where I found that shell
it proves that roof was bushwhacked that won’t hold up in court
but this may give you a link to the real identity of the murderer we have the gun
that fired that shell had a defective hammer defective hammer give me that
shoe buzzing I just heard about Billy being arrested huh now don’t you go
worrying I’m Miss Mary I’m gonna do little detective work and catch the real
murderer oh isn’t there anything you can do for Billy Uncle Jim
well if he’s convicted I can grant him a stay of execution
it’ll mean political suicide for me if I do because everyone knows my
longstanding friendship with Billy but you can’t let them hang an innocent man
Billy will have a chance to prove his innocence I just his mind you’re good got my
pretty handle what are you doing with those guns I
just think I’m making you present a new gun rack so what’s wrong with the line
of god yeah I got a friend it’s a mighty fine artist he builds you a new gun rack
with fancy trim oh you know what yeah how soon can I get it oh just as
soon as I go take a city you might have a copy down some of the names you
regular customers oh thanks I figured you were up to something
now get away from those gloves get out of here and none of the guns I managed
all those so far I’ve got detective hammers I’ll keep trying first so you
can do didn’t take the judge long to make up
his mind you know I did open-and-shut case and and face the call William
Bonney alias Billy the Kid you have been found guilty of murder in the first
degree it is the duty of this court to pronounce sentence upon you for the
final act of a life of crime and violence hey you can’t do that to Billy
yeah you never murdered anybody order in this court any further
interruptions and the offender will be Jane aren’t helping to this case any
fuzzy yeah I reckon not Miss Mary but machete is the order of the court that
on the 23rd day of July between the hours of sunrise and sunset that you’ll
be hanged by the neck until dead dead dead I got an idea take a look at that
jailer what about it look I know a guy with a beard wants to look left Dumber call me a razor now if you quiet down for a face then I
call me a cunt see this is Paco on the black ain’t no trackmania any kind of a
maniac colectomy is yeah kleptomaniacs and Manny you there one of them Oh
welcome only your I can demonstrate it better doctor maniac is a fella who just
can’t help him stealing things good watches your jewelry huh you’re you did
that no Danny what I’m driving at no come on closer
come on many exits leather let’s go disease disease is it captain
oh now you ain’t afeared is you well I’m gonna hurt you hmm no you see my mania
is for guns good when I see one I can’t help I’m stealing it ya know
now take that gun in your holster when I see the gun strange feeling that
comes with me steep them yeah am I start to glaze and then my I start to jump
yeah can you see him jump hey jumping can’t
seem to not just welcome line up your we can see him jump now open this door okay you come back here you can’t let that
paddle there he’s a condemned murder come on back here nobody I’m out of
there come here guess we ship the sheriff off my trailer
no one knows about this hideout of mine will be the last place you’ll be looking
for it except the jail with you you’re always on the jump my stumps always
empty oh quit your beatin fuzz maybe we can
get something to eat when we go in town tonight
are you plumb Loco you and me better make tracks out this part of the country
just as soon as it’s dark that’s exactly what the sheriff of figure will do
besides I’m not gonna run out the government
hey what Chanti you got with a price on your head it’s a chance we’ve got to
take you know fuzz if I can find a gun to kill roof maker it maybe did the man
that behind the governor’s troubles I can’t help it if they got away we lost
the trail when they hit the brush in the foothills
I suppose this is another one of Billy the kid’s practical jokes huh
but you can’t blame a man for escaping when he’s waiting to be hung it shows
the inefficient way the state is being run the people may have to elect new
officers who can discharge duties properly the posse is still scouring the
country for Billy and his partner and I’m going to send out notices to all the
sheriff’s at once your log in the stable door too late ain’t you Sheriff
I think I’ll get over to the bank before Billy the Kid walks off with a safe
right under your nose it won’t take much more to persuade the
senator to have a special election called in pizza governor no Walden upset
our plans as bender the kid breaking jail just the opposite
it’s another black guy half of the governor and with Billy out of the way
it’ll be safe for our boys start operating again I’ll round up some of
the men how much trip as much trouble as you can for the governor I’ll plan on
rain for the night good you’d better go the rest of the way on
foot I still say you’re sticking your head in the lion’s mouth I will be if I
stay here arguing with you all night come on those gluts are part of the gang
and hang out Harmon saloon yeah and there goes a bunch of guns I’d like to
have a good look at Oh and it looks like they’re headed for the
frontage ranch doesn’t look like they’re paying any social visit come on I know
how we can get there first well we made them to it oh can you come
now I’ve been thinking it might be a good
idea to take him in custody as well as their hardware might come in handy in
case we’ll find the right gun yeah but 62 ain’t good odds maybe not more than
one way of placing a bent all right then separate they’re fanning out that’ll
give us a chance to pick them off one by one
whiskas you’re on your own I am the minute I give two whistles you set
fire to the barn hey and have you got quick and I sang your local ain’t no big boss
I give the boys orders clipping the chin must have affected your memory are you
coming with those guns but no no none of them got the effective hammers hey let
me work it no but brother to come at you and I know how to make him talk that
won’t be necessary yet you’ll be more than glad to talk later you ain’t got
nothing on me and the boys what are you gonna do with us
I’d like to plant you in Boot Hill for the time being I’m keeping you and your
playmates Corral so you can’t stir up any more trouble
come on let’s turn in and hungry I either boot fried that make it good for your soul
yeah probably give me an addition the chicken come on come on chickie come on come on I ain’t
gonna hurt you good yeah Jackrabbits – and I’m sure with
hankering for chicken your Hanken probably landed us right in trouble sure
don’t bloody recognize you couldn’t have missed
I was just close enough to him where I could’ve kissed him that’s bad you
should have spread to the news if we still around we gotta work fast but what
are we gonna do Corral as many fenders we possibly can before the sheriff
tumbles – what’s going on morning yeah mourn those how we gonna feed him you’re
always thinking about something to eat but block it all it’s all fuzzy Jones
well it’s a cinch of his partners are hanging around Benedict it ain’t far
away he may be responsible for the boys not returning from that raid last night
say do you think he captured him anything can happen with that hombre on
the loose it’s his neck or ours and he’s gonna hang
Randall it’ll take a long room maybe if we give him enough rope you’ll hang
himself he’s such a good friend of the governor’s I’m willing to bet that he’d
stake his life for the safety of his niece what are you getting it we can
grab the girl maybe we can make a trade well how am I gonna get tor
she takes her ride every day about this time alone whoa allow send a couple of
the boys to keep her from getting lonesome now Billy the kid’s bound to be hiding
around the blotted ranch all you two have to do is cover that part of the
neighborhood and deliberately let him capture one of you so that he’ll get
this letter yeah but what happens after Billy gets the letter when the kid finds
out we’ve got Mary Arnold prisoner he won’t be worrying about us yeah I think
this is a wild goose chase but no I don’t think so everybody in the dry
Springs will be looking for us by now jails of this neighborhood will be
mighty well-traveled you Circle budgets rights from the other side alright
straight ahead who knows maybe one of the outlaws will
happen along any minute now well no sooner said than done here comes
one of them now watch yourself baguettes tough fight all
right reach by then now come on down up that mark little boss figured right what about you
being in the neighborhood I’ve got a letter for you symma pocket keep them
covered but listen this place notice to billy the kid’ got the governor’s niece
no one will see her hear from her again unless you give yourself up to the
sheriff at once I get my obtain that breed of farmers you make war on women
folks where’d you get this letter wouldn’t do you no good if I told you
besides I don’t know where they’re keeping the girl isn’t that enough time
to make you tough I got to contact the governor right away you can’t do that
Billy it might be a trick trick or no trick I gotta take the chance well then
I ain’t going with you you’ll stay here have your hands full
taking care of this felon the rest of the boys and I’ll need an ace in the
hole when the last hands Dale pick up that gun somebody’s certainly going to a lot of
trouble to make sure I hang I’m beginning to see the whole picture
that’s all just one thing what’s that evidently they are afraid of tumbles
there that game and they want me out of the way and they figure they can get it
you threw me at the same time there’s no question about that but we can’t fight
them Billy we’ve got to think of Mary yeah I guess what we can do is spread
the word that I’m back and wait for developments so belly the kid would suffer enough to
give himself up and you don’t think I’m gonna turn the girl loose till after
Billy swings do you she’s my guarantee that the execution
will take place on schedule next week yeah but what am I gonna do with it just
see it she isn’t harmed how the boys keep a close watch over waited all right
governor Mary isn’t back yet I tell you they don’t plan on returning her until
I’m out of the way maybe you’re right Billy but all we can do is wait I’m not
so sure about that you can’t expect me to stand by and do nothing
I know it’s asking a lot of you Billy but you’re the only guarantee we have
for Mary’s safety and if you put it that way I guess I’ll have to see it through the last time you’re gonna tell me you
give me that letter I won’t tell you nothin you ain’t got nerve enough to
burn me hey hey don’t take nerve sometimes I can’t forget I’m a white man
even when I’m dealing with a renegade like you oh yeah are you gonna tell me who gave
it ever no no no no tickle to give me a confession you know I have had my
suspicions of ace Harmon but I’ve never been able to pin anything on it before
this time I’ll arrest him and I’ll make it stick I just can’t arrest him sheriff
you’ll Bluff ease way out then we never will find Mary Billy’s right
looks like our hands are tied my night governor will you trust me with my
freedom for 12 hours well you know I would Billy if it wasn’t for Mary it’s
because of her and I’m asking but if the posse can’t find a trace ever what
chance of you why waste any more time looking for Mary the quickest insurace
way to let a Starman lead us to it sounds like a good bet but wait a minute
governor one of the folks find out that you leave let Billy out of jail he’s
still a condemned murderer well that’s up to you sheriff to see that they don’t
find out if things work out the way I figure I’ll not only have Mary back safe
but I’ll be able to cheer myself with a law as well well here they come now you’ve got Miss Mary with hope she’s
alright well hell I get me put that over all
right its Harmon sauce and he sure look convinced I don’t think they suspected a
thing hey get me out of this thing before I
choke to death I gotta meet Billy well your clothes in my bedroom come on and
marry Arnold back that’s all you know about it
well you blundering idiot how’d she get away you know as much about it as I do
Butch and redwood gardener and they haven’t shown up don’t give me alibis
find out what happened send one of the boys to check on them I’ll take care of
it right away in the meantime I’ll see what I can find out from the governor how’d it go just like clockwork I think
I’ve got to get me a job as a female impersonator if everything goes I figure
you won’t have long to wait becomes the gender looks like it’s not her to get
someplace he’s gonna harm in the gang taking the shortcut through the canyon
come on hey how did she get back here too quick
what she’s been here all the time well show the sheriff carry into the
hotel less than an hour ago maybe you seen double rich anybody in my life you
can thank me later fuzzy time up well it’s about time you showed up what
happened Jake ain’t back yet I’ve got a feeling something’s gone haywire
Oh take it easy there’s nothing to worry about as long as billers in jail yeah
but if that girl talks the sheriff might put two and two together and get
something besides for ya the sheriff ain’t that good at arithmetic besides
the girl won’t do any talking for a few days the governor said she’s still
unconscious this will upset our plans no I’d wanted
to just change them then they the kids are gonna hang a lot sooner than they
expected are you going to get to him I look committee of townspeople might be
persuaded to call on it looks like we’re going to have to take the law in our own
hands a filler the kid hanged for the maker killing you you fellas are doing an awful lot of
talking and Harmon we mean business the decent folks of this communities tired
of all this lawlessness we’re going to make an example of the kid well what are
you waiting for there’s no time like the present it’s an
idea all right everybody come on we’re gonna get rid of it yeah
see you America Sheriff’s Office what about these glutes sheriff can pick
them up later come on sleep tight boys I’m afraid governor’s that you and I are
both wound politically yes Thalia the kid doesn’t show up don’t worry sheriff
he’ll keep his word I’ll go wild I just cover the feather
the kid isn’t here in jail we can’t take a chance on bloodshed I wanna see if I
can reason with them we came after Billy the Kid violence won’t get you anything
Billy the Kid isn’t here we were afraid something like this would happen
so we took him to a safe place you can’t stall us governor we mean business
turning over will turn down to jail well you seem to be the leader of these band
maybe they’ll take your word for it if you inspect the jail you can see for
yourself I think you and the sheriff are just
covering up Miller the kids gotta have her walking in and out of jails too
often the only thing to do is let the people know the truth Billy I’ll be here
soon I gave him his freedom for 12 hours he promised me back at 10 o’clock
tonight you let Billy the Kid walk out of here just on his word that’s good
enough for me well it’s not for me and the rest of the
hopes in this town and I am going to see they all hear about not in there we’re
in for a heap of trouble if he doesn’t show up on time I tell you the governor
and the sheriff Rin pooch with the outlaws the honest thing they’re both up
for freeing Billy the Kid tell me the kid is on his way here now you’re gonna
make a terrible mistake I just saw him a short time ago you
rescued me from the outlaws I can’t tell you more about it now but you explain
what he gets here what’s up no time to explain the whole work should blow em
sky-high come on we’re getting out of town we’re not going into him and
they’re gonna stop at the bank first look come on hurry it up we got to get
out of town before those mob changes their mind decides to string us up this
is the last of it lucky well it looks like he’s done for and so
are you better say your prayers while you’re on your knees Harmon well what’s
the matter with you Randall have you gone local I’m not local
that’s a smartest playoff figured yet I’m not running out on this setup after
all there governor’s goose will be cooked when Billy don’t get in on time
when they can’t pay that thing on me with you out of the way well you can’t
get away with us they’ll hang you for it you mean they’ll hang a medal on me it
all works out perfect we caught billy the kid’ robbing the bank and when we
chased him he shot you no don’t we’ll call a special election and put
both the governor and the sheriff out of office this is the most disgraceful
performance for a man in your position governor and I shall personally
recommend your impeachment if Billy the Kid doesn’t come back you won’t have to
impeach me I’ll resign you’ll have a long wait if you expect Billy the Kid to
show up governor Liberty buddies on the road just outside of town Harmon and I
caught him robbing the bank and in the gunfight he killed her man I shot Billy
here’s the money that’s not true Billy never robbed a bank there’s the evidence
it looks like that settles the matter senator I wish to announce that I’m
resigning from office that won’t be necessary governor baby Harmon won’t do
any talking governor but I’ve got plenty to say ran off the man in back of all
your troubles including the murder of roofs nigger well I don’t know what he’s
talking about he’s just trying to save his own skin at my expense I got through
sheriff you’ll find it the slug in Harmon chest will match the one to kill
roof amigo that’s another one from the same gun
here in my shoulder I think I’ll sit down the first one makes a move our shoot to
kill rounds gun sheriff
he knows it’s got a defective hammer and here’s a shell from the gonna kill roof
maker and I think they both match well goodbye
aren’t you coming with us very sure thingummy
you don’t think I’m gonna let fuzzy right over that

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