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What Happened On Monday Night Raw Last Night Lana Returns And Explains Raw News Today Wrestling News

What Happened On Monday Night Raw Last Night Lana Returns And Explains Raw News Today Wrestling News

Here’s your news for
October 29, 2019 We’re starting off news from
RAW today as it seems Rusev
and Lana aren’t getting
back together. The pair met in the closing
segment of this week’s
show, after the Ravishing Russian told
Lashley she wanted to go
to the ring by herself. In a divorce court special of
Jerry Lawler’s King’s Court,
Rusev hoped that terminating their marriage wasn’t the answer
and felt that his wife’s mind had
been poisoned along the way. In response, Lana said she
didn’t want to air their dirty
laundry or embarrass the Bulgarian, as she’s already
dealing with comments by fans. Despite this, Lana did say their
marriage was all about what
Rusev wanted and even accused him of being
a quote “sex addict”, allegedly
wanting to do the deed as much as
possible, even at WrestleMania. Saying that all Rusev wants is
to put a baby inside her, Lana
claimed that Rusev knew more about her monthly
cycle than she did, and said
she wants to make money from being ravishing,
not the momma of a bunch
of little Rusevs. Bringing up the third-person in
the equation, Lana said it was
Lashley who told her about Rusev’s
apparent affair with Maria,
but when the Bulgarian denied the claims, the
destroyer made his presence
known at ringside. After brawling both outside and
in the ring, Rusev would shove
his wedding ring in the mouth of Lashley, but
after a distraction from Lana,
the former ECW World Champion would
down Rusev with a low-blow
and punches followed by another kiss from
WWE’s new power couple. Interestingly, Lana spoke with
her American accent during
the segment, and to that one fan in the crowd
who yelled “this is weird”,
we’re on your side buddy. During the show, Lana and
Lashley were spotted hanging
out backstage, as it seems the new couple are already
pretty committed to each other,
despite the Bulgarian Brute. Last night’s show also saw Drew
McIntyre face Ricochet for what
feels like the 100th time but to be fair, the pair do work
really well together with their
opposing styles. A rematch from last week, the
angle behind this was the
same, with McIntyre representing Team Flair and
Ricochet repping Team Hogan
ahead of Crown Jewel. Recently returning from injury,
McIntyre was his usual
confident self, getting in Hogan’s face after a leg-drop,
and posing in Hogan’s style
after a crucific buckle bomb. All his taunting did allow
Ricochet the advantage
though, and after the former US Champion went for a splash,
McIntyre moved, though
Ricochet landed on his feet. After this, the match was cut
short thanks to the interference
of Randy Orton who leveled the high-flyer with
one of the all-time greatest
RKO’s for the DQ, and after taunting Hogan, shook
hands with McIntyre much to the
ire of the crowd. It was a good match, but didn’t
really do much for Ricochet,
who took the beating for far too long, and despite using
underhanded tactics early on,
got taken down very easily. Also, Ric Flair was practically a
ghost for this segment, as
though Hogan didn’t get physical during the match,
the Hulkster did a lot more
than the Nature Boy. Whilst Ricochet and McIntyre
will battle again at Crown Jewel,
Universal Champion Seth Rollins will defend his title
against Bray Wyatt in a Falls
Count Anywhere match and got some first-hand
experience of the match type this
week when he faced Erick Rowan. For a nothing match-up where
the winner was never in doubt,
the two gave a great performance in Rowan’s first
match on RAW since getting a
decent push on SmackDown. A contest that went all over the
Enterprise Center in St. Louis,
Missouri, the finish was a nice nod to
The Rock and Mankind’s
halftime heat match as a forklift helped tip the
match back in Rollins’ favor. Whilst he may have defeated
one of Wyatt’s former protege’s
last night, Rollins will face the Fiend himself on Thursday,
in what fans should expect to
be a hard-hitting contest. Over to women’s division news
now, and Asuka and Kairi Sane
have clearly outgrown Paige. To be fair, the British manager
never really gelled with the
Japanese stars, and after several months away
rehabbing from an injury Paige returned this week only
to be dumped by her clients. In the opening segment of RAW,
Paige got a hero’s welcome,
and introduced the Kabuki Warriors, which was the
beginning of the end for the
former Divas Champion. As Paige attempted to cut a
promo on how much she has
helped the pair Asuka and Sane were having
none of it, and the Empress
of Tomorrow ended the promo by blasting their ex-
manager with the dreaded
green mist. She may not have wrestled in
nearly two years, but that hasn’t
stopped Paige’s amazing selling as she writhed in agony from the
burning mist like no-one else has
done before. It’s clear that the Kabuki Warriors
don’t feel they need a manager
now that they hold the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion
ships, but fans will have to
stay tuned to see who they target next, though Paige
has responded on Twitter. Replying to a tweet from the
WWE on FOX account,
Paige said that the attack by the champions will give them
plenty to talk about on WWE
Backstage, as it seems the raven-haired warrior isn’t
taking this attack lying down. Later on in the night, Kairi
Sane would come up short
against RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch, and whilst Paige may not
have been able to see the match, the knowledge
of Sane’s defeat must have
been music to her ears. From RAW to SmackDown and
despite plenty of excuses, such
as the World Series, the new NBA season, Bellator and a
replay of AEW Dynamite, the No.s
don’t look good for WWE. For the one-off-show on FS1 on
October 25th, just 888,000
people tuned in to the show the lowest rating of all time, with
the last record-holder being the
New Years’ Eve 2015 edition of the show, which was
also the last smackDown on
Syfy, which did 1.6 million. What makes this worse is that
the company promoted names
like Cain Velasquez Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, and
Ric Flair well in advance for
the show, so hopefully the number will rise
this week when SmackDown is
back on FOX. WWE Backstage on FS1 didn’t
do much better either, as the
October 22nd edition did 426,000 viewers according
to Showbuzz Daily, down from
the 597,000 who turned in on October 15th
special preview episode. Though it was bad news for
SmackDown’s viewing figures,
yesterday was good news for The Miz, who
celebrated his 15th year
with the company. After being told that he’d never
make it, the self-professed
“most must-see Superstar in WWE history” has been
proving folks wrong for years,
and WWE celebrated with a special look at the Miz’s
A-List evolution from the
beginning of his career. In a post on his Instagram and
Twitter, Miz would thank his
doubters for motivating him,
saying: “For a guy that was told that
he’d be fired within 3 months
of stepping into WWE that his 15 minutes of fame are
up – Today is a day I celebrate
saying thank you to all the doubters. Your hate
motivated me. It lit a fire in me
to prove you wrong. Raise your glasses because
today we celebrate 15 years
at WWE. I rarely look to the future
because I live in the
present but if you thought those 15 were
good..just wait. The best is
yet to come. Be Miz.” One man who knows all about
being in the company for a
while is Bray Wyatt, who will be sporting some new ink
when he next hosts the
Firefly Fun House. One look at the demented
Fiend will tell fans he already
has a ton of tattoos, but now he has a new one on his
hand, which must definitely
have hurt. Online, Wyatt said: “Major props to my dude
@scarboroughtattoo for
this amazing piece I already feel more badass
than I did yesterday” The tattoo is very badass and
hopefully any soreness will
heal in time for the Eater of Worlds to make the
long trip to Saudi Arabia for
this Thursday’s Crown Jewel. Another tatooed behemoth who
will be competing in Riyadh is
Cain Velasquez who recently spoke on the Not
Sam Wrestling podcast about
his new WWE career. After signing a lucrative multi-
year deal with WWE,
Velasquez will in theory have a few WrestleMania
matches to his name, but
said he didn’t want to fight anyone specific at the show of
shows, but only who he feels
is best. He said: “I see the sport like I did MMA.
Now there’s a lot more things
and a lot more techniques that I can use in this
sport that I really couldn’t have
in MMA. So I wanted to showcase my
fighting style. I wanted to show
case the pro wrestling side and also the lucha side as well.
I wanna do everything and just
have more tools in the tool belt.” “I never really thought of
opponents, you know. Who ever
is the toughest task at hand you know that’s who I want to
go against. I want to challenge
myself. I want to get better. I never
really thought about — I never
really chosen opponents it’s not like I wanna fight
against this guy it’s like who’s
the best guy I can fight against and that’s
who I want to fight.” Given that Velasquez will be
taking on WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar in his first match in WWE, the former UFC star
is already getting a huge
opponent from the get-go though these two could always
cross paths at the show of
shows. When asked about if he feels
Daniel Cormier is jealous that
Velasquez is a WWE Superstar, Cain said: “He’ll get his time, he’ll get his
time. He’s just a big fan and
he loves this sport I see him getting into it if he
chooses and you know, later
on down the road when he’s done with fighting. But,
yeah he’s a big fan. Him, my wife
kinda like put that little thought in my head of starting to do this
and from then on it’s like Hell
yeah this is what I want to do.” This is a very interesting
comment by Velasquez, and
does make us wonder what WWE’s roster will look
like in five years time. Stars of MMA have become
more regular sightings in
WWE, with Velasquez, Ronda Rousey and Matt Riddle
all having success after coming
from the Octagon and if Cain does have a nice
succesful WWE career, this
could open up the door for more fighters who want to
make some serious money,
without getting seriously hurt. Also at Crown Jewel, boxing star
Tyson Fury will step in the ring
to battle Braun Strowman but has spoken to the
Telegraph newspaper about
his plans afterwards. In the interview, Fury said that
as of right now, he has no
WWE plans past this Thursday’s show, but
that doesn’t mean he’ll never
be back. He said: “I’m an entertainer and fast
learner, so I’ve been getting
the best out of it It’s taken my mind off boxing
completely.” “I wouldn’t be in training camp
at the moment, anyway. But it
gives me something to do I didn’t want October and
November off. I knew this would be a month-
long job and I knew I would
be busy.” “Never say never, but I’ve got
nothing planned for the future
with wrestling.” With this seemingly being Fury’s
only match in WWE, the boxing
star should definitely make it count when he
faces the Monster Among Men
at Crown Jewel. Whilst Fury may be finished by
the end of this week, one
person who has just gotten started is Catalina Garcia,
who made her RAW debut
teaming with Sin Cara. Facing Andrade and Zelina Vega,
the 19-year-old star did great in
her debut but eventually fell to El Idolo
and Vega. Competing under the name
Jessy at the 5 Luchas –
Clandestino earlier this year Garcia made her NXT live event
debut on October 10th against
Santina Garrett and after wrestling three
matches in NXT, its unknown
whether she’ll stay on RAW or move
back to the gold brand We’ve got some Hall of Fame
news now, as the WWE has
confirmed that next year’s ceremony will be on
a Thursday due to SmackDown
now airing on Fridays. This move will still make up
WWE’s five-day-Mania week,
with the Hall of Fame Fame on Thursday, SmackDown
Friday, NXT on Saturday,
WrestleMania on Sunday and ending with
RAW on Monday. One person fans may get to see
over the week is JoJo Offerman,
who recently returned to WWE after having
her baby with partner Bray
Wyatt. The former-Total Divas star was
at tonight’s RAW in St Louis,
and it’s great to see she’s doing well after
maternity leave. More Crown Jewel news now, and
thanks to the oodles of cash WWE
are being paid to produce the show, the company
can now experiment with some
new technology. A recent video from the
@WrestlinClub Twitter showed
the new tech in action, as it seems Crown Jewel will
have a huge WWE logo
hovering over the show. It’s a pretty impressive display
from WWE, so hopefully the
effect comes off well for both the fans in
Riyadh, and those watching
at home. Fans will get to see some of the
top names in Sports at Crown
Jewel, but one person they shouldn’t expect to see is
Jinder Mahal, who is still out
with a knee injury. Recently, FanBuzz ran a story
where the Modern Day
Maharajah said that he won’t be back until at
least the new Year, leading to some speculation of
Mahal returning at the Royal
Rumble Since losing the WWE Title in
November 2017, Mahal has slid
down the roster into mid-card
status, but winning the Men’s
Rumble match could launch him back into a
top spot in the company. With that said, missing the
Rumble may be the best
option for Mahal, as he doesn’t want to risk a
premature return, and if they
can work out a proper comeback for him, spending a
few more months away could
be what’s best for him. As we know, the Royal Rumble
matches start the road to
WrestleMania, and tickets will now go on sale
a bit earlier than expected. Ticket’s for WrestleMania 36 will
now go on sale on November 15th
at 10am Eastern, and the show will air from the Raymond James
Stadium on April 5th next year.
In a statement, WWE said: “Ticket prices range from $35-
$1,000. There will also be a
limited number of “Gold Circle” VIP Packages available ranging
from $2,000-$2,500. The Gold
Circle packages include seating in the first nine rows
ringside, access to a Gold
Circle VIP Stadium Entrance and a commemorative
WrestleMania take-home
folding chair.” And finally we’re rapping up
with some RAW results, as
US Champion AJ Styles defeated Humberto Carillo in
non-title action, but after a
post-match beatdown by the OC, was
sent packing thanks to the
Street Profits. Charlotte Flair and Natalya also
teamed up to defeat the IIconics,
with this victory surely helping them raise a case
for a WWE Women’s Tag Team
Title match down the line. Also in Tag Team action, the
Viking Raiders defeated Rizzo
and Bryant in non-title action whilst Buddy Murphy defeated
R-Truth, though Truth nearly
had the win. One could make the point that
the rapping Superstar would
have defeated the Australian if he hadn’t been
distracted by 24/7 Champion
Sunil Singh but after pursuing the Bollywood
Boyz, ran into a lights-out-knee by the former Cruiserweight
Champion who got the win. It seems Truth won’t rest until
he once again holds the 24/7
title, but he’s not the only person
looking to capture the
coveted green title.

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