What Happens When the Internet Comes Together!

These are some of the strangest ways the internet
just took over! Find out exactly why the dress caused such
a huge controversy 11 – Bottle cap challenge
The bottle cap challenge just recently happened in the summer of 2019! Going viral nowadays doesn’t require much
effort, but it can still have a lot of impact. Celebrities, athletes and virtually anyone
with an internet connection have been putting together videos showing off their skills on
how to kick a cap off a bottle. It seems like it’s really tough, but people
have managed to do the challenge in very creative ways. The challenge got its start in the world of
MMA, but it crossed into the mainstream when UFC fighter Max Holloway challenged John Mayer. People such as Jason Statham, Conor McGregor,
and even Jackie Chan were performing their best kicks for the challenge. Mariah Carey even used “the power of her
voice” to magically lift the cap! Is that actually possible?! According to some experts at popular mechanics,
it’s actually doable, but probably not as dramatic as she did it in the video! 10 – Storm Area 51
On June 27th 2019, college student Matty Roberts created a random Facebook event to raid Area
51 in Nevada to find aliens. This was after he listened to a Joe Rogan
podcast where Joe discussed aliens with Bob Lazar. Obviously, Roberts had created the event as
a joke. But Roberts had no clue that his post would
become one of the biggest memes of 2019! More than 2 million people signed up for the
event, although the page doesn’t exist anymore because Facebook took it down! Officials from the US government even mentioned
that they knew about the event. Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews was
quoted saying “The U.S. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets”. Who knows how many people will actually show
up on September 20th! 9 – Mannequin challenge
The mannequin challenge took the world by storm in late 2016 in just a matter of days. The internet became flooded with thousands
of videos of people posing as mannequins in a lot of different places. And the background was typically done with
Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” song on in the background. What started first as just a challenge among
some high schoolers, quickly became an internet phenomenon. Stars and celebrities quickly hopped on the
challenge and posted their own versions. Even entire sports teams such as the Pittsburgh
Steelers, and the New York Giants did the challenge. Even Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton hopped
on the challenge! And of course, Rae Sremmurd also got in their
own mannequin challenge in a crowded concert. How exactly did they manage to get thousands
of people to stay still? No clue, but they nailed it! 8 – Yanny/Laurel
Do you hear Yanny, or do you hear Laurel? This phenomenon is definitely proof of how
reality is perceived differently by different people! Back in May 2018, an audio clip went viral
with a sound that confused the entire world. Here it is again: Did you hear yanni or did
you hear Laurel? People all over the world heard different
things! But how? The secret to the mystery was unveiled when
experts analyzed the audio recording. Both yanny and laurel are actually in the
recording. The word Yanny was recorded at a higher frequency
than Laurel. Since people have different sensitivities
to different frequencies, that explains why people perceive the sound differently. The original recording was in fact the name
Laurel, with some added background noise! 7 – Planking
Remember when people planked everywhere in the most ridiculous places? How did planking ever become a sort of internet
mania? Planking actually goes back all the way to
1994?! Comedian Tom Green planked on a sidewalk pretending
he was passed out for his show. Although it never aired, this was the first
recorded instance of planking. Fast forward twenty some odd years later,
and planking became a huge fad. This was because of a group of Australian
friends. They created a facebook group in 2007 just
so they could share their craziest planking photos. After the Australian media started reporting
on the group’s planking, planking became a global phenomenon! But, just like with anything else, there are
always people who take it a little too far. For example, doctors and nurses have been
suspended for planking at work. In 2011, a 20-year-old man in Australia fell
off the 7th floor of a building after planking on a balcony! Yeah, you can figure out how that went! 6 – Cinnamon Challenge If you have to pick a challenge to do, the
cinnamon challenge is NOT it! People have been known to do this all the
way back in 2001, but the cinnamon challenge didn’t go viral until 2012. Trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without
any water isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do. People were having all sorts of reactions,
and to be honest, a lot of the reactions WERE pretty funny. It’s kinda like watching someone slip on
a banana peel funny! You just can’t help but laugh! However, the health consequences can actually
be quite severe. Obviously, gagging or choking on the cinnamon
isn’t a good thing. Especially if the cinnamon forms a clump and
blocks an air passage! Accidental inhalation of cinnamon can seriously
damage the lungs, because it causes inflammation that can lead to an infection. Many medical experts came out publicly advocating
kids to stop doing the challenge. One Michigan teen even created a campaign
against the challenge after having faced serious health consequences! 5 – Kiki challenge
Just how did Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ song become a viral challenge? Well, it was because of comedian Shiggy’s
dance moves. He posted a video online of him dancing to
Drake’s song and it just took off. Shiggy does a lot of dances and posts his
moves online all the time. So there really wasn’t a reason why this
particular video took off, but it did. The most popular way of doing the challenge
was jumping out of a moving car and doing the dance. Yeah, not exactly the safest thing to do. As expected, all sorts of weird injuries have
happened. A teenage girl fractured her skull while doing
it, another woman got her purse stolen out of her car because she was too concentrated
on doing the challenge. And plenty of people just crashed their cars! The kiki challenge forced authorities all
over the world to officially address the challenge! Police had to remind people to think about
their safety before performing stunts with a moving car. Speaking of Drake, be sure to watch this video
to find out how exactly Drake blows his money! 4 – Ice Bucket Challenge Viral videos bring out cooperation among people,
and the ice bucket challenge is no different! This challenge became a viral sensation back
in 2014. Golfer Chris Kennedy poured ice cold water
over his head and then challenged his friends to do the same within 24 hours! If they didn’t comply, they had to donate
100 dollars to the ALS foundation. Kennedy’s challenge was the first documented
instance of the challenge being connected with ALS. Incredibly, this challenge raised over 115
million dollars worldwide! But even with that amount of money raised,
people still had complaints. Many critics came forward saying that the
challenge itself took the focus away from ALS, a disease that affects millions of people
around the world. Other people raised concerns regarding how
the ALS Association actually does with the money donated. The ALS Association responded by saying that
79% of their annual budget went toward programs and services. 3 – Tide pod challenge
The tide pod challenge is one of the things that just doesn’t make sense. Okay, we all know that toddlers can be curious
and put anything they find in their mouths. It’s no surprise that Tide issued a statement
warning parents to be careful with their children around Tide pods. But teenagers?! Why on earth would teenagers want to eat a
tide pod?! The exact origin of how it started is debated. Basically, the tide pod became a meme because
to be honest, it kind of looks like candy. People on the internet started jokingly ask
why tide pods look so good to eat. And then it devolved into people actually
eating it. Sigh. Numerous videos of teenagers biting into Tide
pods started flooding the internet. It got so bad that YouTube and Facebook just
started taking down all tide pod challenge videos. The health consequences are actually very
serious from ingesting a Tide pod. One 2014 study suggested that eating a Tide
pod could cause a swallowing dysfunction that required surgery to repair! 2 – The dress Back in February 2015, a woman posted a photo
online of a dress she was gonna be wearing to a wedding in Scotland. But little did she know, her picture was about
to be seen by millions of people! The reason why? People were furiously debating whether the
dress was black and blue or white and gold! The picture divided people into two teams:
team blue or team white. However, the dress was in fact… blue! Black and blue and white and gold aren’t similar
enough colors for them to be confused so easily. So how did this actually happen? Scientists had to step in and explain how
so many people were seeing two different things. The human brain has different ways of perceiving
color. What colors you perceive greatly depend on
the wavelength of the light that’s reflected onto the object itself. Interestingly enough, the person’s own expectation
of what they’re viewing also affects the color! And that’s why there are plenty of people
who can see both the black and blue dress AND a white and gold dress. The way the photo was taken balanced the dress’s
colors, and that mixed everything up for everyone. Basically, color is all relative! 1 – Harlem shake
Youtuber George Miller was the guy who first introduced the world to the harlem shake back
in February of 2013! The premise is super simple. Put on the Harlem Shake song. Act normal for the first part of the video. And when the beat drops, that’s when you
do whatever crazy dance move you want! It was the simple yet effective jump cut of
the video that made the harlem Shake hilarious! You just wouldn’t know what people would
do in each video, because people would try to one up whatever video they watched! In a matter of days, almost 4,000 Harlem shake
videos were uploaded daily to YouTube. Or one harlem shake video every 21 seconds. Within 40 days, the original Harlem Shake
video had reached A BILLION views! Its impact was so huge, even Billboard took
notice: after Harlem shake went viral, Billboard decided to include YouTube views as part of
its data to measure song popularity! Watch this next video to find out how Drake
blows his money!

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