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What is cage fighting? – Fred Mergen

What is cage fighting? – Fred Mergen

What is cage fighting? Cage fighting is the actual fighting arena
for the MMA guys. Or for the students who train MMA. We actually put one here in the
school to help the students train if they want to get into the cage and fight. The reason
you have a cage when you do MMA is there is no out of bounds, it makes it a little more
dynamic because you get to fight up against a cage, in the cage, on the floor so it kinda
gives you that small enclosed area for you to work out in. Some cages are octogon some cages are hexagons,
I’ve actually even seen the cage for Bellatore is a big circle. So it all depends. But the reason they call it cage fighting
is because you are actually inside the cage and if you watch any of those guys who are
in the UFC or Bellatore or WEC, those are the elite of MMA. Only a few make it to the
top. And if you want to check out more about our
cage fighting check out our website.

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