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What is MMA? – Fred Mergen

What is MMA? – Fred Mergen

What is MMA? MMA stands for “Mixed Martial
Arts”. The most typical mixed martial arts you’ll find out there is going to be Jiu Jitsu,
Judo, Muay Thai or kickboxing based system or maybe even boxing. What we teach here is more of a Judo, Jiu
Jitsu, American Kenpo, Kickboxing, and boxing. So mixed martial arts is a bunch of martial
arts put together to give you a better rounded fighter, or a better rounded person who can
defend themselves. Most people think the moment you hear MMA
you think UFC, I get in the cage, I’m going to get punched and all bloody, that’s not
the case. Yes some people want to do that, but most people don’t. I know I don’t want
to go to work the next day with a black eye, do you? No. That’s where we came into play with our system,
I’ve trained in a lot of different martial arts over the years and everything I’ve learned
over all the years I put together and made it into one system. So the kids and adults
here learn a little bit of everything. To learn more about our styles of fighting,
check out our website.

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