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What Is The MMA Liver Shot? – Fred Mergen

What Is The MMA Liver Shot? – Fred Mergen

Hi my name is Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed
Martial Arts and we’re going to talk about the MMA liver shot. Today we’re going to talk about the MMA liver
shot. The MMA liver shot can either be a kick, a punch it all depends but your liver is located
right here on the right side of your body right next to the oblique muscle. When you
get hit in the liver it hurts really really bad. I’ve seen guys who were big drop to their
knees like a sack of potatoes. I actually had one of my fighters, Brian Engler who is
155 pounds drop a fighter who was over 200 pounds with a liver shot, and just like a
drama queen he couldn’t get back up. So that’s a really devastating blow to the gut. Do I recommend my fighters should go for that
shot? Yes! If they see the opening, take it but you don’t want to sit there and then that’s
all you want to aim for because then you leave yourself open somewhere else and you leave
yourself open for either a knockout shot or a punch to the face. So if you see it open
when you’re striking, go for it but don’t JUST go for that. You could always feint a cross and shoot in
with that uppercut to the gut or liver punch and stick it in there like a shovel punch.
You could do a slip kick and catch them with a leg kick to the liver with your shin or
the ball of your foot. Whatever it is, as long as you hit them in the liver nice and
hard because it has to be a dead square shot and it’ll drop them. You can recuperate but you just have to do
a lot of breathing, you know it hurts like a son of a gun so if you can fight through
the pain, just try to stay away from your opponent and keep going, keep going. Try not
to show that it hurts cause usually if you show is hurts that’s when the opponent is
going to become like a pitbull. They’re going to see an opening and they’re going to shoot
right at you. If you have any comments or questions leave
them below or if you got hit in the liver and you want
to share your experience, feel free.

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5 thoughts on “What Is The MMA Liver Shot? – Fred Mergen

  1. I was sparring with a very talented kickboer who I outweighted by over 15lbs. We did only light sparring but he caught me with a hook to the liver, I was down for good 5 minutes.

  2. Oh is there a special liver shot in MMA compared to other forms of fighting. I didn't know that…. (insert rolling eyes here)

  3. No such thing as a MMA Liver Shot , it's just a liver shot aka, punch ,kick ,knee or chop and even a elbow, MMA has no personal claim on a liver strike what so ever, remember all MMA is ,is a accumulation of techniques that a fighter has amassed over years ( generally one that are very effective) or learned from a instructor that knows many and can teach them ,but as for mma the only thing that's there's is the gloves and knee level shorts. But with that said I enjoy the MMA matches and appreciate the training and learning of the many techniques, but you should have a system that you study as a single art. Oyama Karate is basically a MMA if you really break it down. And boxers been using liver punches for decades and from all angles.

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