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  1. Link to a Test Kit http://tinyurl.com/GetTestKit – and if you want to view a full list of the potential effects you can visit erowid.org or psychonautwiki.org!

  2. I was sitting with my two friends on a hill overlooking London at sunset and honestly it was the most euphoric experience

  3. I once sniffed over a gram in less than 5 mins, I was tripping the fuck out, shit that was still was pinging across the room

  4. I used to do a lot of MDMA around 2012. I wouldnt go out to party without it. After a while I started to have problems with anxiety. Nowadays it gives me TONS of problems. I cant control it

  5. My first and currently the only experience with Mandy must be like all the good possibilities happened. So I was 16 at my first music festival with my brother, who is a druggie, I trust him and he was like, hey tomorrow I am going to give you some MDMA, I was like okay, next day, at like 7pm I took a 0.07 bomb that did nothing. Four hours later, I was kind of anxious, and annoyed and maybe worried that nothing happened, I see my brother and tell him that nothing happened at like 11pm and he gave me another bomb that was 0.2. I took it, 15 minutes later, it started. Best fucking night ever, laster about 4 hours, and the comedown where I was all sad only lasted like 15 minutes, and all I was sad about was that everyone kept on telling me that i shouldn't do it again for a while, and that I was really sad I could not do more and more right then. 15 minutes and I was like, that was insanely fun, but I am cool and don't want to do it again, went to bed no problem, woke up next morning fine. Best druggie brother ever

  6. It's really something else if you're want to have a deep chat or get something off your chest with a friend, family or just anybody (as you will want to be friends with anything that moves lol)

  7. so its been a week since I did mdma and it has a strange afterglow. A lot of things have changed and one odd one, in particular, is that my taste is somewhat enhanced. I just a bit of cucumber and I could taste how much it tastes like a fruit. You wouldn't believe at first its a fruit a lot of people think it is a vegetable.

  8. throu the comedown i was at a festival and i saw a man and a woman petting cats and i was like wow they have a place were you can pet cats then i was looking again it was 2 empty crates of beerxD

  9. God, I have rolled sooo much, this video is spot on!!!!! I recently found your channel and I really appreciate your content…

  10. That's funny cus my friend and I where on mdma and he said that i was wearing glasses and I looked at him and was like bruh you wearing glasses too

  11. I never got that the first time I did it my nose was burning and my throat felt dry and I had a panic attack but than felt great

  12. My first time I did two tabs, im a small person 5”4 95 pounds it hit me very hard and all that I could think abt is depression and everything that’s wrong with my life then I just get better and all I could do was talk to people and walk and run for hours I believed I was gonna have a heart attack because of how fast my heart was pumping

  13. My trip hit it's peak after 20 minutes. I felt an unfamiliar tingle in my body and I thought the trip was gonna keep getting more intense but didn't want to panic. All colours and sounds were more intense and blurry, and about 10 minutes after the peak I just had a warm fuzzy feeling. I had an intense feeling of love toward my partner but she wasn't having it. So I put my headphones on, chose an instrumental and I shit you not it was the most beautiful experience I've ever had. I had no bad comedowns but I had trouble sleeping the next 3 days.

  14. first tile when i tried extacy, i only took a half and i felt kind of really happy and good but not much else. then the next tile i took extacy, i didnt feel ny effects except for being a bit more relaxed for about half an hour. then i sat down on a chair and i thought i would pass out. it gave me the same effect as qhen you are becoming unconcious and like just pssing out and i thought i was gonna pass out. then that lasted for like 20 secs and then i just realised its the extacy feel and my visi8n was like fully vibrating and i saw my ph9ne as 2 phones and othet stuff like there is 2 of them. and it was kind of hard to walk sometimes. like sometimes i just like almost fell down all of the suddeb and lost all balance but then i was okay again

  15. If you want to try m, read this first. Yeah it feels good. But it is not worth it. Ive done a lot of x in my life and the only times it was good was when the dreaded depressions came that lasted 2 weeks. Afterglow only came after the first time I tried and the first time wasn't that good for me and made me want to try it again because I was let down BIG TIME. My friends were all huggy snuggy and I was like "yeah its nice but ok". The second time I took it I felt everything Adam said but it came with a price, the weeks long depression/suicudal thoughts. I thought it was just a one time thing, i maybe did something wrong etc. NOPE. every damn time. I did everything, tried everything, heck even bought 5htp and shit. Still depression. And people say its not addictive. It is, u miss the great feeling x gives. You start to shake and shiver just thinking about it hence why you take it over and over again. That fucking depression changes you. Your mood, how you act, how you speak, and youre just a boring person and people notice it and close ones ask you if everything is ok. I.e. you get very noticable effects from this disgusting drug. Stay away.. trust me not worth it

  16. I used too much MDMA in my young twentys…..i think i still suffer from killed serotonin rezeptors…and i am 36 now. So if you do MDMA….do brakes in between.

  17. Bro not once in my life have I never been able to have sex while rolling on MDMA 😂 that shit evolves from an Onix to a Steelix if you know what I mean 😂😂😂

  18. Molly makes music feel good and touch feel good just don’t take too much or you’ll be feeling too touchy 🤪. And always drink water but not too much and more importantly breath and take breaks because your heart rate is going up and sometimes you don’t take enough breathes so you start to feel overwhelming. If your feeling overwhelmed tell someone you trust to blow on your face and rub your back while you take some deep breaths and maybe do some meditation explain to them too because they might have gone through the same experience before. Sometimes when I dance I breath In a pattern so I don’t forget and I yell whooooo, it feels really good. If your scared to try it out put it in some water and drink it till you feel something but wait a while to see if it kicks in and don’t drink too much because you feel like it’s not doing anything , treat it like an edible. Stay safe guys:

  19. Dear Psychedsubstance, sry for my Bad english, i have a problem, i took MDMA once and it was awesome and i have tried to do so 2 more times but i could not feel anything, and i swear i have taken about 450 mg, i had big pupils and could not move my chin but the MDMA just did not want to connect to my Brain

  20. I was on XTC with a large group of friends and someone put on some techno music and everyone started to dance really fast without even noticing it

  21. This is hands down THE BEST explanation of Molly I've ever seen. I'm kind of one of those people who doesn't plan on doing substances (at least, I'll never do DMT or LSD) but enjoy seeing the effects

  22. I’m like two years late on this video but when I tried molly it’s one of the best drugs ever my bf didn’t like it as much but I love it and it was so cool because I had my animals around me petting them … somehow my cat knew I was rollin hard then I proceeded to give my bf a lap dance and sing to him for hours while in a bodysuit with cowboy boots on lol

  23. New user and so far have experienced the crash once. It was the most horrible feeling ever! It was so intense that I had a nervous breakdown, couldn't stop crying, all my past trauma flashed before my eyes and I felt worthless and suicidal.

  24. Took it for the first time about 5 hours ago on an empty stomach. Didn't even make it out the door, been furiously masturbating since. Send help.

  25. I can quite easily split my life into before and after I tried ecstasy.
    It changed my life for the better.

  26. i took 5 minutes ago my first mdma pill (never smoked weed before or other drugs)
    its a punisher. im very excited. i will tell you guys after what happend 🙂

  27. video is perfect lmao, and i LOVEDD the comedown hallucinations ngl it was my fave thing… maybe cause i havent hallucinated off anything else before, also just cause hallucinating is great lmaoo

  28. Seen people screw there life up pretty bad from taking it just a few times. I have a friend who just is not the same even after many years of not taking any drugs. He just looks spaced out all the time and thinks slower, sad.

  29. Right before the full effects are about to hit me like a truck, I feel dizzy and bouncy (like being drunk). Then shortly after that it feels like I’ve been injected with loads of love, excitement and adrenaline.

  30. I remember doing my research on mdma before taking it and watching this video and now I’ve done it a few times now, i watch this video and i literally felt everything he said in the exact same order ahaha, i felt like i was gonna die and was panicking so bad but it went away after about 10 minutes or so and then i felt on top of the fuckin world man in the rave ahahah good times man, quit drugs now tho cause the i always overthink the comedown too much and i feel shit and out of it for like a solid week, the main shit comedown feelings go away after about 2-3 days but cause of my overthinking i felt like i still had it for a good week ahaha but yeah it’s off the bucket list now and atleast i can say Yeahh I’ve done mdma now aha and boyyy it is a wonderful and very good experience but just be prepared for that comedown 😉

  31. I weight 60 kilos and took about 330mg still alive and i was fucked the whole night my body felt like it was melting and man did i see some crazy shit

  32. my first time doing molly was on christmas eve of 2017. I was with my homies and we set up a wedding for two of em it was halarious. I died when i saw the video the next day

  33. So is there a way to avoid the crash because I'm taking my first pill in 2 days and kinda worrying about if I get the crash after

    best songs to listen to
    – feel so close by calvin harris
    – dream by miley cyrus
    – sundress by asap rocky
    – mount everest by labrinth
    – die young max frost
    listen to these while relaxing and chilling with your friends
    more things to do
    touch/lay on the grass, candy taste so good (sweet candy not chocolate), massages!!!!, dancing!!!!!
    but watch your temperature you could be freezing or burning up and not knowing, chew on gum! you’ll regret it if you don’t
    make sure the next day you take care of yourself bc the comedown is different for everyone eat even tho you won’t be hungry, go outside and get some sun, and be with friends bc you kinda get sad.

  35. It's pretty great if we use it in right situation – l had a bullet get through my shoulder and this medicine overdose helped me to not feel that so much, reach my crib which was an hour drive away, clean the wound, put medication on it, have my dinner and hit the bed(all this still under effect)

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