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Who Can Beat Conor McGregor? UFC Fight Night 100 Fighters Debate

Who Can Beat Conor McGregor? UFC Fight Night 100 Fighters Debate

Who I think has the best game to
beat Conor McGregor in the UFC, I truly believe a lot in Jose Aldo and
would like to see that fight again. But it’s complicated to talk now. I cheered so much against him and he won every fight,
so it would be better to leave it aside now. But the most interesting fight, and the one he owes fans,
is the Jose Aldo fight, and let’s hope it happens. The guy that has the best chance at defeating
Conor today in the UFC is Khabib Nurmagomedov. That Russian is really tough. I don’t think his style matches up well with Conor’s. He will want to close the distance,
take him down and will smash Conor. I think the best game to beat Conor is anyone
who’s as big as him. I think the distance favors him a lot. I think Diaz would beat him again. I think Nurmagomedov,
Woodley, Ferguson or even Rafael dos Anjos. I think Aldo, too. I think all these guys that he’s running away from
for a while, but one day he won’t have anywhere to run. When he faces someone as tall as him,
someone who has the same reach, he will have some trouble with his game and
won’t be able to keep this winning streak alive.

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100 thoughts on “Who Can Beat Conor McGregor? UFC Fight Night 100 Fighters Debate

  1. Any fighter with a Diaz level chin that has better than average wrestling or BJJ would be a serious threat to McGregor.

    It's all about the chin tho… 😉

  2. Just some potential matchups…
    Max Holloway
    Yair Rodriguez
    Anthony Pettis
    Cody Garbrandt
    Tony Ferguson

    I think MAx is going to be a champ

    I think Yair vs Conor would be one of the most exciting fight that can be made

  3. Diaz beat him up badly abd finished without a problem. Mcgregor barely won a rematch. What are these people talking about? Woodley? Wonderboy? C'mon! He was mauled by Chad Mendes on the ground! He has very little chance against Nurmagomedov

  4. Khabib and Ferguson, and obviously Nate can all beat Conor at 155. Max at 145. At 170 Woodley, Wonderboy, and Maia. Why? Conor beats people with his mental warfare, and it won't work on any of those guys I just listed.

  5. 1st round VS MENDES thats the blueprint to beat MCGREGOR…(Silva vs Sonnen)????????not like Weidman he got lucky ×2 vs Silva ..chris did so a Wrestler what's some good cardio conditioning speed and knockout power on the feet with constant pressure

  6. Nate already did.. can people seriously stop hyping Conor up so much ? good for you to get 2 titles , but when you were given the shortest road to both of them and have favoritism from Dana White, it's not really that special.. does anyone forget that he beat brimage, brandao, Poirier , siver , a very young Max Holloway (who would absolutely murder him now but the UFC won't let this fight happen) , chad on 2 weeks notice , Aldo that rushed at him like an idiot , Alvarez who did the exact same thing , and yet somehow his loss to Nate gets swept under the rug because he BEGGED for a rematch and got a majority decision where he got out struck , out controlled , taken down , and almost finished in the 3rd????????

  7. my list of fighters who can possibly beat Conor:
    Nate Diaz
    Donald Cerrone
    Khabib Normagomedov
    Tony Ferguson
    Anthony Pettis
    Max Halloway
    Frankie Edgar
    Rafael Dos Anjos

  8. The only fighters that can contend with McGregor are Ferguson and Khabib and even they have to have certain things happen in the fight in order to be successful.

  9. The obvious answer is Tony Ferguson. Great reach, well rounded, good chin (minus the Vannatta fight, but everyone gets caught in MMA) and confident af. That would be a really fun fight 😃

  10. Half these guys are just trying to boost up their own boys or their own teammates. Sorry but Michael is a JV version of Conor and would get smoked, and Aldo just got knocked out in 13seconds and was whining about retirement… the only valid person that was brought up was Nurmagomedov.

  11. Khabib? That's right, I almost forgot the amazing fighters he's beat. Prior to his seventeen injuries over the last two years, he beat the #1 ranked fighter on the list of shitty unranked fighters.

  12. Khabib? That's right, I almost forgot the amazing fighters he's beat. Prior to his seventeen injuries over the last two years, he beat the #1 ranked fighter on the list of shitty unranked fighters.

  13. It would have to be someone with a size advantage because that is the only time Conor is really challenged. Woodley would be a difficult fight. Khabib would get KOed.

  14. Who can beat him? Easy question. Ferguson, nurmagomedov, woodley, Cerrone, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Barbosa, Thompson, Johnson, RDA and much more.

  15. both Khabib and tony could beat conor, tony has more advantage then Khabib because Tony has a longer reach and better striking skills.. I think RDA could also give Conor a tough fight

  16. 145 – 155 nobody.

    170lb there are a few guys. But they are 50/50 fights.

    McGregor is a 4 time world champion who has destroyed champions. Let's just be honest, he'd beat Khabib with his striking in two rounds.

    He'd beat Ferguson too. There's nobody at 145lb or 155lb that could beat him without it being a fluke, or extremely lucky. McGregor wins every fight 9 times out of 10.

    Can McGregor beat Woolley . . . maybe.

  17. Mcgregor is to big and strong for both weight classes thats why he's not going for the welterweight belt. Diaz beat McGregor on ten days of notice and in the second fight almost lost. GSP, Woodley, Thompson, lawler and McDonald will all beat CM.

  18. The answer is anyone with a chin. If they can take his shots without getting wobbled, then Conor becomes not much more dangerous than any other fighter, especially since he still has a cardio problem.

  19. Also Conor ko wonderBOY because Conor is A MAN also would kill Woodley standup is ametuer ish for A UFC FIGHTER EVEN . And don't get me started on the JOKES at 145 and 55

  20. Nate damn Diaz, that's who, wtf? Damn what UFC yall BN watchin? Nate Diaz will put the cherry on top with a 2 out of 3 best with another decisive choke out. Tap out beats decision. #ninjashit

  21. It's kinda funny that everyone says to stay away from his left but Conor can box and you need to avoid both hands.

  22. To beat Conor your going to need to be well rounded enough to not get hit and keep him on the ground to work gnp and jujitsu. It's going to be hard for a guy who's good at one thing beat to Conor especially if that one thing isn't striking. Khabib could destroy Conor if he got to the ground but we saw Johnson tag Khabib and let's be real, Johnson a solid competitor but his striking can't touch McGregor. Tony is a better match because his will rounded and my only knock on him is that he's very hittable and we see what happens when McGregor hits you.

  23. Michael Johnson?! hahah! that dude is a joke… im not really a fan of Connor, but man, i just dont see anyone beating him other than Diaz … Connor would KO Khabib easily and make light work of Ferguson …

  24. Did Gadhela really just say nobody when Nate has already beat him and Should have won the second one also khabib would Definately win

  25. Let's work this one McGregor has three losses… hold on looks like he's very beatable end of discussion

  26. Time's an amazing thing.. Michael Johnson is lol.

    But honestly? I think Tony Ferguson is a horrendous match up for Conor. The thing with Conor that always pops up is that people go to the usual stylistic math match ups in that it's OH WAIT TILL HE FACES A STRIKER WITH POWER or OH WAIT UNTIL HE FACES A WRESTLER.. I think that's lazy. I think the thing Conor's generally avoided are longer, lankier fighters who are well rounded.

    Diaz was an issue largely because Conor had a harder time gaging distance and his gas tank. He'd have to spend $3 for every dollar Diaz spent in their two fights. His range didn't play up as much and Diaz was so well rounded that he always had to be on guard for a varied offense… and in that vein, Ferguson is just a better, smarter version of Diaz with similar physical tools. He's not as polished a striker, but he's equally as comfortable in the ring and he can change things up tactically – that and he's super dangerous everywhere – but especially in unorthodox spots. Nothing against Conor – his striking and raw fight IQ is so superior to anyone – but Ferguson gives you so many things to think about that I think he can overload Conor's system so to speak. he leaves his chin out there a bit, but Conor couldn't pile him up against a fence or use his 'manage distance with kicks and give them the illusion there's a way out as they move right and come across with the left' spam he uses a lot. And Tony's unquestionably stronger and more capable on the mat. So Tony's a tough nut for Conor. His movement is just weird to prepare for for everyone generally and COnor would be no different.

    Khabib is a tougher nut for me to crack. On one hand it's a specialists' fight, right? If it stays standing, Khabib gets lit up like a Christmas tree, no question. If Khabib gets ahold of him, COnor gets his face turned into series of holes… so the classic 'if this guy gets this he wins, if other guy gets this, he wins' margin of error fight. What makes me less certain about khabib than Tony is that Khabib is smaller, a lot slower and more deliberate – and well – he's a colossally souped up version of Mendes and the kind of stuffed up wrestler Conor usually handles well. So I dunno but again – sure – if Khabib get his paws on him, he can break him down pretty easily, but that's way easier said than done.

    Gaithjie is target practice even though he's monumentally tough and wouldn't be afraid or overhwhelmed by Conor physically or mentally in any respect. He's a tough cookie but has obvious holes in his game.

    Barboza is a fascinating fight in that he could actually whack Conor standing up. He's the next best striker after him – arguably better because his offense is more varied. My problem with Edson is he takes risks and man – Conor could make him pay. Flip side of that is he's the only guy who can strike with Conor at range easily – and that's such a big part of Conor's attack.

    I'll also get laughed off Youtube for saying it – but I'd be honest in saying Eddie Alvarez – provided he wouldn't totaly ditch his game plan this time – could be a tough match up in a rematch, but he's just one of those guys that…. he's not GREAT at anything. He's average at everything which makes him dangerous, and he's sooooo tough. But COnor overwhelmed him the first time… I'm not there, but I feel like a more focused, self-assured Eddie would be a tougher nut in a second fight.

    RDA at Welterweight kills him. RDA at lightweight gets mauled. One of those weird instances where a fighter lighter struggles more than the fighter heavier. I just don't know QUITE what to think of RDA's chin. I can absolutely see him getting KO'd, but he also isn't a soft chinned guy either. He's such a great game planner though and so good at breaking guys down with pressure – and the thing only he could do along with probably Tony and for sure Barboza – is leg kick Conor into jelly. I'm kind of fascinated to see it at WW. I hate the fight for him at LW. Cut is too draining, and RDA sucks against range guys down there…

    Thompson kills him. Woodley is more of flash KO bet. His right hand could launch Conor to Jupiter (or anyone) and he's more athletic, bigger and stronger. But I see that being a boring fight for some reason. I DO think Lawler gets whacked by him. TIll would be fascinating some day if the stars aligned.

    But those would be my breakdowns. Tony can beat him. I'd even think he's a favorite to the normal MMA hardcore. Khabib is a margin for error fight, but a better fight for Conor than people think. Eddie could give him a run for his money and Barboza could push him. Thompson is better at everything Conor does and bigger – so I think he wrecks him. Woodley is a weird fight. RDA kills him heavy, gets killed lighter. Everyone else I think Conor beats. In a nutshell.

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