Why Khabib Nurmagomedov DESTROYS & BEATS Tony Ferguson! | UFC: Full Fight Breakdown Prediction

what’s up guys
Kenan from kenanK TV here and welcome back to another video in this video I
want to take a closer look at how happy the Eagle nurmagomedov would defeat Tony
El Cucuy Ferguson with that being said I want also make a video where I will go
over how 20 Ferguson can be happy per Magomedov so let’s jump right into the
video as we all know at UFC 229 khabib nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson came out
victorious heavy banded up defeating the notorious Conor McGregor and 20 Ferguson
ended up defeating the former lightweight champion Anthony Showtime
Pettis however a fight between Tony Ferguson and Habiba Magomedov already
was a fight that the UFC tried to make four times this would be the fifth time
and I do believe that this time this fight will definitely go through
hopefully and we will finally get to see this fight it is a fight that has been
pulled away from once with a couple days notice and really it is just a fight
that we have to see before these two guys retire but how would this matchup
play out in this video like I said I will just dive into how Khabib Nurmagomedov would win this fight so let’s see what
have been a Magomedov will be able to do against el Cucuy Tony Ferguson with Conor McGregor defeated the only
real contender or challenge lies within Tony Ferguson this fight for Tony
Ferguson is also the proving point of his entire career finally he will get
the chance to fight for that world title at the age of 34 35 years old
Ferguson possesses a lot of threats he has great speed
he’s very awkward has tremendous cardio endurance and is arguably in the prime
of his career whereas most of Habib’s opponents they never really went the
full distance and were able to keep up a certain pace that they set in the first
round Ferguson is the only guy that I could see fighting at the same pace that
he entered the Octagon with we saw that against Kevin Lee for
example after getting taken down and mounted seemingly after every single
round the man went out there with the same pace something that like I said
abused opponents we’re now really going in there with that attribute at all with
all of that laid out I still believe that this fight is definitely going to
be in the favor of him even our Magomedov stylistically looking at this
fight the chances of Tony Ferguson avoiding
every single take down off heavy seems to be very slim I don’t believe
that anybody can go in there and question the ability from Habib to take
down Tony Ferguson tony has been taken down previously before for example by
Kevin Lee so for her people to do the same thing I don’t think that is
something out of this world I think that he will get that takedown and he will
for a change keep Tony Ferguson down that is something that happy just
specializes in he will keep you down pin you down and slowly but surely break you
down piece by piece he is really going all out when he takes her down at first
he will take his time with you he will just wait and drain you out round by
round up until you will just give up or an opportunity for a finish presents
itself however the fight does not start off on the floor so when a round start
off Tony Ferguson has the striking edge now when it comes to the seventh
apartment Tony Ferguson is definitely the better striker this does not
necessarily mean that he will have no success against Tony Ferguson well
fairly go in there and strike with Tony Ferguson is not really the way to go
anyway a certain thing that Tony Ferguson lacks that is very necessary
going up against Habib is the ability to make Habib respect you now personally I
don’t believe that Tony Ferguson has a physical strength to keep a beep off of
him and stuff every single takedown nor do I believe that he has the ability to
go in there and just knock out a beep I feel like a beep is one of the best Qin
fighters out there he never got hurt he never got dropped in the UFC so the
question of him having a glass jaw is already out of the window and to begin
with Tony Ferguson is not a heavy hitter so for example one heavy one in there
against Conor McGregor he immediately was on the outside of the Octagon not
even want to engage with Conor like that respecting his power speed and timing
have been knew better than to be the first to engage or initiate a strike
however with Tony Ferguson I feel like Habib will be a lot more inclined to
come forward and pressure to in Ferguson and the pressure will get to Tony
because I don’t believe that when Ferguson will have the physical power to
keep her bleep away from him and off of him so by the time Habib goes in there
and takes down Tony Ferguson the things that Tony Ferguson excels at such as his
cardio and endurance will definitely take a hit no matter how good to new
fergus’s cardio may be with heavy being on top of you you will slowly but surely
piece by piece get broken down by Habib now at this stage of Tony fergus’s
career we have to really consider how much longer can he go at this level
he’s already 34 years old so definitely age is going to catch up to him very
soon now on the other hand when it comes to the ground game Tony Ferguson has a
respectable game also now I don’t want to blow it out of proportion and say
that it will neutralize her beep no mag matter of Zombo
when it comes to the guard he Campo is a good threat to her beep but I don’t
believe that that will be anything at all Tony Ferguson he got mounted by
Kevin Lee how people can do the same thing if not more so when this fight
does go to the ground I don’t believe that Tony Ferguson will pose a big
threat however I do believe that he will put up a bigger fight than any other hip
opponent did when it came to the grappling Department but I don’t believe
that that will be enough if he BB just cannot find a way to submit Tony
Ferguson I do believe that the amount of time and the amount of control time and
the amount of damage that he can deal to 20 Ferguson will be enough for him to
secure a unanimous decision victory anyway so really this is a very very
hard and uphill battle for Tony Ferguson he’s not as fast as for example Conor
McGregor is with singular shots to catch him beep as he’s coming in I don’t
believe that he will be physically strong enough to keep her beep off of
him and make him respect range and distance so 420 Ferguson to win this
fight he really needs to fight a perfect fight the amount of times that they have
tried to make this fight happen and the amount of cancellations that we had is
actually a good thing this meant that both fighters had a time
to improve and become better which ultimately meant that this fight is
going to be even better than it was supposed to be for heavy nurmagomedov he
now has a respectable stand up game when it comes to the sound Department I feel
like happy Norma go mad off will be the faster fighter with singular strikes now
her beep is a bit more awkward than Tonya Ferguson now what Tony has is
range however heavy nurmagomedov is very quick with closing a distance as shown
in the economy Greg Rifai with that beautiful overhand right that was thrown
with such quickness that really made us not underestimate her beep striking like
that and habibi is also very powerful now the problem with her beep striking
is really that it lies with only one single shot he cannot really string
multiple punches together at most he could string a tooth punch combination
so in that department 20 Ferguson may have a match but at the same time 20
Ferguson really needs to plan his feed in order for him to throw that many
combinations for having a magnetic counter that luckily for him he is a guy
that really stands still he’s always moving so 420 Ferguson they go in there
and get a chance to throw that many combinations and smother Habeeb I don’t
see that happening at all also we have always talked about 20 Ferguson having
great stamina great pacesetter he is a phenomenal fighter that can endure a lot
of damage and recover very quickly but at the same time are we going to
disregard that I’ve been a Magnum matter effectively also has a great stamina of
his own now granted because he’s always on top that is the most that he can do
right he can just lay on you and he can make you carry the weight and
essentially you’re gonna have to work twice while just heavy passes the only
one thing that is just lay on top of you but also focus on controlling the wrists
securing the legs keeping the posture of good plant powerful ground-and-pound
shots to really wear you out and by the end of it you’re really depleted but
with that being said to be even a mag amount of stamina is not something that
you have to really underestimate when it comes to the striking Department yes
obviously Tony Ferguson has the better striking stamina but like I said the
likelihood of this fight being a non-stop stand-up fight is very very
unlikely all in all the way that Habib nurmagomedov will defeat Tony Ferguson
is by doing what Habib always has done use relentless pressure to pin his
opponent up against the cage work in the clinch and secured takedown from there
that is how he’s always gotten his takedowns I mean at least most of it
because I don’t see Tony Ferguson being strong enough physically to keep her
beep off of him and make him beep respect his range at the same time 20
Ferguson is not really the fastest of punches either
I think that he needs a lot of warmup time if you want to call it firmly get
his combinations rolling because he’s not a heavy hitter I do believe that he
has to rely on a lot of quantity over quality if you want to call it like that
but ultimately I do believe that Tony Ferguson will get taken out now from in
there he may pose a good threat but in the end I do believe that Tony Ferguson
will get overwhelmed by Habib and will get pounded out or submitted that is how
I see this fight playing out in terms of heavy winning this fight well for now
this is how Habib will win this fight I hope you guys enjoyed this video
leave what you guys think of this fight and who do you guys believe will win
this fight in a comment section down below with that being said I am Keenan
from Keaney KTV signing off later

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