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Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Is that your parents’? No, my aunt’s. Oh, your aunt’s, where’s your aunt at? On her way [inaudible]
Oh, she’s coming back? Cool. Do me a favor: Take a deep breath and blow
into that, alright. Alright, do me a favor, try one more time,
deep breath, don’t go so far in. Is there a “starer” problem, mind your
business. What the f—, like… Alright, where’s your aunt at? Do you have her phone number? How old are you? I know that didn’t come up positive, I didn’t
take a drink of anything, so… Alright, take a deep breath and keep blowing. Yo guys … even if it is your aunt, and she is
of age [inaudible] Like 40? Go grab her real quick and we’re gonna have
them pour that all out. How are you going to let us go, we didn’t
even drink alcohol? So, where’s your aunt at? You’re allowed to carry alcohol. That’s interesting. Even if you’re underage.You are. You’re not allowed to drink it. Open display on the beach. It’s possession consumption. It’s not open. Open display, you can see it. Yes. OK, you can see it, and we’re not drinking it. 5043 we have an “LL Skellinger” on the beach. 502 you clear? [Inaudible] So what’s your name? [silence on the video] So how about that? You gonna lock me up for obstruction with my f___ing 18-month-old daughter over there? Yeah, you’re not cooperating. For obstruction? Yeah. I didn’t disrespect you, I didn’t do anything
to get written up, did I? Why are you causing a scene? Now you’re causing a scene. I’m not causing a scene. Alright, I’ll give you one more chance to
give me your last name. Just be cooperative. You’re not going to lock me up. OK. You can’t lock me up. I didn’t disrespect you.
OK. And you don’t need to write my name down either cause I didn’t disrespect you. I didn’t do anything to you. You’re mad because you thought we were drinking. You thought we were drinking. So now you’re mad because your Brethalyzer
came up negative. OK, first of all, you’re in possession.
[inaudible] Where’s your aunt at? She’s on her way. What’s your last name? You could wait here, just like you wasted
your time coming over here. You could wait here for her. OK. What’s your last name? You don’t need my last name. OK. That’s it. I’m done with you.
Do you have cuffs on you? No, Matt! Get over here. Don’t f—— talk to me.
Yo. Don’t touch me!
Alright, you’re about to get dropped. Yo, don’t f—— touch me! Matt! Don’t. Get over here. What are you doing? Don’t —
Don’t f—— touch me. … Matt! Oh my god what is wrong with you guys. You’re done. Get the f—-. You pulled my hair.
Get off me. What are you doing? 5043 send me another unit. [inaudible]
we have one resisting [inaudible]
No. [inaudible] Get off of me, what are you doing? Matt! Matthew, they’re choking me!
Matt, they’re choking me, Matt! I need another unit on the beach. Matt, I cannot breath. I’m not choking you. Yes the f—— you are, you f—— d— head! Get the f— off me, yo! Get the f- — I’m not resisting. That’s it. Woah, woah, woah, what are doing?! Back up! Back the f___ up! Back off! Back up! Get over here now.
[inaudible screams] Matt, Matt, he just [inaudible, cries] Matt! Matt! He just hit me. [inaudible] You’re not allowed to beat me like that! Stop! I’m a woman it doesn’t matter! Stop. Stop. Stop. Put your hands behind your back. It doesn’t matter. You’re not allowed to hit me like that and choke me! You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! They’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that! [Inaudible] cuff her. You’re not allowed to hit me and choke me like that. Get off me, my daughter is right over there seeing this. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not one of these little f—— bitches that’s gonna let me treat [inaudible] You f—— dirtball. You white piece of f—— trash! Oh my god, I didn’t do anything wrong! I wasn’t drinking anything, just smell it! It wasn’t even open, bro. F—– choked me out, I can’t believe you did that. Get off of me! One in custody. Don’t stare unless you’re going to going to f—— help. You need to get the f— off of me you white piece of trash. F— you Oh yeah, now we’ve got these f—— young cops that don’t know how to f—— treat people. I’m wanna talk to your f—— captain
as if he will give a s— too. Good, I hope you do. Yeah, I f—— will, dirtball! Alright, relax.
No. Who are you? I’m going to be the one transferring you. Yeah, will you. I didn’t arrest you. [Inaudible] Back up. Back up. Yo, don’t touch my f—— [inaudible] That’s my daughter. That’s my daughter. Y’all Rent-a-cop. Back, up, before you get locked up too. Alright? Don’t be stupid. Tell me, [inaudible] why [inaudible] little girl? She didn’t even open the can. Listen to me. Listen to me. Nothing was open. No open containers. Now’s not the time to argue about this, okay. Number one, you have a baby in your hands. That’s my girlfriend. I should punch you in the f_ing face. Worry about her, not your girlfriend. You get that straightened out later. How old is she? These two dudes just punched her in the face though. Take a walk. Well, she tried kicking us, so. That’s it. Yeah, that’s fine. I go to stop her, For LL. For underage drinking. She says she’s twenty. She had twisted teas. She wouldn’t give me her last name. So I said, Hey if you’re not gonna give me your information, you’ll be locked up. She tried walking away from me. Put a struggle, walked away from me. I tried grabbing her. She tried kicking at us. So I slammed her on the ground. She kicked him. And then I just throw.. I hit her a couple times. And then I put her in cuffs. And locked her up. And I came over and backed everyone else. Why don’t you guys, uh. Take a walk! Why don’t you guys go inside now. ‘Cause she didn’t give him his last name, she started… he started [inaudible].

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100 thoughts on “Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

  1. I side with the woman in this case. She wasn't doing anything. The problem with cops is they think they are a law into themselves. The governments come up with laws that make everyone criminals. It's all an income generating scam.

  2. Imagine that, YET ANOTHER self-entitled, arrogant, narcissistic woman who is certain she is above the law and questioning.

  3. I definitely agree that the woman totally deserved that arrest, however one part that really disturbed me was when the cop yelled "that's it!" and started literally pounding the woman's back with his fist. THAT was completely unprofessional and uncalled for and could definitely be considered as police brutality. (also, at that point I'm pretty sure that another beach-goer tried to step in; kudos to him!)

  4. She was kicking off a bit but to be honest I am sure the police could be doing something better with their time like catching actual criminals !! Or maybe that’s too hard for them to catch drug dealers, rapists and murderers etc…


  6. If she had shown her i.d. or given her name she would have enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach with her daughter.
    Instead, she decided to be a social justice warrior.
    Then, they threw her down and went to jail.
    The police don’t care.
    She’ll never even see them again.
    She’ll see a judge.

  7. Woman: YoU're Not alLowEd tO HIt mE
    Officer: I'm an advocate of true gender equality. A guy who has no problem dolling out a dropkick to a female opponent.

  8. girl was just drinkin on beach she aint bother noone she did act crazy with the cops but she aint bother noone chillin on beach smh they got nothing better to do they are ppl selling skittles in wildwood all day

  9. She spits on an officer and then calls THEM white trash! No matter what she looks like on the outside, she is one ugly person.

  10. Well, she was hot. I can't really blame Matt for being with her…or for letting the police beat on her. I hope he does the right thing and takes the red pill after this nonsense.

  11. I would have thought she would be pleased she got treated the same as a man would have been treated. Equality has some downsides.

  12. Good job on police side showed great restraint. i may have kicked her in face. like there jobs not hard enough. lesson over.

  13. In Russia, the surrounding men would not allow such treatment of a woman. I think that the police would not have been greeted if this happened on the Russian beach.

  14. Imagine how many of these kind of girls manage to cry and play the victim and sob at the trial, talking all kinds of shit about being groped or whatever…. Back in the day. Body cams for the win.

  15. She just could not understand that revealing a bit of (saggy) cleavage didn't get her out of trouble. I mean, it usually works doesn't it? Maybe as people have commented, FINALLY, women are getting equal rights and that means they too, have to use their brains in life rather than getting by by flirting, playing with their hair, batting their eyelids and wearing revealings skirts. I love THIS VIDEO, If only this happened more often. I wonder where this bimbo is now?

  16. I COMPLETELY agree with THE GIRL!! in this matter.. SHE WASNT CAUSING a scene… she was ABOUT!!!! to cause a scene!!!!

  17. The cops in this instance instigated this situation by using unnecessary force. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. These so called police obviously wanted to show off their authority. The beach looks good though

  18. i know these cops think they're doing the right thing, but out there somewhere in a different country, where cops don't carry guns or patrol the beach, young people enjoy the beach drinking beer and cocktails, singing and dancing and having a good time. think about that a bit.

  19. Who lit the fuse on that bitch's tampon? She's screaming, swearing in front of children, name calling, spitting and everyone else is white trash? He was about to tell her to pour it out and leave.

  20. 3:00 IT"S all downhill FROM here….THIS is WHAT FAMISTS TEACH STUPID YOUNG GIRLS….you don't need to know my last name…..END ACT DROP the FEMNAZI

  21. "Wehhhhhhhhhhh I'm a woman so you can't treat me like that weehhhhhh, But I also I want the same rights as men wehhhhhhhh"

  22. totally dont agree with her behaviour
    HOWEVER the police have been given far too much power. "blow on this" "blow on it again" etc. etc etc

  23. I remember this story, from the news, way back then.
    As non-practicing counsel (having passed the NY State Bar Exam, but never established a law practice), the woman (that all of you mental midget rocket scientists are chastising) was well within her rights.
    She was recreationally and independently peacefully within her own confines; and NOT being abusive, nor was she infringing on anyone's rights.

    I wish that I was on that beach, when this all went down; as I would have represented her Pro Bono.

    99.999999999999999999999% of the time, I support the police officer's perspective.

    BUT, in this particular instance, the A-Hole perverted officer(s) harassed that woman, because she was barely dressed, and very attractive.

    In this case, the officers were wrong; and had I represented that lady in court, we both would have realized several million dollars, due to the ineptitude of the Sexaholic Keystone Cops.

  24. This is why so many people hate cops.go arrest gangbangers and thugs not pick on innocent people, like if you guys didn't drink when you where too young.nothing better to you've ruined that young girls life.if he would have punch a black girl like that,he would be out of a job.there too scared to deal with black people so they pick on every other race instead.

  25. The girl may have some mental issues for acting so crazy… She is a hot mess. Hope she gets the help she needs since she has a young child

  26. Why are kids so stupid today? Not all but too many for my liking! I'm sure she pressed charges and the judge enjoyed watching her make a total ass out of herself.
    And whom was that little bitch boy talking smack in the background?

  27. Having breathalysed the woman and established she was not drinking alcohol, the Officer should have advised her that “Open display,” means displaying alcohol in the open on the beach. “Please conceal the alcohol. Drinking alcohol and displaying alcohol on the beach and in the open is an offence. We will give you a warning this time if you comply with the law in future.” No need for hitting, throwing to the ground and arresting the woman. If police are friendly they will get much more co-operation. That is the way police manage things where I live. They are law enforcers and avoid violence.

  28. Oh yes, she is very single. No real man would ever put up with her cheap shit. Unless of course, he had no nuts at all.

  29. I look at it this way, if the woman was drinking then going to drive then the cop could have saved her and her baby's life that day.

  30. OMG I respect the policeman’s patience up to that point. What a disgusting disrespectful privileged little tart, she needs to be arrested and thrown in prison for a couple of days to learn to respect the law. What a loss of dignity for this spoilt little brat.. ha ha ha!!

  31. So let me let me this straight. There was beer, not open, not drinking it but in view. Instead of minding their own business. And actually looking for real crime like, ohh lets see? Actual illegal drugs, which are sold on most beaches. They basically harass her. Goading her by asking the same question over and over. Then state their going to pour out said item. Which is money wasted. Sorry but anyone would get kinda pissy about theft or destruction of private property. Then more or less assault the lady. Use excessive force. Sorry being kicked by a twig of a woman isnt going to hurt. And being more than one to arrest her is kinda sad. And no your life isnt in danger. Because she refused to show id or tried to kick you. Sorry until you state what the charge is. A real charge not i want free beer. Which is what this crap is over. You have no grounds for arrest or detainment in any state. Unless there is reasonable doubt or suspicion. These are what you call kingshite cops. Which needs to be fixed. Also unlawful search and seizure come into play aw well.

  32. This is what happens when a young officer doesn’t know how to deal with a nothing situation and it quickly gets out of hand because of his testosterone. None of this should even have happened. There was no drinking, he was out of control and should be reprimanded.

  33. She plead guilty with a year probation and the cops were all cleared. I'm a retired LEO and any training I ever had told me she was resisting and could be hit (whether you are a man or woman) to get the cuffs on her. I might have done certain things differently but according to any laws I have seen, the cop was doing his job by the book. Also, not that it applies to this case but she was arrested twice previously for burglary and simple assault receiving 4 years probation and just under 10k in court costs. She should have done some jail time in this case.

  34. "Welcome to Chez Reality! Today's special of the day is Brazen Snowflake, hand tenderized, encrusted in a local, fresh sand wrap, seared in fresh Labor Day sun, and topped with a special 'you cant because I'm a woman' 'WHINE Sauce" on a warm plate of Body Cam! Can I take your order, please?!"

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