Will MMA Work in a Streetfight? – Fred Mergen

Hi my name is Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed
Martial Arts, today we’re going to talk about “Will MMA work in a street fight” That’s a pretty dumb question. It’s like asking
a boxer “will your boxing work in a street fight?”. Of course MMA would work in a street
fight. This is a trained athlete we’re talking about, somebody who knows MMA they know how
to do boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, I teach American Kenpo as a traditional martial art
so my fighters know American Kenpo which is an art of self defense. They know Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu so I think an MMA fighter is probably more prepared than a regular black belt because
we kind of have the best of all worlds, you know we’re good standing up, we’re good on
the ground, we’re good if you grab us we can throw you, so yes an MMA fighter will definitely….MMA
will definitely work in a street fight let’s put it that way. You know I think a fighters dream is to fight
with no rules, even though how bad that sounds but you don’t have to worry about the referee
telling you “no you can’t do that!” and you’ll be able to fish hook and eye gouge so there
are a lot of things that an MMA fighter knows that he doesn’t use in the ring so that is
a big plus for us if you get into a street fight. It’s funny, a lot of people say “oh I can
kick you below the belt, I can kick you in the groin and I can knock you out!!”, as you’re
kicking me in the groin I’m sticking a jab cross to your face and a leg kick…good luck
with that one. In a street fight you don’t want to take someone
to the ground. I wouldn’t want to be taken to the ground because there’s concrete and
you’re going to get all scarred up and if you see an MMA fighter they’re going to keep
their hands up and knock your teeth out before they go to the ground, and if it goes to the
ground hey, then we have to handle it from there. If we get taken to the ground and there
is nothing we could have done then we’re going to just deal with the situation and take over
and do what we have to. Another thing about an MMA fighter that’s
definitely going to help him in a street fight is, he’s well conditioned. If you get a fat
slob who walks up and goes “ah I can take you” and we just move around for about two
seconds and he’s already huffing and puffing, he’s pretty much done. You know, you look at an MMA athlete, what
they go through to get into the ring, is very taxing on their body. You know, their conditioning
is one of the highest level possible, so if you think you can take an MMA fighter, good
luck with that one, and on the comments, write me your story and tell me how it worked out.

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