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Will the Great American Eclipse Make America Great Again?

Will the Great American Eclipse Make America Great Again?

Did you know Donald Trump was born just hours before an eclipse? Vedic Astrology, the ancient divination
science of India believes that the eclipses are caused by a shadow God,
who wanted the nectar of immortality so bad even if it meant getting cut in half!!! The Great American Eclipse on August
21st is going to be caused by the top half, the head without the body known as
Rahu the north eclipsing node 99 year ago, the year 1918 was the last
time a solar eclipse cut across the entire country symbolically if we look
at the Omenology of this eclipse, cutting through the country, it’s
putting a dividing line through the nation. Rahu is irreverent it’s the classic renegade, ultimately
Rahu is the energy of revolution with the birth chart of America we see that it started in the Rahu cycle, in the cycle of revolution. In September of 2015
the United States started the Rahu cycle again.
So as a country being in this Rahu cycle in this eclipsing cycle, it’s creating
the psychology of rejecting the status quo, of being tired with business as
usual, and getting what we want wanting change, wanting revolution. So it
is no wonder that we elected a president who was born on this shadowy eclipse
energ,y and it’s a main part of his psychology. I don’t have to argue with
anybody about that. He’s the classic renegade, he wants what he wants no
matter what. We each have a Rahu, North node in our birth charts at the time we
were born. It represents urgent desires and irrational fears, it represents our
personal prejudices, our blind spots. It is wise to get to know your own shadow
to get to know your own blind spots so that you can make accurate decisions and
accurate judgments in your life because that which we push up against only
becomes stronger, only exists, but if we bring awareness to it and can see it and
no longer has this unconscious control over our lives. In this way we integrate
all parts of ourselves and it becomes our personal power. This will give us a
greater compassion and understanding for the times that we’re in. It is understood
that whatever you’re doing during this Eclipse, it is going to be a thousand times
more amplified, so we have the opportunity to make great change in our
life and the world around us. This major eclipse can bring up surprising information and things that were hidden to you and it
could be a little disorienting so a Vedic Astrology reading is a great way
to understand how the Eclipse is affecting you and how to orient and what
to do to be strong and grounded and to integrate all different parts of
yourself. You can book a reading with me by visiting my website
Thank you very much for listening please share this along with
your friends and family The day before the Eclipse I’m going to
be giving a presentation at symbiosis Oregon Eclipse gathering at 10 a.m. at
the parlor I will also be doing ritual and meditation to help everyone there to
ground and to center to be able to harness the big energy of the Eclipse. And I’ll
have frankincense purification throughout the crowd and I’m going to
have ritual dancers to help invoke more of this Rahu energy to capture our
minds to help us center with even the biggest distraction of the most amazing
beautiful dancers on the planet

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