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Wing Chun Lesson for beginners 12: basic hand exercise/static bong sau with chop

Wing Chun Lesson for beginners 12: basic hand exercise/static bong sau with chop

on this particular lesson I will show you some of the hand movement like this this particular movement here is very very useful when you start to working and then getting good at it later on it could be good so if you’re ready let’s do it together hand and feet like this together a one two and three and bring your hand out like that when your hand in this petition this hand out here turn and that’s where you turn your hand body to slide like this okay and inside the cover then this hand here come out ladder in line again and when you strike remember don’t strike either whole body strike together now okay then from this particular movement here this hand inside turn when you turn in this line this hand cover while this hand in line your body slightly again to bring the hand back here and then strike with the whole body now okay let me show you on this angle on this particular anchor exactly the same hand in here okay this hand inside turn bring your hand back in here and then strike bring your hand back into position inside the hand turn back and then strike like that okay now when you start to work when you want moomin like this when you’re doing slightly fast you should be that each one hand turn each one have to have the whole body to put on so the like got movement on it now wise always have to do some damage on it hand back and then stripe that okay so turn back and hit hand all the way inside here to cover when they start to walk with this thing you try to work on an ad muttered you can because of your body not talk to your hand then when you need in if don’t work for you I will see you on to the next lesson

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