Wiz Khalifa Does ASMR & Talks Rolling Papers 2 | Mind Massage | Fuse

Yo, hi this is Wiz
Kahlifa and this is ASMR I think that people associated
bookbags with Taylor Gang But you don’t have to have
a bookbag to be in Taylor Gang One of my most popular mix
tapes isKush and Orange JuiceIt’s because I like to
smoke a lot of Kush, especially when you
wake up in the morning. This is for the kush. It’s been really fun being
a high-level recording artist but I really value
being a family man. One of our favorite things
to do is throw parties. He loves his
birthday parties. Hahahahaha The whole time I’ve been
away, I’ve been secretly in the gym getting
buff as fuck. And now I’m super excited
to drop my new album,Rolling Papers. I’m going on tour. It’s called
“Dazed and Blazed” It’s gonna be super fun
and I can’t wait cause I love touring and I
love releasing music, And even though I’m going
on tour and dropping an amazing album, I’m still
gonna be writing and working. Still getting better… Everyday. I’ll see you guys later. Please come out and see us
on the Dazed and Blazed tour. And make sure you get
Rolling Papers
too. [Not Whispering]
Well, that was kinda cool. I guess I’m into it. Gang gang! [Chair Loudly Scraping] [Crew Laughing] Shhhh

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