35 thoughts on “Wolverine on the ring | X-Men

  1. I got a question how come the guy didn’t break his hand when he hit Logan but breaks his fingers when he clashes fist with him

  2. I remember when seeing & enjoying this when it came out in 2000….now, after watching Logan, this should’ve been more brutal and Rated-R. Blood should’ve been all over the place.

  3. What I did notice about the Fox Xmen films when it came to Wolverine was his fighting skills improving as he regained his memories throughout each movie- in the first film, he basically relied on his healing and metal skeleton to do most of everything while he flailed angrily at who he was fighting yet stayed getting his asswhooped ie against Mystique & Sabertooth

    By Logan, his having to deal with the very metal that he relied on for years having started killing him and his healing factor was dying out so he had no choice but to fight and he was a monster doing it as he was vastly more skilled in combat then where he was in the first X-men film

    Would say "The Wolverine" was where his fighting skills were at their peak coincidentally that was another film where he couldn't really rely on his healing factor …..imagine if "The Wolverine" had a R rating…..if only

  4. Who wouldnt take it personal getting kicked in the balls ???

    I mean that old man must have seen one unlucky bastard kicked wolverine in the balls. And wolverine damn near killed someone I bet.

    Again the old man has a point

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