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Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Flying Axe Kick

Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Flying Axe Kick

We’re going to be doing a flying axe kick.
The difference between this and the previous two axe kicks is the back knee comes out up
off the ground. That way you’ll get the momentum to get your body up in the air. You still
start with the same position. Knee is going to come up and from this position you switch
legs, it’s still an axe kick. From that moment on, it’s still the same kick it’s just how
you start it. Again, start with your staggered stance, make sure your knees are bent, back
leg comes up, from here you have to switch and still drop that leg back. One more time.
I take that step forward, bring the knee up, switch. If I speed it up a little bit, it
looks like this, drop that front leg. Now I’m going to turn around and I’m going to
do it on a target. This is what it would be looking like if I had an actual target. This
kick is going to the collar bone or the ridge of the nose. I want to cover distance by moving
forward as I’m jumping. You notice how that back knee came all the way up as I drop that
front leg down. That’s our flying axe kick. We’re going to move into a thrusting knee
strike next.

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7 thoughts on “Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Flying Axe Kick

  1. if u jump and raise the knee hard, u get a little more air and if u kick the other leg up hard and right, u get a little more extra air, then drop the axe

  2. … this isnt kickboxing.. well.. one thing is for sure.. she doesnt know anything about kickboxing. her stance is completely wrong. and thats not how u perform an axe kick. idiot .. im so sick of people posting crap on youtube trying to "demonstrate" something.. wen they cant even do it right themselves.

  3. Nice, I showed it to the girls in my Taekwondo club. You may want to consider keeping knees bent though. Helps with cat-like agility. Cheers!

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