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Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Hopping Front Kick

Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Hopping Front Kick

So we’re going to move onto a little bit more
advanced kick; the front kick again, now we’re going to add a hop to it so we’re calling
it a hopping front kick. Again we’re going to position our feet just like we did on the
stepping front kick; staggered stance hip width apart, hands are up. O.k. so we started
with a step; now instead of the step we’re going to do a little hop into the bag, o.k.
So we go to push off that back leg; thrust those hips and come back to position, o.k.
I’m going to stop that bag; that way we have a little bit more momentum and a little bit
more force going into that target so again position those feet right, do not move until
everything is solid. O.k. again bring that leg up; you’re going to push off that back
leg, thrust your hips into that bag, come back nicely into that same position you started.
During this kick you want to make sure your you keep your hands up; o.k. you never want
to drop your hands so in other words this would not be a good kick, what happens to
my defense? I dropped it and I become vulnerable to attacks. So one more time; I’m going to
position my feet, o.k. hands are up; I feel nice and solid right here, my feet are hip
width apart; taking that back leg and dig that ball of the foot into the bag. O.k. and
that is our hopping front kick. O.k. we’re going to go over the; the hip thrust, the
positioning of the hips as we go into that kick; now to get more power and a little bit
more extension to reach your target, we’re pushing our hips forward at the same time
to balance that kick out we got to lean back with the upper body. O.k. as you into the;
to the bag, see my positioning right there? My hips go forward as I lean back with my
upper body. One more time; push, that way I also get a nice reach as my opponent is
moving either coming to me or moving away from me; I decide the distance. Now the next
kick we’re going to go to is the flying front kick.

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