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Women’s Kickboxing : Women’s Kickboxing: Cross Punch

Women’s Kickboxing : Women’s Kickboxing: Cross Punch

O.k. so we just did the jab; moving onto the
next basic punch the cross, now the difference is cross comes from back hand; it has a lot
more power because your hips have a lot more momentum turning o.k. We get ourselves into
a staggered stance; hands are up by your face, elbows are tucked to make sure everything’s
nice and tight; now after you move in you turn those hips and you drive through the
hip straight into that bag with the backhand. O.k. one more time; come back to position
in between, step forward; you got to turn those hips in toward the bag, extend that
arm out. Again very important; wrist should be straight and you’re hitting with the first
two knuckles so this hand position did not change and come back. Always make sure that
other hand stays up by your face as you’re going through this whole thing o.k. So we’re
doing it again; step into it, turn that hip; hit with the first two knuckles straight on
punch and then come back. So we want to focus on the feet a little bit more; staggered stance,
now keep in mind the hip is what generates all that power so that’s our key to throwing
that cross punch. O.k. so hands up; elbows tucked; now we’re rotating back shoulder and
hip for a nice clean hit strikes the face. So would like two knuckles; the first two
knuckles are, that’s the part that should hit that target; make sure this other hand
stays up by your face while you’re throwing that punch, you want to stay protected the
whole time and come back. So one more; step in, rotate; look at those hips they turned
almost all the way over to the opposite side. O.k. we’re going to go back to the bag again
and we’re going to do it full power; make sure you have that hip behind that punch,
tighten up that fist; if you keep it loose chances are you’re going to hurt is o.k.,
nice and tight; step in power, take a step back away from your opponent to see what’s
going on; one more time, step over a little bit with our front leg; straight hit, bring
that hand right back to the original position and next we’re going to move on to the uppercut.

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