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Woodman gets backpacks from GT Midwest

Woodman gets backpacks from GT Midwest

We have a great community
partner that paired with us last year, brought school supplies.
They contacted me at the end of the year and wanted to know if
we could use a backpack for every student in our school. GT
Midwest is an industrial supply distributor. We sell mostly to
manufacturers; people that build things. They arranged to deliver
backpacks today, which is right before enrollment. And every
student will have a backpack given to them when they come
through the doors. GT decided about a year ago to do some more
community service and help out where we could. We got partnered
up with United Way and people like the Salvation Army, and so
when we had a chance to get some of these backpacks, we found
Woodman is our local school that’s closest to GT Midwest.
And we decided to donate them directly to the school, instead
of going through another middleman. I think there is
about 650, probably. The community is our school, and our
community comes out, they want to support us, they just need to
know what to do. Janice, the principal here has been very
helpful. It was really easy to just have a chance to put all of
these in storage for a month or two, we got them earlier in the
Spring. We just put them in our warehouse until you guys where
ready for them. And we got a lot of people down here to unload
and make quick work of it. We’re like the closest school
to them, so they actually sought us out, which was really cool. I
had not heard of them, now we love them and we are happy that
they are part of Woodman. And they do have several staff
members that did go to school here, so that makes it even
better. You know we get the satisfaction of helping
somebody, giving back to the community, and making sure that
the kids have some school supplies and some new backpacks,
you know it makes you feel good. We donated some books and some
games and stuff last year. A few small things, but this was kind
of a chance to do a bigger project, and so it kind of
worked out.

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