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Work Out with Punch Fitness: Kickboxing

Work Out with Punch Fitness: Kickboxing

KICKBOXING WORKOUT: [MUSIC]>>MIGUEL: Hi this is Miguel Cardona here with
Nelson Dicosta at Punch Fitness Center. What we’re going to do today is show you a total
body exercise. To me this is the fastest and most efficient way to work out. So let’s
get after it. So what we want to do is challenge the body
as a whole. So what we’re going to do is get into a push-up position. Make sure you
shift the weight forward, challenge the arms. Shoulders are right over the arms. We’re
going to do it right from this position, abs in tight. You’re going to twist and reach
for the opposite side toe with the opposite side hand. And we’re going to go right back
and alternate. So in the very beginning just take your time. Focus on balancing and challenging
your arm. Go back into the other side. Kicking that let out working the front and back part
of the leg on the other side. If you need a little it more of a challenge, go faster.
That’s going to work your body out as a whole and your cardiovascular system as well. [MUSIC]>>MIGUEL: What we want to do is transition
back into the second exercise ,which is a seated position one foot planted firmly in
front. We’re going to power up using that front leg, front heel. Challenge the back
of that leg and get into a standing position also using your arms as well to get up. Challenging
the back of the arms and your shoulders we’ll get it right into a standing position. You
want to stay on the same side and go all the way back down to a seated position again.
Well keep this hand up just to defend yourself and create that fight aspect of it. Stand
back up keep that arm in to challenge the core just a little bit further if you can
keep one arm stabilized. Well go back down. Use that arm to get down because you want
to challenge your arm as well. And we’ll come back up. Once again, start slow in the
beginning and well speed it up if you got a little more experience. You’re going to
go up and down as quick as you can. [MUSIC] I’m going to transition to our third exercise.
Squat down, let’s hold that squat down. Were going to throw two punches, come up,
and throw two knees. Squat down, throw 2 punches to work those arms, squat up, two knees to
get those legs involved. And also twist when you throw those knees. Make sure you put that
twist in there so you are working your abdominals as well. We’re going to go a little bit
faster lets get 3 more. A little bit more experienced we’re going to get it definitely
quick up that cardiovascular once again working that total body as a whole. [MUSIC]>>MIGUEL: So what we want to do is each exercise
for 30 seconds total but if you want a real challenge, do 1 minute total. Thanks for working
out with us here at Punch Fitness Center for The Daily.

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