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  1. Hi, im really wanting to try out the Athlean-x program, but i work out at home and have limited equipment although I do have a bench, bar and some dumbells although the weight is limited. can anyone tell me exactly what equipment i will need to buy for this program? thanks

  2. Sounds like you have everything you need already.
    I don't have much equipment either and I got great results from Athlean-X…ripped and added muscle.

  3. awesome! the other thing i was wondering about was, i do kickboxing twice a week and its pretty touch cardio, will i sitll be able to do this along side the program or will i over train? or can i swap the cardio in the program for this? also was the meal plan hard to follow? thanks for your help! and do you have a results video?

  4. A few of Jeff's clients are MMA fighters actually. I saw him in some backwoods facility in Georgia at Brian Stann's gym last year… anyway, if you find you're getting too lean just cut back on the program cardio and use your MMA for cardio. The strength training is perfect for MMA cause you get in and out of the gym fast so you're not wiped out for your sport specific MMA training. Meal plan is super easy to follow, one of the best features.

  5. Doing ab workouts won't really burn fat, just grow the muscles. Cardio for fatburning. Look up something like "burn stomach fat"

  6. Youll need fitness tubes/resistance bands there about $15 to $25. And youlll need a couple of chairs or sawhorses and something you can grab onto to do pull-ups.

  7. I bought athlean- x 2 years ago but I never did the whole program. Now want to go back but I don't know if that program is too outdated. Should I re-buy it so I am up to date?

  8. You need to get down to 8% body fat for obliques (V line) I suggest various sprint work outs, or high intensity cardio, along with other ab training.

  9. the thing which a lot of ppl fail to mention with overtraining is that it is different with every person… There is nothing like you need 24 hours rest or you overtrain, thats a myth..it always comes down to how you train and what you are used to. For a let say professional athlete its normal to train every day so he wont overtrain if he like trains in the eve and next morning again. It just is right for a guy like here in the video who has nearly no muscle that has to start building muscle

  10. i do like your training!! So nice! Because i lifted weights at gym when i was 16.now i'm 17 and 10months. Sometime, i don't like the result of mine.But now i believe your training and i do lift weights and play my muscles as you. i think that i will become a pro athlete! 😀

  11. Hi Jeff i have no words to say about the amazing various workouts you invent …i follow the workouts and do it in the gym people just watch … keep doing this good work .. i am sure i would be opening a gym and follow you … i am living because Gym has become my Life Thanks Bro

  12. Hey Jeff, my name is kenn from Kenya and am a fan of urs…. ave been doing my workouts at home not at the gym using my own body weight, and it seems am building alot of muscle + am getting bigger…. my aim was to get ripped and maintain my normal body size… pliz explain to me what am doing wrong.

  13. Hi i am facing a problem. I use an easy curl bar for bicep curls. It puts stress on my inner forearm and wrist. Pain lasts many days. It feels like if the pain is coming from bone. Now it pains even when do normal dumbbell curls. I would appreciate any solutions. Thank You 

  14. For proof of concept, i trained my legs every day for 4 hours for a full week, i ate 2 huge meals and slept 12-14 hours a day in 2 sleep periods. I took 2 weeks off after and my legs exploded with gains during the week i was training.

    The point is your body is very adaptive, I've never made gains like the gains i had since. And i don't plan on trying something like it again any time soon. But what i learned is what you read in literature is written from the perspective assuming you are living in a normal daily routine.

    If you screw that routine up you can do some weird shit.

  15. I work out get into shape but feel like im not eatin right and my job im a postman and work 9 to 10 miles 5 to 6 days aweek.
    What can I do to stop my muscle breakin down or can I build muscle still, because I got fast metabolism, stuck on what food to make or eat on my rounds and im gettin my fair share
    Of cardio, its like power walkin every day, any ideas Jeff?

  16. I work out get into shape but feel like im not eatin right and my job im a postman and work 9 to 10 miles 5 to 6 days aweek.
    What can I do to stop my muscle breakin down or can I build muscle still, because I got fast metabolism, stuck on what food to make or eat on my rounds and im gettin my fair share
    Of cardio, its like power walkin every day, any ideas Jeff?

  17. Scientific research show that you are able to optimize your muscle building process 2x-3x quicker; by simply adjust your nutrition plan. Because time you spend on the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

  18. I'm 62 years young today.  I wish I had the knowledge of Athlean-X 40 years ago! Better now than never.  It's a great thing for life.  I'm preparing for retirement.  I'm glad I discovered your videos on You Tube! Thumbs Ups for Athlean-X!!!!

  19. pro atletes can train that hard because that's their job. If i had that much time id train just as hard

  20. I like the fact that the pictures are real changes, not some BS pic of a guy after he ate a fat meal and then one after he just worked out(Mike Chang).

  21. Im sorry but I gotta call B.S on that before and after stats.. there is NO way he lost 7% body fat.. In the before pic he can't be much more than 7% to begin with, I would say no more than 10% and that's pushing it…  and in the after pic he looks to be around 7%..

  22. lol….deary me, lots of comments saying its BS and the before and after photos are fake, and the stats are fake. I swear, some people only comment on YouTube videos to chat crap and 'hate' on people. Jeff is a renowned physio and strength and conditioning coach, he is NOT a fake, and he is a million times smarter than you 'haters'. You haters are probably not in shape yourself, but wish you were. Go get a real job and hobby instead of chatting garbage on here. 

  23. Is there any beginners program to get you reach the point to be able to train with at lean-x workout?

  24. I need to workout badly. I am 56, 5’10”, Mexican 255 pound and disabled. I have membership at Gold’s gym on Pine Ave. in Long Beach, CA but never workout. If I workout then I would get hungry. I am on SSDI – dirt poor. I don’t have any money to buy food. I could go eat with the homeless but that can be dangerous. Those places are not very clean. Three times I have ended up in the emergency food at Saint Mary’s Hospital for food poisoning! If I go walking, then someone might call 911 and get me picked up again for dehydration for not eating. On January 11, 2015, I was robbed, hit in the back of my head, left unconscious on the sidewalk, and wallet stolen. I was an easy pick to wipe out. Why did he not finish the job and just kill me? I was already “OUT”.  Once, I tried drink only water for weeks. I ended up in Pacific Hospital for a week due to “NO SALT” and electrolytes in my blood. My brain got swollen and started seeing hallucinations due to no salt in my blood.  I don’t have TV like everyone else. I cannot afford that kind of TV. I have “ROKU”. I have internet on my old TV. I can only afford Youtube.com because it is free.
    I cannot afford a personal trainer. I need a spotter but maybe more.

  25. My program is 7 days a week, all muscle groups worked multiple times across the week, decent rest times for growth, all body weight movements, and it is free.

  26. Flys are great to do. The key is using the amount of weight you can actually handle and doing it with proper form. Flys drastically improved the shape and strength of my chest.

    Do 4 sets .. even at home
    (Do slow full reps)

    Set = Push-up (10 reps) – flys (10 reps) – bench press (10 reps)

    Repeat ..

  27. Monday : Chest & Abs
    Tuesday : Shoulder
    Wednesday : Back & Abs
    Thursday :  Biceps
    Friday : Triceps
    Saturday : Legs & Abs 

    this is my weekly routine. is that ok or i change my routine

  28. hey jeff,
    I quite the gym to due to a shoulder injury and now i am fully recovered and ready to get back, my question is i would like to try the full body workout since my goal is overall strength and full body tuning what is your advice on the full body workout vs. split routine ,Thanks, Ali

  29. comic book sketchers are like all-characters should have jeff like body ….all of them………….all of them-that guy has a great body.

  30. Hey,
    Is there any specific workouts for football player improvement on all aspects of his play ??

    Thanks in advance

  31. what should bthe diet for a vegiterian bodybuider to loose weight and gain musle with 20 to 30 % of body fat and what will b the exercise …..lots of cardo or something else

  32. I get a bit frustrated that this is promoted as a program for everyone no matter who you are; however I see no girls..
    I've seen the XX-programs, but I simply feel at loss; I don't work out to get "the sexy butt" or "those lean arms", but to build muscle and be more athletic! WHY are all of jeffs videos targeted to guys only? 🙁 (i still watch all of them, though..)

  33. Being training for about 3 months now have seen some results but would like to put on more muscle size. I no don't eat like I should but the kind of work I do doesn't allow me to set down an have a go lunch ever day.what kind of healthy snacks can I eat when I don't have time to take a lunch break.would you be able to give me a good workout program to build muscle. And some advice of what kind of healthy food I should be eating

  34. strange that dude Ruben its been 6 yrs and still havent seen him in the UFC 😞 guess it must be a tough to get in.

  35. The QL and SOAS muscle stretches shown here are spot on and I as a Remedial Therapist advise others to stretch these muscles to avoid prolapse discs that can occur during physical work or day to day life (picking up children) ETC.

  36. Watching this in 2018. I am just amazed how Jeff keeps his figure so solid all these years. He is my hero. Happy Father's Day to you, Jeff. Thank you for this great channel.

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