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WORLD TAG LEAGUE 2018 (November 18) – Post-match Interview [5th match]

WORLD TAG LEAGUE 2018 (November 18) – Post-match Interview [5th match]

SHO… YOH… Let me tell you something, Don’t act so damn cool! You guys won the tag league,
good for you, What you guys need isn’t the Junior Tag titles, What you guys need is some humiliation. Me and BUSHI will be glad to give you that. Yesterday, my throat was in bad shape, I had a little trouble on the mic… But today,
my throat is absolutely in top condition. So my voice won’t crack tonight. I’m a professional,
I won’t make the same mistake twice. But I did make an error,
I thought I was in the main event tonight, also. I didn’t even have a shot at holding the mic. Maybe I am still jet-lagged. A bit… But I’ll recover and I’ll fight in my next match. WORLD TAG LEAGUE… It’s obvious that EVIL and SANADA are
ahead of the others, two or three steps above. But if only one team is strong,
I wonder if the league can still be exciting? What do you think?
Do you think only their strength will stand out? I can say, watching closely, that EVIL and SANADA
are a truly amazing team. So, I wanted to face them. Opportunities like that are very rare. So, I wanted to be in this league. I wanted to be in the WORLD TAG LEAGUE
so that I could fight EVIL and SANADA. Well… They’re in a league match later tonight, right?
Then this is truly the start of WORLD TAG LEAGUE. What kind of performance they will give us… I… I’ll go home and watch NEW JAPAN WORLD from there. They will surely have a match
that will make me envious. I’ll enjoy the match on NEW JAPAN WORLD
while having some popcorn. Well, next is… The day after tomorrow… We’ll be in the Takaoka Arena. Adios. I’ll say this… Everyone, let’s jump on these winds. Let’s all ride these winds to the Dome. And the answer for 3 way title match is there. Roppongi 3K is riding something new. Shingo Takagi truly is electrifying, isn’t he? I still can’t believe he’s a Junior. I never wanted to be out-muscled
by anyone in the Junior division. I took that for granted,
but he’s got power, speed and strength. That’s why… I prepared myself while on excursion,
doing MMA, taking jiu jitsu, studying Gracie… I’ve prepared myself for all of this.
Watch me at the Tokyo Dome. Hi, Jay, wherever you are…
Are you good? Are you eating well? Are you resting? Practicing?
Are you motivated to beat me? Bring more than what you brought to G1. You’ve fired me up this much. You’re about to
get beat down by the great Kazuchika Okada.

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34 thoughts on “WORLD TAG LEAGUE 2018 (November 18) – Post-match Interview [5th match]

  1. タカギも、いいけどロスインゴにヘビー1人増やしてほしいな❗そしたら内藤と組んで出られるのに😅っていつも思う

  2. 岡田いいぞ!



  3. Lol Shingo telling people not to act cool when he's in the coolest faction in new japan. Coolness is an LIJ thing! Stick to your crappy pants and theme music!

  4. the whole time Naito was talking, i was mesmerized by that one long bead of sweat right in the middle of his head dangling from that hair bang!

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