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Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 6 – Ricochet

Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 6 –  Ricochet

One and only I’ve been called the greatest of my kind,
the greatest of this time When I walk in a room, I shine
To the point where the person in front of me’s blind Recognize I’m the realest, I’m future of flight Tell my haters step aside, y’all can move
to the right Yeah! Redefining what it means to be athlete
Steady climbing and leaving y’all in the back of me Factually, I’m a masterpiece, they study my moves and borrow it But they can’t do it like me, yeah, I make it hard to follow this You say that you’re good, I say that I’m better You follow the trends, they call me the trendsetter They used to laugh about what I wanted I went after it, I brought it, brung it
And now they look at me like they want something from it! That ain’t how it goes, this is how I roll Consider this to be the moment that I take
control They can hate me now, but when it’s all said
and done There’s a lot of y’all, but I’m the only one One and Only Yeah JWill Ricochet Wrestle flow, flow, flow yeah

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