WRESTLE KINGDOM 14 in TOKYO DOME Night 1 (Jan 4) Post match comments: OP Match-3[日本語字幕・English sub]

All this press for just a tag match?
Well, I missed this show 3 straight years… Anything to ask us? Although we got our asses kicked at the
start of 2020, ask us whatever. Can you tell us your thoughts on having a
Third Generation tag match at the Dome tonight? It’s not new for us to have
a match at the Dome. I mean, it would have been nice to win.
I had great support from Nagata. I was able to go on a rampage,
but they got us at the end. Well, it’s still better to get beat
when you’re fired up than not. But our feud has only started. How about you, Nagata? It’s been three years for us two to fight in the
Dome. So I wanted Nakanishi to go all out. Tonight’s tag match was like
taking a trip to the past. I assumed they’d target me,
and that Nakanishi could go all out. Unfortunately, we couldn’t win.
But it felt like… We went back to our roots, when Nakanishi
was leading the charge. That’s how I felt tonight. It would have been different
if Nakanishi was able to go all out. Although it was a short match,
Nakanishi showed his stuff. Truthfully, I felt very nostalgic. In the middle of the match, you two had a moment,
what did it mean? Because it’s been a while for us
to have a match in the Dome. We wanted to show our gratitude to the crowd.
I mean, we felt a lot out there. That’s how we feel, as wrestlers. You two were acknowledging the crowd after, too. Me and Nakanishi’s tag team…
It meant a lot for us to show people that. So, we wanted to show how confident we were.
So, that’s why we did that. It’s not really appropriate for losers
to raise their hands, though. But I felt like we went back in time.
That’s why I raised his hand high. I think many new fans don’t know me,
while they do know Nagata. But I want to show what I’m about. Pro-wrestling isn’t only about fighting.
It’s about showing your spirit. What’s more real than anything is
our ability to show our Strong Style. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -Thank you.
-Thank you. That’s a great win for us. 2020. It doesn’t matter if we were in
the opening or if it was just a tag match. TenCozy got a big win over Nagata and Nakanishi. We’re categorized as the Third Generation,
but we don’t want to lose to them. It’s not just me, but also Koji hates losing
to them. We’ll carry that into this year. I know that many young guys are coming up,
and they’re the ones in the title matches, But we want to put ourselves in that position
again. We will keep fighting to do so. It doesn’t matter if it’s a singles match
or a tag match. I want to go, every chance I get. Let’s do it.
Thank you, Koji. I need to say that we’re not just satisfied
to get a match here. We’re not like that. But the fact we got to fight
in front of this many people, That makes us truly happy. But I know where
we stand right now, as the opening act. But we didn’t get a match last year,
or the year before that. But to break through, we have to
train more and more. We can’t lose our motivation.
We have to keep looking forward. And that’s our duty for 2020.
I truly believe so. I know there are many people out there working,
in a similar situation in their career, I know that they’re working hard,
because so are we. I’m not talking down to them,
I want to tell them let’s fight together. It’s tough when you get older, like this. But we are still showing our fight.
And that says everything. Winning and losing matters.
But I want to show more than that this year. Thank you. -Thank you.
-Thank you.

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