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Wrestlemania 34 Match BACK ON? Why John Cena Moved To WWE Raw LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Wrestlemania 34 Match BACK ON? Why John Cena Moved To WWE Raw LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, and oh buoy, have I got some huge wrestling news for you. WWE Bans Beach Balls
WWE have officially banned beach balls from their live events. That’s why I said ‘oh buoy’ at the start. Because a ‘buoy’ is a spherical, anchored
float you put in the sea. It’s a water pun…which probably works
better written down. PWInsider are reporting that WWE informed
all security staff at the Barclays Center not just to confiscate any beach balls at
Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown – following a number of beach ball-related incidents at
Summerslam and Monday Night Raw – but also “all pool-related paraphernalia”. That means fans can no longer bring Giant
Inflatable Parrots, Wally The Walrus, novelty drink holders, long cylindrical floats, giant
inflatable slides, or even zorbs to shows. What are you going to ban next, WWE? Fun itself? Sadly, this also means the entire Attitude
Era Women’s division will no longer be allowed into events. Real Reason John Cena Moved To Raw
One man who is a fan of inflatables, however, is John Cena – who addressed the crowd following
this week’s Raw, saying the fans have paid their money and should be allowed to do what
they want, criticising security for throwing people with beach balls out. But defending inflatables isn’t the only
reason Cena has jumped brands to Raw. Sports Illustrated are reporting “John Cena
is back on Monday nights on the USA Network for one reason: Vince McMahon wants Cena to
elevate and give the rub to Roman Reigns.” Apparently the move wasn’t just based on
Cena being a bigger ratings draw for WWE’s flagship show, but also on who he’ll work
with to bring in those viewers. The article notes that Cena is going to be
elevated even more in fresh feuds against Samoa Joe, Elias and Braun Strowman, to eventually
put over Reigns. Wrestlemania 34 Main Event Back On
But despite Cena vs Roman being a big time match, it appears the company aren’t saving
it for Wrestlemania 34 – with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reporting Brock Lesnar
vs Roman Reigns is back on as the Raw main event for WWE’s biggest show of the year. At one point, Lesnar vs Reigns had apparently
been moved forward to main event Summerslam, with Cena vs Reigns being pencilled in for
next year’s Wrestlemania. WWE Smackdown Rating
But even with Beach Ball-a-Mania running wild and Cena moving to Raw, Smackdown still managed
its best rating since April, pulling in 2.69 million viewers – a 6% increase on last week’s
show. Your ratings are far more important, though. 68% agreed with me that the show was SmackTastic,
while SmackDamn and Smack Bang in the Middle were tied at 14% each. Support WrestleTalk On Patreon
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100 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 34 Match BACK ON? Why John Cena Moved To WWE Raw LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

  1. I beg HHH kicks down Vince's door and yells "Vince, enough is enough! The fans don't want Roman Reigns in the main event scene, you need to find a new top babyface! You have an entire roster of credible candidates, stop picking the big sweaty Samoan, and if it has to be a big sweaty Samoan, go with Samoa Joe!"

  2. Roman has really improved in the ring and has been doing better work this year since feuding with Braun Strowman but his character pisses me off. It is like he doesn't care and shows up like another day on the job, he doesn't ooze charisma and doesn't show any passion if he starts making himself interesting or if it is WWE's fault then they should let him improve his character then he might get over better instead of being greeted with an ocean of boo's.

  3. when will "fans" realize that Reigns is fucking Heel now!!! WWE doesn't even mute the boos unlike i don't know last year. Besides Reigns likes being booed by you dorks.

    and another thing i thought you guys like Cesaro yet you assholes play with a beach ball that night?! no wonder why WWE doesn't listen to you all.

  4. Loved the sneaky Attitude Era joke Oli haha. Also nice segway work in this one. They'll probably ban signs next. I mean, they're not always positive and are often in camera shots they don't want them to be in. Think about how much they'd save on editing! (Btw anyone reading the stuff about the signs it's sarcasm).

  5. We should really start an online movement that states if it's reigns vs lesnar we all cancel our subscriptions. How anyone buy AJ can be slated is beyond me. It's the same nonsense as with Punk. AJ vs Lesnar, Nakamura, or Joe is basically all I think is worthy of wrestlemania.

  6. As the dirty sheets put it reigns vs Lesnar was always the main event of mania , wrestling observer is garbage.

  7. Good for Joe to put over talent like Cena and reigns who REALLY NEED WINS AND THE PUSH !!!!!!!


  8. They tried it with triple h, undertaker,and now John cena, if he doesn't doesn't get Roman over than they might need to get hulk hogan.

  9. Vince can try to do whatever he wants on the Roman but it's not gonna work because people are just going to keep on booing him and the more you make him beat other legends or other top stars people are still going to boo him so Vince has two choices either stick with the same dick he's always been sucking on (John Cena) or find another one (A.k.a. other top stars) because Roman is not going to work

  10. Have you all considered the fact that what if Roman goes in as Champion into Wrestlemania, they could do it, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

  11. What's amusing is watching fans react to Roman its boo's one moment cheers a next and chanting his name and at times giving him the Cena chant…really its the fans making Roman so big as he gets the biggest pop and crowd reactions…oh and his merchandise sales are in the top 5 all the time lately.

  12. If Cena buries Braun after his build upto main event level that'll be the dumbest then they could do just to put Reigns over. Fans are more behind Braun than they ever will be with Reigns. What a waste that would be.

  13. Asuka relinquished the women's title, is now preparing to go on the main roster and remind us how weak they are compared to nxt's women

  14. Hahahahahahahaha you all get to see cena, circa 2008, bury his way through the roster only to be beaten by RR. So cena can fuck off to hollywood, and RR can continue the job of burying the rest of the roster. XD

    Fucking hell am i glad i dont watch wwe anymore.

  15. If cena is giving roman "the rub" im curious how they build it if they "elevate" cena to put over reigns then roman should be booked as an actual heel instead of whatever he is now im actually looking forward to this

  16. So Wrestlemania 34 when The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar does his entrance I'll stop watching the match because no one gives 2 fucks about Roman Reigns! Fuck him and Vince McMahon!

  17. the Shield as a whole is main event material. the Shield on their own are mid carders. their WWE or Universal title runs have been forgettable and Ambrose did nothing while IC champ yet here we go with yet another round of Roman Reigns main eventing or being Universal Champion. i'm glad they got the tag title but Reigns needs to be brought down where he belongs, preferably putting over actual up and coming talent.


  19. No Roman Reigns shouldn't main event they should build a shield reunion storyline. I guess Vince doesn't think the same

  20. People like The Miz get mad cause Cena and Roman has the look and gets opportunitys well maybe if The Miz goes to TNA or somewhere else he would he would be a world champ

  21. Wait, wait…so Cena is going to bury Joe AND Braun (and Elias, but who cares)…all just to give the rub to Roman?! F that noise.

  22. They gave Reigns the ultimate tool to try to get over in beating Taker at Wrestlemania. Granted he would have done so as a heel but even that isn't working. The guy is not a bad wrestler by any means but hes just not working with the fans. The experiment is over

  23. So that's Raw ruined then. Cena goes over Elias, Joe and Strowman – and then loses to Reigns, single handedly killing the three best rising stars in the show. And then we get Reigns winning again at Mania (presumably he'll win the Rumble as well again)

  24. so.. does that means both Cena & Reigns will win every match… or do they constantly have no contest draws? hopefully both hurt each other & i don't have to think about this albatross of a match up ever again –_

  25. 3 straight wrestlemanias ending with loud ass boos does not make the company or the show look good at all

  26. Cesaro is boring as hell. The demon king thing is corny. Reigns superman punch is dumb. Undertaker is retired. Lesnar is leaving. The Hardys need to be broken. The bullet club needs to arrive. And that's exactly why my WWE network stays between 1997 -2004

  27. I would ban the beach balls too! It's fucking disrespectful to the superstars . the crowd tries to hijack the show and make it about them.

  28. That's how you know WWE is dying, when they have to ban pool toys because there more entertaining then the superstars

  29. Ugh I hate Roman Reigns hes garbage. Doesn't deserve to headline Wrestlemania ever, and now hes gonna for the 4th year in a row

  30. fans should only be allowed to use beach balls the day after wrestlemania and summerslam not the day after that and that and so on

  31. WWE fans and wresting fans in general should stop caring about dirt sheets, rumors and leaks and just let the fucking shows unfold however they unfold and bring back the element of surprise! Fucking marks.

  32. no when will WWE stop giving the fans what they want only to see the same fans trash the athletes.its time to band Fan's from posting what they want unless you work for WWE it's a show for kids and what's sad is grown up come and boo kids heroes.

  33. I'm still shocked that Cena vs Roman is happening this soon. I always thought that much wouldn't be for a few years.

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