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Wrestling Icons Who Don’t Look Anything Like They Used To

Wrestling Icons Who Don’t Look Anything Like They Used To

Not every wrestler stays the same forever. Some, like Hulk Hogan, have maintained roughly
the same look over the years. But most have traded in their wild antics
for a completely different look. Here are some wrestling icons who don’t look
anything like they once did. The Rock Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has certainly made
a few image and style changes since he first stepped into the ring in 1996. In his first bout, the future Hollywood star
went by the name Rocky Maivia, and fans reacted to the guy by … booing their hearts out. It’s not hard to see why fans didn’t take
a shine to the future king of Hollywood right away. His costume featured a tasseled, checkerboard
cape with feathers, and what the Rock himself described as “a Chia pet” on his head. It wasn’t long before Johnson ditched the
Rocky Maivia gimmick. He changed his ring name to simply The Rock
and switched to regular trunks, $5,000 shirts, and black elbow pads. Fans immediately embraced the new persona,
and Johnson went on to become the Hollywood icon he is today. Chris Jericho Chris Jericho has always been something of
a rock star wrestler. He actually fronts the band Fozzy, so that
description isn’t just a figurative one. While today he proves he’s a huge rock star
by, well, being one, in WCW, he let his glorious hair define his look. Even though Jericho has since cut his hair,
he keeps up the hard-rocker persona, both in the ring and out of it. The Undertaker Most wrestlers tone down their look as the
years pass. Mark Calaway, on the other hand, just gets
weirder and weirder. Back when he first came onto the professional
wrestling scene, he was known as Texas Red, and looked absolutely nothing like he does
now. His next gimmick was Master of Pain, followed
by “Mean Mark” Callous in the WCW. Calaway eventually arrived in the then-WWF
and finally became The Undertaker we all know and fear, complete with his signature black
fedora. He remains literally the only dude who can
pull that look off. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Even if you don’t follow wrestling, you probably
know who Steve Austin is. Stone Cold Steve has been a wrestling icon
for years, but he didn’t start out bald and bearded. His original persona came with a clean-shaven
face, long blond hair, and the name Stunning Steve. He joined a tag team known as the Hollywood
Blonds alongside Brian Pillman, where their locks were something of a centerpiece. Stunning Steve didn’t catch on with fans,
though — and neither did his hair, which he cut to a relatively normal length before
becoming The Ringmaster in WWF. He soon shaved it all off and became Stone
Cold Steve Austin in 1996, as a means of permanently separating himself from Ringmaster. Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsley, better known simply
as Triple H, went through some major changes on his way to becoming an Executive Vice President
for WWE, a position he currently holds as of the making of this video. Triple H entered the ring in 1992 as Terra
Ryzing, but soon moved into the persona of Jean-Paul Lévesque, a hoity-toity French-Canadian
aristocrat he debuted in 1994. Triple H adopted a few more gimmicks before
finally entering the business world in 2010 as a short-haired, suit-wearing executive
for WWE. Goldust While most wrestlers change their gimmicks
over time, they tend to at least look a little like they once did. That can’t be said for Dustin Runnels, who
began his career performing as Dustin Rhodes in 1988. Rhodes wore flashy clothes and had bleach-blond
hair, but the look didn’t have much memorable flair. That may be why he eventually altered his
gimmick into his current persona, Goldust, where he can’t help but be memorable. Even Runnels’ Goldust look has gone through
some pretty drastic changes. These days, he tends to wear a skin-tight
black-and-gold bodysuit with matching face paint, but he’s also come out in a full gold
suit while sporting a blond wig and all sorts of accessories. Then there was his “Artist Formerly Known
As Goldust” days, where he was … certainly memorable, but in all the wrong ways. Kane Kane is one of the more enduring characters
in WWE history, but he started his career with a much different look. When he first hit the mat for the WWF, he
did so as Isaac Yankem, DDS: Jerry “The King” Lawler’s private dentist. Yep. As a wrestling dentist, Yankem wore a white
doctor’s shirt with black wrist braces. He had a dirty blond mullet of curly hair,
a goatee, and what had to be the nastiest looking teeth on the planet. Glenn Jacobs only held onto the dentist gimmick
for a year before transitioning into Kane, and he’s kept the same look ever since. Jesse “The Body” Ventura Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura wasn’t
always the stringy haired politician-slash-conspiracy theorist we know today. He got his start professionally as a wrestler
back in the 1970s. Fans knew him as “The Body,” and he entered
the ring with a pretty flashy look. When he wasn’t wearing a pink suit, he liked
to accessorize with a feather boa. You could try making fun of him, but he was
a Navy SEAL before becoming a wrestler, so tease at your own risk. Not to mention that he’s a, well… “This stuff will make you a G** damn sexual
tyrannosaurus. Just like me.” Scott Steiner Few professional wrestlers have gone through
the kind of physical transformation Scott Steiner has. When he first began wrestling in the ’80s,
he looked like an all-American poster-boy wrestler. These days, he doesn’t look anything like
he did when he was younger. Now in his mid-50s, Steiner’s packed on even
more muscle, prompting plenty of steroid accusations. Big Poppa Pump also chopped off the mullet
and replaced it with — what else? — a chainmail hat. Papa Shango Although Charles Wright debuted in 1991 as
Sir Charles, his most famous persona was Papa Shango, a voodoo practitioner who carried
a skull, which he would use to manipulate the lights in the arena. Magic! As gimmicks go, Papa Shango did look pretty
cool. His face was painted to look like a skull,
and he wore a ridiculous hat with a feather in it. Though he’s mostly retired now, most fans
know Wright as the Godfather — a pimp look so completely different from Shango, most
people probably wouldn’t even recognize him as the Voodoo practitioner, although he never
did give up the silly hat. Johnny B. Badd These days, Marc Mero doesn’t look anything
like a wrestler. He founded a nonprofit called Champion of
Choices, an anti-bullying group, and has spent most of his time looking like a regular guy. But when he premiered as a professional wrestler
back in 1991, he didn’t look like a regular anything. He was Johnny B. Badd, a villainous spoof
on Little Richard. Badd came onto the scene with shoulder-length
hair, a mustache, and a fabulous attitude. Mero continued to perform as Johnny B. Badd
until he retired from the ring in 2006 and started focusing entirely on motivating kids. Bull Nakano Bull Nakano had a unique look that can only
be described as “someone you don’t hire as a babysitter.” With her spiked hair and blue, veiny lines
painted all over her face, she looked like she jumped right out of a Mortal Kombat game
and decided to moonlight as a professional wrestler. Comparing Nakano then to her image now, you’d
never guess they were the same person. She left professional wrestling and became
a professional golfer, even qualifying for the LPGA in 2006. Now that’s a serious career change. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
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100 thoughts on “Wrestling Icons Who Don’t Look Anything Like They Used To

  1. You're way off on a few of these… Kane did change looks several times after "Issac" and so did Papa Shango, Goldust, hell most people you listed. More research needed lol

  2. Pap shongo also was Kama most remembered of turning Undertakers urn into a gold chain. lol. You forgot diesel whose first gimmick was the oz.

  3. You forgot between that shitty dentist gimmick and Kane, Glenn Jacobs was known also Fake Diesel after Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left for WCW. And back when Goldust made his ring entrances with the wig and robe, he'd still wrestle without them in the same sort of costume he does today. Steiner cutting and bleaching his hair wasn't much of a change nearly as much as his gimmick itself. Marc Mero simply cut his hair, stopped power lifting and put on normal clothes. Hell, you could replace ALL OF THOSE with an entire segment of the various persona changes of other wrestlers and made it far more interesting. Not to say ALL of them weren't/aren't interesting but even the few you have had more gimmick changes (as well as far more amusing ones) than shown in the video. Next time, spend MORE than half an hour doing research rather than making a quick half assed video to just get a few easy views.

  4. What about Sting? He went from platinum blonde spiked hair and baby blue briefs to "The Crow".

  5. I am pretty sure Undertaker's​ hat isn't a fedora. Stone Cold was also in ECW before he was the ring master. Goldust went back forth between WCW and WWE for a while and even went to TNA for a while. Triple H's Jean Paul Leaveque character would later became Hunter Hearst Hemsley aka the Connecticut Blue Blood. Kane was first the Christmas Creature and fake Diesel before he was Issac Yankem. Jesse and Hogan ripped off Superstar Billy Grahm.

  6. This is pretty much about who there characters started off as and changed to bitch stone cold is a icon icons don't age

  7. oddly enough the rock left wwe to make it big in movies but lets be honest the first decade his movies didnt really make bank
    it was only after he returned to wwe that his movie career soared

  8. Nobody has ever called Stone Cold as "Stone Cold Steve"
    Thats like calling AJ Styles as 'The phenomenal AJ'
    Its plain weird

  9. I don't understand….. I use to look not like I do now because I was a baby and now that I'm older I look like a completely different person. These guys all look like they been doing drugs for 20 plus years and look like they did when they first started.

  10. 5:24
    "His most famous persona was Papa Shango."
    "Most fans know Wright as The Godfather."
    So which is it? I'll give you a clue, Papa Shango is a DISTANT second.

  11. The Rock wrestled in USWA, at the time kinda like a precursor to NXT, before WWF as Flex Cavana even losing a match to Jerry Lawler. They forgot to mention Kane was also Fake Diesel, and before WWF in SMW as Unabomb.

  12. Dustin had to change his look. Vince was going to cut him. He had the option of doing some massive change or leaving the company. He pitched the idea of a sexually androgynous deviant with face paint and was given a trial green light. It ended up being massively popular character.

  13. Half of these people still look the same but older and with different hair. And not one mention of Mick Foley this list is lazy and downright wrong

  14. Undertaker's hat is called "Boss of the Plains" which is a variant of the obvious Cowboy Hat, But since nobody on the writing team can actually use google for 5 seconds nor watch a SINGLE Indiana Jones movie, It's called a "Fedora".

  15. Everyone reckons I look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'm not quite his size although I'm much taller, but I must admit, facially we look like brothers. Scarily so.

  16. yo Jesse the body ventura is a bandido. for the people who don't know. The bandido's are a 1percent outlaw motorcycle club.

  17. – You talked about Glenn Jacobs being Isaac Yankem for a year before turning into Kane; you completely skipped the year he spent as Diesel.
    – Charles Wright's most famous persona is probably the Godfather, not Papa Shango.
    – Mark Mero stopped being Johnny B. Badd during his time in WWF if nothing else. "Marvelous" Mark Mero, the wrestling boxer.

  18. Poor wrestlers….. How could they let their appearance change!
    I, thru' working out and sensible diet look exactly the same as I did the day I was born! Just bigger!
    so I s'pose I DID change after all!
    What a waste of time!

  19. many of these's looks changed more than you mentioned, even if it's the same persona, this is a video about "looks", ei. costumes, hair

  20. Marc Mero did not use the Johnny B Badd gimmick until he retired at all!! hahaha do some fucking research fml. The guy went to WWF in like 96 as Wildman Marc Mero( a similar gimiick to Johnny b badd)because WCW owned the rights to Johnny B Badd , than TKO Marc Mero a boxer gimmick , which introduced the world to Sable lol Who was his real wife , and became so popular he retired because of it lol

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